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  1. Thanks for the advice guys, I've been to the academy in Dublin a few times and it's fine, prefer the smaller venues but when it's your kid civilised is better I think. To avoid him becoming a conceited douche I'll keep him close to me, a balding 40 something as a companion should keep his feet on the ground.

  2. Looking for some local help, Frightened Rabbit are playing the o2 academy in Liverpool on Saturday 23rd February. My 13 year old son is a big fan and is desperate to see them live and they allow 8-13 year olds in (to the o2) if they are accompanied by an adult. When FR come to Ireland they always play over 18 venues so it's impossible for him to go. What's the venue like, is it suitable?

  3. As a Reds fan in Scotland (Dundee) it's been hard for me to contribute any help, but I have watched/read developments on this site for over 2 years (dont post often, just read)


    A huge well done to the 3 guys mentioned and many many other Reds' fans who more than played their part in what has led to today's outcome....


    And well done to Messrs Broughton, Purslow and Ayre...


    Great day for Liverpool FC


    PS (Once we have new owners, will LFC be one of the few 'debt free' clubs in the Premiership ?)


    I echo this, sent some emails but nothing like the lads have done. Well done to all.

  4. That is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most astounding thing I've ever seen announced at the club. It was basically the official website casually announcing civil war.


    It was also a disclosure of the names of ome new targets for us. We need to know as much as possible about the intended replacements and we need to know who Hicks and Gillett appoint as their lawyers, as they're targets too.


    I agree with this, I was gobsmacked. Is there anything in the fact that they are both Hicks people and that they tried to get 2 board members out? Surely one would've been all they needed out if George and Tom voted with the new puppet?

  5. Never thought i would use this account again :D


    After an amazing evening yesterday. Today a great draw. Think we have no chance to go to the next round.. but i like the group.


    Looking forward to see Dirk Kuyt playing again in his old Galgenwaard stadium ;)


    Cheers :)



    Utrecht is a great city, I worked there for a few weeks in 2008 and had some good nights!