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  1. I just finished "Never" by Ken Follett, I was a big fan of his older spy novels like Eye of the Needle but this one is dreadful. It was a recommendation from Stephen King on Twitter, the last 150 or so pages are okay and there is a section set in North Africa which is okay too but mostly 800 pages of embarrassment.

  2. From Twitter today, Klopp nails it again.
    "Jurgen Klopp on Liverpool women: "Congratulations! I sent messages. I was really happy, following the results all the time. I'm really happy for the girls & for Matt [Beard]. I met a lot of the girls in the last two or three months. It's really nice, a wonderful team."
    "It's a big thing. Obviously Liverpool in the last years was not famous for treating or dealing with women's football outstandingly well... But now they are back we have to make sure we use the situation.