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  1. NoelM

    Other football - 2020/21

    How bad are PSG? Absolute rubbish.
  2. This is a tough one. The Queen and The Soldier or Woncha Come On Home - two of my favourite songs. More listening needed.
  3. PJ Harveys soundtrack to The Virtues was brilliant.
  4. That run of albums she had from Wrecking Ball to All The Road Running with Mark Knopfler was akin to Johnny Cashs American recordings - not as good of course - but a re-invention.
  5. NoelM

    Ray Clemence

    Brilliant keeper even better person.
  6. If Lennon was on this forum he'd have picked Dylan, so would Cash. Dylan has had as many alter-egos as Bowie, he's re-invented himself so many times, plagiarized, stole, he's never followed any rules except his own but continued to write the best lyrics ever. His recent "Murder most foul" is breath-taking. He's a Nobel prize winner for literature.
  7. NoelM

    Manchester City 1 Liverpool 1 (Nov 8 2020)

    "Van Dijk, Fabinho and Thiago, who all would have started had they been available" this is the key - they were missing Aguero and he might have started, other than that they were full strength. If we had 2 of those 3 available (maybe even 1 of them) we'd have won comfortably.
  8. NoelM

    Greatest Female Solo Artist - Poll

    I heard that she doesn't play this song anymore as she's "found religion" and it's considered blasphemous, what a song though.
  9. NoelM

    Greatest Female Solo Artist - Poll

    I can't cull anyone from this 8. Suzanne Vega Joni Mitchell Emmylou Harris Joan Armatrading Lucinda Williams Mavis Staples PJ Harvey Candi Staton
  10. Agreed, he's just not physical enough for the premier league.
  11. Yes, Minamino has been poor but he's still better than Origi.
  12. No Minamino on the bench?
  13. Craft Central are fantastic, I had a delivery from them yesterday. Add www.thewhitehag.com to that list - a brilliant brewery from Sligo, great beers and free delivery.
  14. NoelM

    Joni Mitchell

    Joni is amazing.
  15. I love Stevie Wonder but Bob is the greatest lyricist ever.