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  1. Ben Shite. He acted the prick when Minamino missed on the Anfield game.
  2. The Athletic seem to have a bit of an agenda against Klopp after he called them out post the Old Trafford match. The amount of snide little digs by journos about the postponed Arsenal game is unbelievable, Klopps only error was he was too honest, none of the other clubs are sharing any information.
  3. NoelM

    2021 Africa Cup of Nations

    Salah starting to dominate the match now, he was lucky that "tackle" didn't connect!!
  4. NoelM

    2021 Africa Cup of Nations

    He's playing now on sky sports mix v Sudan
  5. NoelM

    The Godfather

    A new cinema release hopefully!
  6. NoelM

    Youth Team/Cup

    Clark looks really good.
  7. To be fair Arsenal have worked really hard at closing us down and giving us no time but our passing has been dire.
  8. Very like Sturridge towards the end, whenever we needed him he was injured.
  9. This is the latest - wtf - Are Forest trying to re-stoke our 70s/80s rivalry and make themselves relevant?
  10. Henry Winter is the most pompous and smug of all the journos, I can't bear him. He used to be constantly on "which England players are singing the national anthem" watch before every match.
  11. I couldn't decide which Beastie Boys one to go for!
  12. NoelM

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Sad news about Sidney Poitier he was great.
  13. Thanks guys, I really enjoyed the podcast.
  14. NoelM

    Bruce fucking Springsteen

    Listening to the Magic album, what an underrated addition to his incredible back catalogue.
  15. NoelM

    Unsung Players/Notable Opponents

    David Roecastle in his early days for Arsenal was a great footballer to watch, always played well against us.
  16. NoelM

    Best martial arts films

    I saw this one as a kid on VHS and loved it - Jackie Chan, The Young Master - looks so cheesy now though.
  17. The podcast was brilliant and so refreshing - thanks to you both! Agreed on the referee, I thought he was good, he's a big guy too - I think it gets him more respect. He was the 4th official at the Arsenal game and he handled the handbags between Kloppp and Arteta well.
  18. I find City and Chelsea incredibly dull to watch and when I watch other PL games the quality is poor. I think we need to remind ourselves sometimes how lucky we are to watch this team and to have Klopp.
  19. https://www.independent.ie/sport/soccer/premier-league/soulless-city-will-win-title-but-liverpool-have-hearts-and-minds-of-fans-41165807.html
  20. NoelM

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    Klopp is just amazing.