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    Random musical chat.

    Glad you liked - the Graceless Age is a classic - I agree 100% with you on the voice. First time I saw him live in 2013 singing "Things We Lost in the Fire" I was mind-blown. We chatted afterwards and are friends since, he's been living in Ireland since 2015. The second single is pretty brilliant too - gorgeous backing vocals from Nadine Khouri. https://youtu.be/-eW-UdsYhaw
  2. It's Quee-veen (Irish for Kevin) in some parts of the country it's prounounced Kee-veen too.
  3. NoelM

    Greatest 90s Film - Nominations

    Se7en Goodfellas Pulp Fiction Millers Crossing The Usual Suspects The Shawshank Redemption Reservoir Dogs Silence of the Lambs Schindlers List Dances with Wolves
  4. NoelM

    Greatest 80s Movie - Group H

    The Untouchables and Scarface
  5. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy with Alec Guinness is re-showing on BBC4 over the weekend, it's one of the best series ever. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006ylbp/episodes/guide
  6. NoelM

    Burnley 0 Liverpool 3 (May 19 2021)

    I think part of Robbos (and the whole left side) attacking issue is that he's been babysitting the left-sided centre back, Williams or Kabak.
  7. NoelM

    Greatest 80's Movie - Nominations

    Stand by me Once upon a time in America Raiders of the Lost Ark Blade Runner Midnight Run  Manhunter Mississippi Burning Cinema Paradiso The Untouchables Raging Bull
  8. NoelM

    Great fictional lawyers...

    Raul Julia in Presumed Innocent
  9. Brilliant, by far the best commentary I've read on this - thanks Dave.
  10. NoelM

    Greatest 70's Film Ever - Nominations

    Godfather I Godfather II Jaws Taxi Driver Monty Python's Life of Brian Monty Python and the Holy Grail Sleeper Dirty Harry The Sting Alien
  11. The Good, the bad and the Ugly Once upon a time in the West Planet of the Apes Psycho Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
  12. On The Waterfront Casablanca The Third Man Vertigo Thief of Baghdad
  13. The Andy Irvine / Paul Brady album is brilliant, this is the definitive version of the song, same for Arthur McBride.
  14. NoelM

    Random musical chat.

    My friend John Murry has a new album due out in June, it's produced by John Parish (PJ Harvey etc) and mastered at Abbey Road Studios. The first video from it is below, directed by Mayor Carcetti himself (Aiden Gillen)
  15. NoelM

    Greatest Movie Soundtrack - Nominations

    Taxi Driver The Godfather O Brother, Where Art Thou? The Mission Saturday Night Fever