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    Youth Team/Cup

    It seems to be the same every year with this UEFA Youth League, we get to the latter stages and are missing loads of our top players - Musialowski, Harvey Blair etc today - we were toothless upfront. I liked Mabaya on the right, looks like he has pace and power.
  2. NoelM

    Youth Team/Cup

    Thanks for the updates @alles ist gut
  3. NoelM

    Other Football 2021/22

    Weird that they had Sterling and Jesus on the bench and never made a substitution.
  4. NoelM

    Greatest Movie Villain - Nominations

    Anton Chigurh, No Country for Old Men Amon Göth, Schindler's List Norman Stansfield, Leon
  5. NoelM

    Other Football 2021/22

    That Van Der Beek is absolute rubbish, I've seen loads of people on Twitter saying he was unlucky not to play more for the mancs but he's never looked good.
  6. NoelM

    Other Football 2021/22

    Even when we were shite, and I mean worse than that shower are now, we'd still have pride in a big match and put up a show. Remember Blackburn and other matches where winning or drawing would have helped them, we still tried our best? Well fuck off to them and the Blueshite because they have no pride in themselves, they honestly would rather get relegated, or in the other other showers case miss out on the Champions league, than possibly assist us, fuck them all.
  7. NoelM

    Mark Lanegan

    One of favourite exchanges on Twitter, Cáit O'Riordan rules too.
  8. NoelM

    Random musical chat.

    Sad news, he had a great voice.
  9. NoelM

    Happy birthday Stig

    Happy birthday Stig!
  10. Harvey's passing is off so far, too many touches and not enough quality
  11. NoelM

    Happy birthday Lee 909

    Happy birthday!
  12. NoelM


    My uncle was an English teacher and in the early days of texting he wouldn't answer his two children unless they spelt, punctuated etc properly. I think they wore him down over the years. One of his favourites was "You can but you may not" (When someone asked "Can I go to the toilet?")
  13. NoelM

    Happy Birthday Carvalho Diablo

    Happy birthday!
  14. I think Firmino was picked for his set piece defending too, he's very important for opposition corners.
  15. NoelM


    When I had it done halfway through the procedure the doc asked me if I remembered getting a bad kick in the nuts at some point then held up a about an inch of the tube and it was twisted like a piece of rotini pasta. Weird feeling. He said it causes some people to remember trauma to that area.