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  1. bigredruss

    Laurence Fishburne's daughter

    Chippy D (Montana Fishburne) in Phatties, Rhymes and Dimes - Pornhub.com hope this works the full 57minutes here
  2. bigredruss

    Another DVD to add to the collection

    ffs how desperate is that
  3. bigredruss

    Yesterday was an ace day!

    congratulations Col, down here they always ask if you want to know the. sex we found out on the 28 week scan
  4. bigredruss

    Vaccines and our kids

    we gave our daughter the choice, because even if you say no they can have it done . bloody crazy world, can't give certain things but can give this without our consent. we gave her he info and she decided no as well. google it and make an informed decision for yourself
  5. bigredruss

    At least we're not Everton

    under 17 you are protected, a day after that birthday is fair game.
  6. bigredruss

    Cordless Hammer Drills.

    that makita won't drill shit. i have the 6 piece kit, really need sds action or you will burn it out in no time.this is what i got, need to add the sds drill to it really Makita LXT600 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Combi 6 Piece Kit (DK1805) - 3 Batteries (LXT-600) but you only get what you pay for.
  7. bigredruss


    with 38 shots from a bottle not bad profit
  8. bigredruss


    i first got hooked on that stuff in greece, where they set light to it with a coffee bean in. had so many free ones after the meal as the barman was staggered by the amount we drank. coupled with rakki was seriously fucked the next morning till a full english and beer settled the stomach. love the stuff
  9. bigredruss

    Parking ticket - appeal?

    if a ticket has the wrong time or date on it's able to be cancelled my ex had several cancelled by this type ofmistake . i think you should try here User Log In
  10. bigredruss


    the dvla sell your infomation for £3 a time iirc, bloody disgrace as no control who gets the info. don't you have fully comp insurance as repairs are normally free with it?
  11. bigredruss

    Arbeloa Vs Johnson: A step up?

    after watching him against the part timers last week he was crap. good going forward but not to replace arbeloa, too expensive to warm the bench also
  12. bigredruss


    all you can do really is sunbathe, not much night life at all. avoid is my tip, try another island far better
  13. bigredruss

    Red Cafe

    that bus one is ace
  14. bigredruss

    Fred Done

    just don't use his shops would be the best thing to do. total wanker as well