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  1. Red Dawn

    GF music review club

    Sorry, been off sick. I need to review the Raw Power album. Anyway going to go for something I doubt anyone has heard of but I loved these guys and thought they would be the next big thing back in the early 90's certainly where Im from. They have the stereotypical rock story... should have made it, got shafted by the record company and manager , tried to break America etc etc. Picking them as they are a band I have yearned to see since I first heard them. They broke up mid 90's but are playing the album in full at a local gig in a few weeks and I finally get to see them. The band are called Lir The album is called Magico Magico Don't know how to embed the stuff but its on Spotify For anyone who likes good music documentaries then this is about their story and is well worth a watch https://vimeo.com/user24171580/goodcakebadcake Don't know how many of you are musicians but for those that are, you will definitely enjoy this band. Some quality playing and progressive stuff with this band.
  2. Red Dawn

    GF music review club

    I will have my Raw Power review up early next week and will follow with my AOW.
  3. Red Dawn

    GF music review club

    I Gemini by Lets Eat Grandma : First few minutes into the album I thought I can't listen to this. Its a bunch of kids sounding even younger than their 17 years. The name...oh my god..the name. What have I done signing up to GF Music Review Club and being landed with this "music"???? . Being the anal retentive OCD obsessed middle aged grump that I am I decided I may stick this out and see it through. Thank fuck I did. What an fabulous piece of work by these upstarts. It totally warmed my heart and gave me hope that there are still mad cunts out there willing to stick their neck out and produce art like this. Zonko called it on the soundtrack vibe. I totally get it and totally love it. I think that is the essence of this album and the sonic soundscape that it produces. I listened on my commute and despite the trafiic, crap weather and nervous stomach thanks to my terrible job I was transplanted numerous times while listening to forests, mountain tops, rivers, beaches, dark lonely bedrooms, wardrobes etc. I was entranced literally at times waking only when a song finished or when the two girls slapped me in the face with a wet fish at the start of another "song". To the songs. They could have dropped 2 or 3 of the songs and it would have no effect on the album and in my opinion would only serve to enchance it. Im talking about you Chocolate Sludge Cake,Sleep Song and welcome to the treehouse 1. But who the fuck am I compared to these little geniuses. They probably know better. At times it feels like they made the album by just picking up whatever happened to be lying around on their bedroom floor. Ace. It shouldn't work but it does. The mentalists. Deep Six Textbook - talk about drawing you in, reaching inside your gut and having a good tug. Its sets the scene nicely for whats to follow or so you would think. Eat Shiitake Mushrooms - Can do without the rap but nice hook saves it. Sax in the City - Cool. Dirty. Gritty. My image is late at night. Rain. Streets of New York. Broken street lights. Characters of the underclass shifting silently between alleyways. Like it. Chocolate sludge cake - Nah thanks. Chimpanzees in Canopies - I really like the last 90 seconds of this. Im a sucker for a mandolin or ukulele or whatever the hell it is they are playing in the background. Can do without the first half. Rapunzel - Genius. Stunning. Oh man that piano. The story, the imagery the meaning. Well done girls. Scarey as fuck. Sleep Song - No. Welcome to the treehouse 1 - Don't see the point. Welcome to the treehouse 2 - Maybe this is the point??? - anyway I really like this. Cocteau Twins anyone? Not fair probably but that's the vibe I get and it sits well with me. Uke 6 Textbook - yeah fuck it. Stick one more track on the album. Grab the nearest instrument from the bedroom floor of my 4 year old sister. Oh look a Xylophone and a Ukulele. Lets go nuts. A suitable ending for a brilliant piece of work. Now will I listen to this again? I might but then again I may not for a long time. Is that a bad thing? Probably but I tell you what I'm really glad I did listen this week. Isn't music utterly wonderful!!!!!!!
  4. Red Dawn

    GF music review club

    That's a great review there Zonk. Agree with a lot of your musings. I've only listened once to the album so far and have to say it is captivating. Encouraging that young artists like this can still get their stuff out there on platforms like Spotify for us all to enjoy. Review to follow shortly. Great find Babbs!
  5. Red Dawn

    GF music review club

    My review for Blackberry Smoke's Leave a scar LIVE : I am a big fan of alt-country, Americana and roots music so despite never listening to Blackberry Smoke before I was looking forward to checking this band out. 22 songs is a lot so I wont list individual tracks and instead will try give an overview of the album. Normally I like to listen to album a good 3 or 4 times before I form a strong opinion on it but I wanted to pop my cherry here quickly and get up to speed. I'm not normally a fan of live albums as I am a picky bastard about sound and production and love the little nuances you can pick up from a good set of bins over your ears listening to a well produced and engineered album of music. However the sound produced by BS here was BIG and full and well produced. No issues there. The album kicked off with some in your face rock/southern rock call it what you like. I kept thinking Aerosmith for some reason after the first few tracks. After a few tracks the Hammond Organ and keys start coming to the fore. I am sucker for those. The band then start to knock out a few more full on country rock songs which is not normally for me. I do like alt-country (Drive by Truckers for example) but some of these were a bit too country for me. However the set then moves into its best part for me around two thirds through and the musicianship comes to the fore with a number of prolonged jams and improvisations coupled with excellent dynamics which allow all the members to showcases their talents. The four or five songs in here were class and I will be following those up on their albums later. The set then falls away a bit for me at the end. Probably due to the amount of songs and it being a long listen. Overall I enjoyed it but there did seem to be definite parts of the album that were better than others. I probably wouldn't listen again to the southern rock/country rock bits as there was nothing new there for me. However their rootsy and folky stuff was for me and I will be seeking some of their stuff out on Spotify. Finally would I listen to the whole album again? - Probably not but I will be checking out their studio stuff.
  6. Red Dawn

    GF music review club

    Excellent. I will check that out tonight and get a review up. Cheers.
  7. Red Dawn

    GF music review club

    Is this rather cool venture a closed shop? Any room for one more?
  8. Red Dawn

    Rate the last album you listened to

    Tears for Fears - Songs from the big chair. 9/10 Great stuff from start to finish. Only knew the hits from back in the day but the musicianship on display throughout this album is top notch. Love Head over heels and Mothers talk and not to mention Shout and Rule the world. Seeing them in January. Really looking forward to it. Never appreciated them when I was younger. And I certainly didn't appreciate their songwriting, production and musicianship. Gives me that nice nostalgic feeling for the 80's too and some cool synths.
  9. Red Dawn

    All time Prem 11 - 442

    gk - Schmeichel rb - rob jones cb - Rio Ferdinand cb - Paul McGrath lb - Dennis Irwin rm - Ronaldo cm - Roy Keane cm - Stevie Gerrard lm - Ryan Giggs Fw - Dennis Bergkamp St - Alan Shearer If I can justify Rob Jones in there for 3 or 4 seasons then likewise I can justify McGrath over Stam. McGrath was immense for Villa early 90's as he moved towards the end of his career. Gutted for Jones that the injuries ended his career early. He was on track for greatness despite being in poor Liverpool teams. Neville was a poor mans Rob Jones.
  10. Red Dawn

    Family Fortunes - answers required

    1) Name a recreational activity traditionally done in hot weather - Swimming 2) Name something people are often chased by in movies - Cars 3) Name something people buy to show they’re successful - Car 4) Name something you would hate to find under your bed - Mouse 5) Name something you wouldn’t want to happen while giving a speech - People not listening 6) Name a nocturnal animal - Owl 7) Name something you might eat with a hamburger - Chipe 8) Name a liquid in your kitchen that you hope no-one accidentally drinks - Bleach 9) Name a type of gun that doesn’t shoot bullets - Staple 10) Name a place where people have to use coins - Laundry
  11. Red Dawn

    The GF book thread

    Nearly finished Living on the Volcano by Michael Calvin. Excellent insight into football management. Well worth a read. Looking forward to reading his latest book "State of play" next all about the modern game. Anyone into WW2 check out "In harms way" by Doug Stanton all about the sinking of the USS Indianapolis which carried the bomb parts for Hiroshima and the subsequent battle for survival by the sailors. If you like sharks this book is also for you.
  12. Red Dawn

    Rate the last film you watched...

    USS Indianapolis : Men of Courage on Netflix. -576/10 Having read the book I said I would try the movie. Tom Sizemore and Nicholas Cage are in it so I thought it may be ok. Big mistake. This was the worst movie I've seen possibly ever. Terrible special effects and shocking directing. Totally devoid of drama. Managed about 40 minutes before switching off. Avoid. ..but read the book and discover the story. Incredible.
  13. Red Dawn

    little things that annoy the shit out of you

    One way system in daughters secondary school for cars dropping off. Set down areas both side of the middle lane. Loads of spaces to pull in drop off and drive away within seconds. Assholes every single fucking morning stopping in the middle lane too lazy to pull over, and then hold up everybody as their darlings get out of the front and proceed to get their bags and shit from the back or boot. It annoys me because I know it will happen every time I'm there. Any cars (SUV's mostly) doing this should immediately be lifted by a crane dropped into a crusher and pancaked to the size of a mobile phone..driver included.
  14. Red Dawn

    Music Books

    Really enjoyed these 3. Was surprised how good Slash's one was considering Auto's can be a bit mundane and watered down. Not so with this one.
  15. Red Dawn

    Minor things which stress you out

    Getting swaps in packets of match attax for my 8 year old and struggling to get 100 clubs and golden limited editions. This will stress me out for the next 3 months. I iwll not be able to buy diesel or pints of milk in the garage without buying a load of packets for "him"