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  1. Got it in ours, George used to play it after the match up until a few years back, crackin tune. "The angels came and took Shanks away, and from above we hear him say 'Give me men whose hearts have bled, make them proud to wear the red'"
  2. AndyH

    Nigel Spackman

    Well they do have a suite/lounge/corporate thing named after him at their ground. So does David Speedie for that matter.
  3. Never mind who scored. Is Jose going to be bitching about that one for years to come, because it barely crossed the line.
  4. AndyH

    Newcastle to snatch Joaquin?

    They're as bad as Everton, "oo look at us we're bidding for XYZ", publicity seeking nomarks. Saw a quote from Whackeen saying they're a mythical club, I'd say that was fair enough, they're all talk, no substance.
  5. AndyH

    Villa fans today...

    Really hot I would imagine.
  6. AndyH

    Celtic/Rangers in England

    What pisses me off is the way the media assumes they'll go straight in the Prem. If they want in, then they have to earn it, and that means starting at the bottom. We had to work our way up from 1892, likewise AFC Wimbledon have to do it now. They don't like it, tough shit, they can stay where they are.
  7. AndyH

    Ten years ago today

    Me too, he used to love playing them though didn't he (come to think of it was there anybody he couldn't score against?). The two in the semi we're belters too.
  8. AndyH


    Pierre the French fighter pilot brings a lady back to his hotel room, they're fooling around when the bird stops and says: * Imagine a French accent * "Pierre, Pierre, kiss me 'ere" (points at her lips) Pierre, gets a bottle of red wine and throws it on her face...... "Pierre, Pierre, what are you doing?" "I am Pierre, the French fighter pilot, I like red wine with my red meat" She thinks nothing of it and they carry on, a bit later she stops and says...... "Pierre, Pierre, kiss me 'ere" (points at her tits) Pierre, gets a bottle of white wine and throws it on her chest...... "Pierre, Pierre, what are you doing?" "I am Pierre, the French fighter pilot, I like white wine with my white meat" She thinks nothing of it and they carry on, a bit later she stops and says...... "Pierre, Pierre, kiss me 'ere" (points at her crotch) Pierre, gets a bottle of brandy, throws it at her and sets it light...... "Pierre, Pierre, what are you doing?" "I am Pierre, the French fighter pilot, when I go down, I go down in flames!" Taxi!
  9. AndyH

    Spurs tomorrow - predictions

    We're gonna get caned 4-0. My pessimism always works sometimes.
  10. Good call, topless darts would rule too. They've bought the rights to every other sport so why not this?
  11. AndyH

    Would A Rafa Benitez Newcastle

    Luque maybe, the rest nah. Including Shearer, he's past it and wouldn't get away with half of the elbows etc playing for us. Besides, Emre is a circus midget and should be getting shot out of a cannon not playing footy.
  12. AndyH


    English & Scouse count? And fluent shite when pissed. Or sober.
  13. AndyH

    Shirts & Players

    Inspired by the thread about Cisse out and about with his old school away shirt on I started to think about how certain shirts remind you of certain players? For me, that silver one with the red speckles (bird shit effect?) always reminded me of Johnny Barnes. Others would be: - Gold away (treble year) - Mickey Owen - Green/White quarters - Fowler with his blonde hair belting one in against Spurs really early one year. - The white one with green sleeves and black ribs (adidas stripes) - has to be big Jan. Any more for any more?
  14. AndyH

    This headline can't be right?

    After carefully considering the argument put forward by Mr Kendall, I have come to the following conclusion.... You can't spell Bitter Fuckers without EFC.
  15. AndyH

    Shirts & Players

    Good point, pretty sure we were doing our "We've got a new kit out, let's wear it whenever we can and flog as many as possible" routine. We've done it before, we'll do it again.
  16. AndyH

    Kelly Dalglish...

    Ideal situation: Night in the sack with Kelly, walk downstairs in the morning and Kenny's got the bacon butties on the go! Laddie...d'yer want ketchup or HP?
  17. AndyH


    He can't be that much of a legend, don't think he has a lounge or suite named after him down there. He's no David Speedie or Nigel Spackman that's for sure! Hmm what have those two got in common :)
  18. AndyH

    That bit of skin

    Not sure on the spelling but think its the perineum or something like that.
  19. Goes quite well with the 'Get Rock Hard' advert next to it!
  20. AndyH

    Inane muttering heard in space

    Talking out of Uranus surely? :)
  21. AndyH

    Fenerbahce 5-0 blueshite ROFL

    Don't know to be honest, think he played for their youth side though.
  22. AndyH

    Fenerbahce 5-0 blueshite ROFL

    The Celtic thing is why I think he'll go earlier. I can't honestly see Strachan lasting too long up in Scotland, (as an aside, if you can't be a success managing Celtic then you may as well give up), and Gollum seems to be the obvious choice as a replacement.
  23. AndyH

    World Club Championship

    "like the Ashes"?!?!? That implies Englishness - we aren't doing this for Queen and country matey, just for us! How long before Kenwright or Moyes start moaning that they're not in this competition too?