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  1. Redexile

    Mark clattenburg, racist?

    I read an article in the telegraph yesterday it was an interview with the lawyer who made the complaint. I lost interest when I read that he is the defence lawyer for some Rwandan who is being tried for genocide.
  2. Redexile

    Summer Transfer Thread 2012

    The "daily fail" must be true then.
  3. Redexile

    Brendan Rodgers Thread

    I'm not sure that this thread is a good indication of the way the red half of the world is thinking. I was quite open to AVB ( which I still think would have been a gamble) and the original Rafa. I thought that Capello, Van Gaal and Martinez were the wrong choices for different reasons. I can't help but think that FSG would have been influenced by Rafa's history of conflict with the board at Valencia, Us and Inter - whether right or wrong. They probably just decided to jib it based on the fact that there was conflict. Perhaps Rodgers will be the right choice it's a direction we've never chosen before , so for me it's a case of wait and see. The whole Kenny issue however has finally opened my eyes to the fact that the club I grew up with and it's relationship with the fans appears to have changed forever, so I'm not even sure if I will bother in the future.
  4. Redexile

    Brendan Rodgers Thread

    Oh FFS - why should they stump up the first requested amount ? It's not called negotiation for nothing.
  5. Redexile

    Brendan Rodgers Thread

    Says who? the press?, Sky? The club have said pretty much nothing during this process. Your choice of VG, Rafa, AVB and Capello is just that- your choice. AVB is pretty much still an unknown when it comes to the premier, Rafa ( the Rafa of 2005 to 2008 I would have welcomed back) Capello - maybe a bit distant in terms of the players as would possibly be Van Gaal. There's no denying Rodgers is a gamble but we shall need to wait and see. Any one of the names above could have succeeded or failed. I for one after last season believed Kenny couldn't fail in the league howw rong was that assumption?
  6. Redexile

    Go fuck yourself Evra you lying cunt

    hehe old school humour tb
  7. oh fuck off you drama queen. I loved Rafa of 2005 to 2008 but then he was sucked into the politics and that was a battle he was never going to win. The fans on here weren't responsible for his sacking they don't have that much power but if the rafa of 2005 was around I would have no problem with him taking the seat.
  8. Redexile

    Kenny Dalglish Leaves Liverpool.

    Also gutted here, Sly sports having a field day. Not even sure if I can be bothered with the club any longer
  9. Redexile

    How boss is Martin Skrtel.

    Red cafe......Manc
  10. Redexile

    How boss is Martin Skrtel.

    Nope I just decided logic was pointless when dealing with a stupid cunt.
  11. Redexile

    How boss is Martin Skrtel.

    Fuck off.
  12. Redexile

    How boss is Martin Skrtel.

    Because clubs who want to challenge don't sell their best players to their rivals or did that thought slip ur tiny mind? Oh and don't tell me ur not going to b small time when the majority of ur posts prove otherwise.
  13. Redexile

    How boss is Martin Skrtel.

    WTF? It,s the players who are responsible for this shambles of a season but don't let that get in the way of you behaving like a moaning little child.
  14. Redexile

    How boss is Martin Skrtel.

    Next time u go swimming take some of the other moaning fuckers with u and complete the fucking job. Why not fuck off and find another club to criticize.?
  15. You (like most us supporters ) probably know fuck all. Personally I wouldn't boo Torres but likewise I can't have a go at those who did. All that shite he wrote in his book was pretty meaningless in the end wasn't it and he followed that up with interviews after he left which belittled the club and supporters he ditched. BTW Carra didn't write out Torres transfer request did he? The one thing a lot of people can thank Torres for was in helping them realise that many of today's footballers have an affinity only with the cheque book and nothing else.