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    Chelsea report...

    I also want to add praise for Biscan. I think he has done a great job, and now with Hypia returning to form and settling more into his new position is looking more and more like a decent centre half. I would also definately play Traore ahead of JAR as from what I have seen this season he is miles ahead of him. Spot on report Dave - I think the next 4 games will decide if we have turned the corner or not. If by then we are 3 or 4 points clear in 4th and in the FA cup 4th round I'll be very optimistic. If you look at the fixture after that we should be encouraged - Bolton, Man City, Portsmouth, Leeds, Southampton, Wolves and Leicester are all easily winnable. It's not until April it starts getting tricky again. Confidence of a good run and returning players and we should bag 4th. However, I think the next 4 or 5 fixtures will decide it or not.
  2. Well chuffed Carra won player of the year. I haven't been his biggest fan and thought that if we were going for the title we needed a better class of player than Carra, however since he has been injured we have definately missed him and would always want him in just because he gives 100% comitment and passion every time. Also he may only be in his own half but at least he does his job (defending) week in and week out properly!!! Well done Carra - all the best and get fit soon mate!!!
  3. This is getting crazy. Our number 8 is shite to put it bluntly, but he is our Number 8. If he scores we gotta celebrate. Rash is right. It's about our club. Couldn't give a fuck if Cheyrou scored and H****y scored. If we won 2-0 against the Mancs or any game and they had scored I'd be celebrating. No doubt.
  4. .....forgot to mention. Great article Dan. I am still a Houllier supporter and will until he goes. Rightly or wrongly I can't help it (see above article). Still it was so well argued it really is impossible to reply against. Love to hear more stuff from you.
  5. I do agree with all that is said about our number 8 and probably defended him longer than most, however if I hear a conversation were he is being slagged off it makes my blood boil. While he has the Red Shirt on I can't help but be defensive towards him. At the ground I don't cheer him, but I don't like him being slagged off, unless it's by another Red. What does everyone else think? You must have heard him being criticised by a non-Red. Do you agree with them, stay quiet, disagree with them?
  6. I agree with Con. For good or bad - I'll support until the end. I'm pissed off, but they should let GH see it through to the end of this season at least. The great things he brought us are fast fading memories, but who knows, maybe they aren't to far away again. Perhaps we gotta accpet that we are 4th/5th best. Remember it's nearly 15 years since our last Championship. Anyway - we shall see. Good luck GH.
  7. Rex

    Houllier must stay.

    For what it is worth I support what the Duke said. We've lost and enjoyed watching the game, Gutted about the result, but happy about the peformance (ie: Aresnal, Charlton, 2nd half Man Ure). Couldn't say that at all last season. I have to say though that if we finish lower than 4th then he has to go. I will be happy with 4th while we are adjusting and then hopefully bigger and better things next season. I will back him until he is no longer our manager. I'm grateful of what he has won for us and also the courage of his convictions this season in changing the style. We shall see, but I hope it all works out for us and GH. By the way nice to see a few more pro-GH supporters in here for a change. Have a :beer: on me Duke
  8. Rex

    Houllier has to be sacked now

    This is quite simply one of the funniest discussion threads I have ever read!!! I admire you for not giving up Rashid and you clearly care about the club so good luck to you mate. To be honest though I think you need to know when you have been beaten. Agree to differ and all that. Anyway - cheered me up after yesterdays result. [%sig%]
  9. Rex

    John Arne

    Steve H is right. Sami is a liability at the moment. His form has not been good enough for a long time. As much as I hate to say it, Henchoz makes him look a lot better than he is. I think that Henchoz should come back, but not necessarily for Biscan. [%sig%]
  10. Rex

    Need to settle an argument

    Although I recall him saying something about the 5 year plan I and I think others have assumed he mentioned winning the league in this time. Seeing as though no one can trace the quote, then perhaps this is a good lesson in taking everything that GH has apparently said into context. He is a manager of a high profile club, and one that is under a lot of pressure to deliver, perhaps we should cut the guy some slack and not believe everything that apprantly been said. We should stick to what is happening on the pitch....er...which is a totally different debate. As an offspin, I thing GH will deliver. Either it was intended or he has bowed to fan pressure/events have transpired and will deliver exciting, "edge of the seat" football. Diouf is looking good, Kewell has been good (no matter what the papers are saying), Owen will thrive on them both, Biscan will encourage more passing from the back, and if Stevie G can stay injury free we should all look to an immediate and bright future for the Reds. We WILL finish in the top 4 and from now on we WILL be good to watch. You can quote me on that at the end of the season as well. [%sig%]
  11. Rex

    Diouf and Le Tellec

    No excusing that. admittedly, I had forgot, but still stand by all else I said. At least he has been honest enough to admit it. Deserves what he gets for that. [%sig%]
  12. Rex


    "It pisses me off the way Dalglish is portrayed as somebody who was failing at Anfield when he resigned. His injury decimated and ageing team were top of the League on the day he left." Daglish is a legend and I would love it if he came back, aside from my reservations of returning managers to a club where they had once been succesful. Perhaps, my point was a little to strongly put. Daglish was a genius at the club, but in retrospect he did not leave it in the healthiest of states. I am sure that if he did stay, he would have addressed these problems. Souness had a very difficult job at the time as he did not have the experience and knowledge at the time to deal the problems that I am sure a healthy Dalglish would have. I agree with you Hermes and feel a little quilty that I was unfair on a great man from our past. Just trying to put things in perspective and balance an argument. [%sig%]
  13. Rex

    Support Houllier

    To me everyone seems to be saying the same thing. Whether someone is pro-GH or anti-GH everyone is of the opinion that this is the season for delivering a serious title challenge and more entertainment. I think GH has done a lot of very positive things for our club and it was last season when it all went terribly wrong. We all know, and I think GH knows, he and the team have to deliver so lets give it one last push under GH and get vocal and behind the team, particularly at Anfield. If it does fail, then at least we can be happy that we supported our team and our manager as much as we could.
  14. Rex

    Support Houllier

    Thanks Scousewegian - I feel that the truth or the way forward is somewhere between what Steve H and yourself said a couple of posts back.
  15. Rex

    Support Houllier

    Total agree with you Steve and I think you articulated it a lot better than I did. Last season was disastrous, Evans did aid our progression and Houllier furthered that. Perhaps, he has done as much as he can or perhaps he will complete it? This season is the ONE as far as GH is concerned, so lets at least be happy that fail or succeed that we as Liverpool supporters backed him all the way