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    Finnan in Sofia

    He was bad last night and hasn't been playing the best, but to be fair to him it is his first season and EVERYONE bar Stevie G have had periods of bad form this season. Lets give him time, but I think he will become a decent full back for us.
  2. Rex

    Daves Report

    Great report Dave. I was a little worried that it would be critical as we didn't get the win. As ever though (despite your views on GH), you came through with a balanced and accurate view of the game. I really enjoyed the game and apart from the defensive lapses, couldn't really blame anyone. Some of the football was great to watch and I hope that we continue to play this way for the rest of the season. Milan has been awesome, but I would start with our number 8 tonight to give the lad a rest, so he is ready for crucial prem games. Hopefully, MO will get a goal or 2 to get his confidence up and then everything should be rosy. What does concern me most at the moment is that we seem to be conceding more goals with Biscan out. I feel a little sorry for the guy and thought he'd done well and to be honest the traditional H&H partnership has not done any better. Still - we have to now get 3 points from most our games in the next month as we have Man Ure and the Arse away in April so we need a little comfort zone in 4th by that time.
  3. Rex


    He was awesome last night. He's got to now start every game (barring injury).
  4. Rex

    The Abuse has gone too far.

    It hurts me to say it, but I don't think we are any more. We are just the same as any other fans now. This isn't GH's fault, it's just how football is in an increasingly middle class, media governed, all seating era. I have never called phone in's (although it's only another form of discussion like this is, so I don'ty have anything against them), and I don't go as often as I would like, but when I have been I feel a little intimidated and any support or cheering feels flat and strained (if at all).
  5. Rex

    Melwood Graffiti?

    Well out of order. No one deserves that. We all feel gutted when we play bad and lose, but at the end of the day it's only a game of football. Disgraceful.
  6. Rex

    Just realised something

    I kind of agree with Tom as we won all 4 of ours as champions or holders which makes our own achievements even greater in my eyes. Imagine if it had been that format in the 70's and 80's. How many would we have won then!!! Still all I can say is that if you enter a competition under the rules at the start and you win it within those rules, you can't hold it against the club for winning it. So if we did go onto win it after finishing 4th I would be ecstatic. You can't blame a club if they are the rules. Tom made some great points, but I would still be over the moon if we won it finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or whatever.
  7. Rex

    RIP Geoff Twentyman

    Didn't know much about him, but all the best to his family and even if took his death I'm glad to have learned about another LFC legend. RIP
  8. Rex


    Seen some of his goals on his official site - looks pretty damn good. Great technique involved. I've heard he's fast and strong too (although without seeing him in a full game I can't really comment). Too many good goals on there for them to be a fluke. He will be a good player.
  9. Rex

    New stadium website

    I thought it was a good site as I never really knew about what exactly they were planning. Good work by whoever did it. It's pretty new so they probably haven't got to moving the adverts that are annoyingly stuck in the middle of the text or don't realise yet due to whatever format they are designing it.
  10. Rex

    Loves got teeth..

    True. Maybe a while before we use "We are the champions my freind...." coming out of Anfield then.
  11. Rex

    Loves got teeth..

    I'm sure they are lyrics to a Def Leppard or Judas Priest song. Both called "Love Bites". Bugging me now as they sound familar or is just that I am as deranged?! Anyway - shouldn't this discussion be on the general forum
  12. Rex

    Babbel to return to Germany?

    My mates a big Blackburn fan and goes to all their games. He says that he's playing reallly well and is the only consistant one in their back four this season. If he has the right attitude, then he will be good for us again and it is useful he can play at centre back as cover. However, he needs to get his head straight as when he left for Blackburn he was talking about going to a "team going places" which was a bit disrespectful to us and now he is saying that " he is used to competing with the best" which is disrespectful to Blackburn. For any faults or arguments against GH, I back him fully on this one, whatever he decides to do
  13. Rex

    Babbel to return to Germany?

    I think Finnan is a good buy. No one will argue that Babbel is by far the superior or at least was, but I think Finnan has done OK. He still needs time to settle and has had a few injuries, so if he can stay injury free then he will be good for us. As for Babbel, I would love to see him back, but he is not the player he was. Perhaps either GH or any new manager should sit down with him in pre-season and say that if he gets his head down and works hard he will be given another chance. If not then it is only Babbel to blame. He had a serious injury and Liverpool supported him to the hilt and gave him a new contract even though he may never have played again. That is real support and he repaid it by moaning and being a d1ck head in reserve games. If GH lets him go I can't really argue. Still I'd have the talk with him at the end of the season and see what Babbel has to say and try and asses his attitude. It's just a shame. I think the disease messed with his mind (whose mind wouldn't be, when you get a life threatening illness). In all I wish Marcus all the best, and would love it if he was given and took another chance with us.
  14. Rex

    Saturdays Game

    Any thoughts on Saturdays game? I thought first half we were pretty awful and Bolton deserved their lead. Second half we played some great stuff and could've won it, although 2-2 is probably a fair result overall. No one turns Bolton over and Arsenal only drew and the Mancs were lucky to win 2-1. If we beat City on Wednesday then things are going OK I think. Full squad now, some decent football (all be it in only one half of games). If we get the 6 points from our next two home games (which is easily possible) I am confident we will be in 4th. In fact oif we win our next 3 games (all at home) we are in last 8 of FA cup, probably 4th and last 16 of UEFA Cup. Hopefully as Owen starts to click, and the team starts playing the good stuff that they are playing in games for longer in a game I am quite positive about the rest of the season. Anyway - gone off the point. Stevie was immense again on Saturday. What a player. Great to have Carra back again. I feel so quilty about underating him. When he was out I realised how much we missed him. Is it me or sine he came back is he getting forward better?
  15. Rex

    Saturdays Game

    Kewell was disappointing and is definately in a slump, but hopefully he'll come out of that soon, with us only 2 points off 4th. Him and Owen will start to perform again, and if Stevie G and Carra can play like they did Saturday we'll do well for rest of the season. Worried about MO though. He didn't look interested at all. I know he had little support, but in the past this has been the case, but he's always looked positive and up for it. He looks resigned. This guy is sooooo important to us and I hope he snaps out of it soon as he deserves to be playing well in a succesful team. I can respect his decsion if he goes in the summer as he has done great things for us and not cost us a penny, but I hope he's thinking he can't be arsed until then. He's better than that.
  16. Rex

    Making fans' views known

    Can't agree more. I support Houllier and will until he goes, but it is hard to argue with a lot of points against him. There is still a lot to play for so lets just try and enjoy the rest of the season
  17. Rex

    Semmy could play against us...

    Oh dear - be strong and don't let the b@stards grind you down....
  18. Rex

    Semmy could play against us...

    hey Truered where abouts in Bolton you from? I come from Heaton. They are having a great season and I hope it continues (Saturday apart). Big Sam has done an incredible job
  19. Rex

    Semmy could play against us...

    I got a ticket - £27. We should win as we'll have 12 men on the pitch!!!
  20. I'd be very surprised if he came as he is clearly a huge NUFC fan. Greatest Premiership striker I have seen and a couple years ago I though he was past it, but after giving up International scene has come back stronger. Maybe some type of swap if H#sk#y?! I'd love Shearer here. With MO, Cisse and Shearer (then Baros and FSP as reserves or on the bench) the options are awesome and you could easily rotate without losing ANY striking quality. Of course there's maybe only one season left in him, but we'd get experience, goals and the McAllister effect while Baros regains full fitness and more experience and FSP does like wise. It would be a great signing, but I am not optimistic. Still stranger things have happened....
  21. Rex

    3 Fave Derby Goals?

    From a personal point of few it's got to be when Rushie broke Dixie Deans record of goals in Merseyside Derbies. I was right in front of it when it went in. The Kop went delirious...awesome. Won't celebrate like that until Bruno Cheyrou breaks Rushies goal scoring record ;-)
  22. Rex

    The grave is getting deeper

    I am what you might call a "PRO GH Lover", and I am very worried about what is going on at the club. Rightly or wrongly he is our manager and until he goes I will support him and more importantly the team. In the current scheme of things I am probably half crazy to say so, but it's just the way I feel towards any manager of our club. What concerns me more is blame culture surrounding the Reds problems. The blame being heaped on GH and individual players now seems to be directed towards fans. Pro GH this, Anti GH that. I don't care. As far as I am concerned we are the fans. Many people now just seem more concerned with dividing us into two sections. Why? Does it matter? :dunno:
  23. Bit fucked out of my head at the moment on JD - but I can't get away from the this nagging feeling that GH is the right man - I watched the team in the 80's which were out of this world (John Barnes and Hanson are the 2 greatest I have ever seen) then had to suffer the Souness years, the Evans years were reasonably entertaining but a matter of so close, yet so far, now Gh has given me the greatest LFC moments since 1990!!! Ferguson took 5 or 6 years berore he won the Prem and went very close to relagation at one point. Hate to say it, but the Mancs are now our bench mark. Gotta admire the fact that they are playing shite, lost 3 and still 3 points clear, remind you of anyone? :whistle: Anyway - I have said it before and I will say it again I am behind GH until he goes. I got that feeling though that he won't and will get that 4th and a trophey. Always does just enough. Last season wa horrible and this seaon not much better, but I feel I have seen enough signs to suggest a much brighter future. He does know what it takes to succeed as do the core of the team (MO, Stevie G, H&H), it's just the next level they are struggling with. They'll get there. Why throw away all the hard work?!
  24. Rex

    Craig Johnston article

    I loved this guy as a kid. It was about 85 or 86 and my Dad took me to see the Reds pla QPR ( I think it was 0-0), but I decided Johnston was my favourite player, until Barnes cam along. Still it was mainly due to him that I continued my love of LFC. When is the auotbiography out - would love to read it
  25. Rex


    Although I have always admired JC for his commitment and workrate I never belived in him until we lost him. It is so obvious we miss him. Not bothered about how he attacks so long as he does his job defensively. It is upto the likes of Diouf, Kewell, Smicer etc to carry that forwrad. If JC is watching - Get fit soon mate we need you!! One of the first on my team sheet from now on......