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    Liverpool 2 Sunderland 2 (Feb 6 2016)

    I'm ashamed to say I didn't walk out. A mate had mentioned the night before about a planned walk out but I didn't know much more than that so didn't feel comfortable without knowing the detail. Also my daughter was with me and wanted to stay until the end. She's only just got into football so is excited about all things LFC and doesn't really understand the need yet for times when protest is necessary. I knew at the time though I should have walked. It just felt wrong staying. It's something I regret and in hindsight would have been a valuable lesson for my daughter. I won't make the same mistake again
  2. Rex

    Liverpool v Aston Villa

    What elvis said. A link to a stream would be appreciated. Cheers
  3. Rex

    El Nino - Yes or No

    Heart says no as he screwed us. But, on loan with an option to buy then maybe. If we got him back as half the player he was with us, then we'd have an awesome attack with him and Luis.
  4. Rex

    Swansea Carling Cup match thread

    Hi - if anyone has a woeking stream I'd very grateful, Thanks in advance
  5. Yes congratulations. Hope mother and baby are doing well
  6. Hi all - I've seen it mentioned on here about watching the games on stream. Can anyone help as to where I need to go to find a stream of the game? Links would be great and any advice on how it works etc, Cheers for the help in advance
  7. Rex

    Do the Sheikh's ethics concern you?

    Really can't answer this one on the options available. It's a different culture and I don't know enough about what they have/haven't done. They seem pretty moderate for a muslim state.
  8. Rex

    Stream for Fulham Game

    Thanks for everyones help. I'll give it a go.
  9. Rex

    Ring Of Fire

    I know it was sang at the Champs League Final and I'm pretty well versed in all things LFC, but why do we sing this? Don't get me wrong I love it, but I just don't know why? has it all stemmed from just being sang at the Euro Final? It might be really obvious and something I really should know, but I simply don't! Why?
  10. Rex

    Ring Of Fire

    Cheers - guess I kind of know now!
  11. Hi all - need your help. I've got an ongoing and heated argument with a mate who insists that Rush and Aldridge never actually played on the pitch together when they were both at Liverpool. Now I know that they did, but I have to prove it. Looked all over the web and can't find a team sheet or match report that shows that they were on the pitch together at any time between 1988 and 1989/90 seasons. I can find lists of results showing them as both scoring in the same game, but his argument was that one replaced the other. Anyone got any links to a site or report etc that I can give him to shut him up. He is really annoying me now! HELP!
  12. Rex

    Rush and Aldridge

    Hey hey! Cheers man! Just what I need. Can't believe I didn't find that before! Watch the b@stard weep!
  13. Rex

    Rush and Aldridge

    Cheers for this, but I need a team sheet/report that proves they played together on the same pitch between 1988 - 1989. The search goes on..............
  14. Rex


    Everton's effort in getting to 4th place last season was to get a by into the next round of the Carling Cup! Perhaps they could make some T-Shirts. "Everton 4th....round entrants"
  15. Rex

    More on the summer issue

    Looking forward to the issue Dave. It's been said already on here, but thanks for all the effort you have put into this and future issues. You well deserve to be meeting the likes of Carra! Gotta admit I grinned like an idiot seeing Carra sat there with his medal. Sat in a pub with a Champions League Winners Medal. Funny as fuck!
  16. Rex

    boys from the mersey

    Sorry I was a little abrupt there. None of it is believable and my impression of the book is that you are supposed to believe that all these things are real and fact etc. I'm sure there is some foreword at the start along these lines. There was a documentary on a while back as well which totally blows all these "factual" things in the book apart. The reason it seems farcical is that it feels as though Brown is simply making things up to get the characters out of situations, but they are totally unbelievable and we are supposed to swallow it all as 'fact' or something. Sorry - I don't think I'm making my point very well!
  17. Rex

    boys from the mersey

    "I would reccomend Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. Anyone into The Da Vinci Code would like this." Dude I gotta disagree. "Da Vinci Code" was terrible. Started OK, but then descended into farce. Pure junk.
  18. Mine arrived today and although I haven't seen it yet looking forward to it now as the running time is 141 minutes!!! Ideally I wanted a DVD that just focused on the Champs League, but at this length there must be a fair bit in it as well as Prem and League Cup.
  19. Rex

    New Season Review DVD

    Great stuff. Looking forward to seeing what has to be the greatest piece of skill ever performed by a defender....
  20. Rex

    A Years A Long Time In Football

    I am a bit fearfull for Rafa though. There is now huge expectation and to come close to last season he would have to win the Prem or Champs League again. I don't think we can do either yet. I hope we all stick by him and we see real progress. I will be happy if we are challenging or very close to it going into the last 10 or so games and maybe doing well in one of the Cups.
  21. Rex

    Good films few people have seen

    Yeah I think it is! Sorry got a little confused
  22. Rex

    Good films few people have seen

    If you liked "Old boy" see "Sympathy for Mr Revenge" - I promise you won't be disappointed. Same director as "Oldboy" - gotta warn you though some horrible shit goes on
  23. Rex

    Good films few people have seen

    Not sure if few people have seen them but here are a few foreign films which are well worth a watch. "Intacto" - Anglo/Spanish film about using your luck to compete in mad games and trade your luck for even more luck. "Symapthy For Mr Revenge" - Korean film (I think!)- brutal, but gripping "Old Boy" - by same director of above "Sympathy for.." a guy is kidnapped and held captive for 15 years. Gets out and seeks answers and revenge on his captors. "Motorcycle Diaries" - think this one is quite well known, but worth a mention because of how good it is. Follow a young Che Guevra around South America.
  24. Rex

    New Music for this month

    It's been mentioned but The Features are good. a very tight outfit. The Black Keys are cool too remind me of the Animals. Anyone into hard rock or heavy metal check out an album called "An Absence of Empathy" by a band called "Frameshift". It's a one man music project and sounds like Pink Floyd/Dream Theatre meets Skid Row. Heavy, but different and pretty deep too at times
  25. Rex


    Yeah the 70's stuff is the best. All the stuff recommended above you have to go for. Ziggy Stardust and Diamond Dogs are awesome. Personally I have ultimate respect for the guy, but hate any of the 80's stuff.