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  1. 5 hours ago, Paulie Dangerously said:

    Went back to the independent cafe on Walton Vale called the raven. Large Breakfast for £5.20 exclusive of a drink. Drink was 99p with unlimited refills. Too many hash browns for my liking and the black pudding was extra so I didn't opt for it today. Bacon a bit under for me, sausages great and eggs very good. Hopefully this place will survive in this climate with support from locals. 



    Eggs are properly done, sausages look tart and a real tomato that has not seen the inside of a fucking tin. The mushroom looks a little forlorn though and the hash browns have been stacked like Stonehenge.


    the toast is actually toast as well, a

    simple thing that many struggle with.

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  2. 3 hours ago, belarus said:

    Thanks mate.


    Do you only use the fat end or are they just cylindrical and evenly fat all the way along? Asking for a mate.

    If you spring for the ones with the tops still on they are non-cylindrical.


    The 5lb bag for $1.99 are all cylindrical for the most part but don’t have the same flavour as the ones with the tops still on. 


    Generally our root vegetables are bland. Parsnips  and carrots especially; the difference between an English parsnip and one here flavour wise is equivalent to a Guinness in Dublin and one in America.


    We do have great potatoes (McCains are a Canadian company).

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  3. 1 hour ago, Lizzie Birdsworths Wrinkled Chopper said:

    I’m in the process of a house sale and looking likely for completion early part of December.

    Anyone know what happens if it goes through right before the election, does it matter as long as you’re still registered on the electoral roll there and have your voting card?

    Property ladder champagne socialist.


    Scotland should be turfing the Tories they voted in last election.