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  1. 21 hours ago, Rushies tash said:

    Not sure Brentford supporters would agree with you about Dean Smith Dave. In fact, given my lad's connections with the Bees, it'd be great (and somewhat poetic) if they passed each other in opposite directions at the end of the season.

    Great ground Griffin Park.


    Nestled away in a residential zone, watched them just before it all went Covid (2-2 draw with Blackburn). 

    Only disappointment was couldn’t get a pint at the Tap on the Line by Kew Gardens station.

  2. 4 hours ago, Vincent Vega said:

    I’ve met up with a couple of mates to drink a few cans in a local park. I’ll be sticking to that arrangement for as long as the weather allows. 

    I imagine when they first open it will be like Xmas or New Year with the pubs full of people who never normally visit a pub. 


    Four years ago lived in an apartment but there was a nice park across the street so in the summer would go and sit and have a few cans. 


    It's illegal to drink the park so I enjoyed it even more being a dangerous criminal. 

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  3. Canadian cuisine-


    poutine - cheese curds, gravy and chips

    Tortiere pie- Meat pie with spices and onions from quebec


    maple syrup- on pancakes, maple syrup flavoured sausages, maple syrup and baked beans, maple syrup poured on snow and rolled up with a lollipop stick, maple syrup whisky, maple donuts, etc.


    beaver tail- pastry fried in shape of beaver tail served with lemon/sugar and probably maple syrup if you want 


    peameal bacon- usually served on a bun (no maple syrup)


    ketchup flavoured crisps 


    Anthony Bourdain did a few shows in Canada (ate seal in Nunavut, Northern Quebec) and when he wasn’t running around with pretentious celebrity chefs he always had a poutine. 




  4. 1 hour ago, polymerpunkah said:

    Never been there, but I imagine a straight-up old-fashioned Inuit diet would take some adjustment.


    Seal blubber, etc.


    Went through the "strange foods" alley in Beijing a few years ago and the smell alone was enough to knock a dog off a gut wagon.


    They prefer muktaq which is whale blubber (served with soy sauce). 

    Bannock is also popular as a modern day adopted traditional food if that makes sense. 


    Caribou (reindeer) is the main staple. Regional delicacies are musk ox in the western arctic, Arctic Char is big in Gjoa Haven and lots of lake trout where I used to live. My daughter caught this 25lb one ice fishing a couple of weeks ago




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  5. I will say that authentic American BBQ is amazing. When done slowly in smokers it’s heaven on Earth. And can be served with tangy baked beans and oil and vinegar coleslaw. 

    Indonesian food- had a couple of Indonesian meals in Holland and was fantastic. Mate of mine went to Indonesia as his brother was getting married an couldn’t stop talking about the food. Satay!





  6. 4 hours ago, Dougie Do'ins said:


    Great film that. Such a shame about the bus being moved.

    It was causing mayhem apparently; people were getting stranded and even dying trying to cross the river that McCandless couldn’t cross. I think the local search and rescue had had enough.


    Krakeur’s book is excellent as is one called ‘The Wild Truth’ written by the sister Christine McCandless which provides a lot of background and context to Into The Wild that Krakauer has kept out of his book due to her wishes. 

    Into Thin Air is great too about the Everest Disaster in 1996 I think it was that cost 10 or so lives; and the two subsequent books from survivors - A rich Yank named Beck Weathers (if I recall that’s his name) who was left to die basically on top of the mountain and lived and one of the guides named Anatoli Bourkeev whose book was a rebuttal that he was kipping whilst the disaster unfolded. 


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