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  1. Nunavut Patrick

    Spurs tonight

    0-0 and GH says we are off amd running as we have doubled our points total tonite!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I think 2-0 with Murphy (from a pen) and Diouff.
  2. Nunavut Patrick

    Leverkusen and Didi

    Has it been all downhill for GH since that fateful night in Germnay when he substituted Didi? It seems to me that was when the magic broke- has GH made a good sub move since then?
  3. Nunavut Patrick

    Barry Ferguson

    There will be no more signings say GH-the car is running fine
  4. Nunavut Patrick

    Welcome to the Nationwide League West Ham

    Rotherham 1 West Ham 0 Must have been a nice hotel
  5. Nunavut Patrick

    Getting Married

    Remember. after 10 years of marriage the only thing that will suck is the vacuum cleaner
  6. Nunavut Patrick

    Socially acceptable things...

    Irishmen being fined for drunkeness and pub owners as well
  7. Nunavut Patrick

    Kewell on the left?

    Sean Dundee and a cat in an oven making a biscuit? Good Lord!!!!!!
  8. Nunavut Patrick

    Spare a thought for Alaves

    Fickle world-look at Leverkeusen- CL finalists one year and needed a goal to stay up in their last game. Probably would have been a record, going from the CL final to relegation in one year.
  9. Nunavut Patrick


    Besides LFC, who completely took the blame for Heysel, was UEFA ever held accountable for the condition of the stadium or their stupid ticket allocation for Belgian nuetrals? And as the stadium filled, you think the security would have noticed the situation of the two sets of fans so close together. It was horrible, but aviodable. Unfortunatley, it takes people to die to put measures in place. Anyone out there, should the match have gone on?
  10. Nunavut Patrick


    If I eat Yorkshire puddings with my Sunady roast beef dinner does that make me an inbred?