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  1. Player reviews from Stamford Bridge, taken from the Toffeetalk Forum.Pickford - He made some saves to keep the score as low as it was but what he did with that pass was embarrassing. Coleman - Got absolutely destroyed for 45 minutes. Which makes it hilarious that he was only subbed due to injury. Tarkowski - Absolutely loved the jug-eared bastard needlessly get himself booked to try and make up for being shit. Honestly, I felt much better after it. Branthwaite - Returned to form last week then regressed to below even where he was at pre-Burnley. He was given the run around by the quick football on display from Chelsea. Plenty of learning to do for him. Mykolenko - The final member of the non-defending defence. Probably the least shit of the lot but shit nonetheless. Young - I've never played golf before but I'm more than willing to invest in an expensive set of golf clubs and then use Ashley f***ing Young as a golf ball and smash him all over the place. Brought in for his experience? Experience of what? Being shit? We have enough shit in this squad to be very experienced without him. Onana - WHAT. DOES. HE. DO?!!!!!!!!! Garner - Contributed massively the big f***ing empty space that was our midfield. Actually, call the f***ing scientists because we have discovered dark matter. It is Everton's midfield, ladies and gentleman - we know it's there, we just can't f***ing find it. McNeil - Probably the best player on the pitch during the good start to the game we had, then he disappeared somewhere else that wasn't Stamford Bridge. Doucoure - An absolute passenger. Again. We can't afford a passenger anywhere tbh but particularly not in such an integral position. He's offering absolutely nothing so he's got to be dropped. Beto - For absolute fucks sake, someone teach him the bastard offside rule. I'm sick to f***ing death with him standing 2 yards offside and then looking all gormless when he's flagged as if he can't understand why. If Dom isn't fit on Sunday I still wouldn't play this joker and would sooner see Chermiti given an opportunity even though I don't think he's ready. His first touch is absolutely appalling and his second touch is an attack for the opposition.
  2. Clearly refereeing standards haven’t dropped that much.
  3. Give us our money back, you bastards… https://www.grandoldteam.com/forum/threads/reimburse-fans-who-travelled-to-chelsea.119471/page-2#post-11227187 trueblue84 Player Valuation: £50m Yesterday at 12:07 PM Add bookmark #3 Mate... The club is financially on the bones of its arse. If it gives fans their money back for every poor performance, we'd have gone bust years ago.
  4. She’s going on about the London Elite in that interview, but obviously forgets how she did a round robin of local radio station interviews and got absolutely destroyed in each and every one of them.
  5. Check their bank balances. Edot: Probably just couldn’t be arsed sitting in a courtroom for a few weeks.
  6. Is this why the Keita thread has been bumped?
  7. She's Tufton Street's chosen glove puppet, isn't she?
  8. All is not well in Happyville. Apparently the Tweets Garnacho liked were from a well known YouTuber. Anyone else reckon the YouTuber was Goldbridge?
  9. Evertonian with red training shoes. Kopite behaviour.
  10. Shouts for Neil Warnock on GOT. End of days stuff. My sides hurt from laughing.
  11. It’s not all doom and gloom then… ForeverEverton Player Valuation: £40m 9 minutes ago Add bookmark #2,470 I`ve been fairly steadfast in the view this team is going down, nothing I`ve seen in in the last 19 games has given me reason to think any different, if anything it is far more obvious than ever. Again I said Dyche should have gone during the break, the club has missed the opportunity and now the whole club will pay the consequences. I feel sorry for all the staff at Finch Farm and Goodison who will lose their jobs, jobs they put their all in to and they will be sacked off the back of the frauds in the dugout and in the boardroom, how can any of them look these people in the eye. Relegation, massive fire sale and administration will ensue. Probably lose the stadium aswell meaning all of this will be for nothing... This club is rotten from top to bottom and the only way this finishes is with the club fighting for it`s very survival... Nice one Kopite Kenwright, this is your legacy and you can RIP knowing you`ve played your part in killing this club.
  12. He smells like the downstairs toilet after Dave has got off it.
  13. Previously, on Relegation Blues… Hit for six. Goal difference advantage over Forest wiped out. Couldn’t compete with a team who showed more fight over a penalty than they have in any game this season. Best defender injured. Another defender injured. Know they have to find £30m for a human tugboat who could t score even if you stood him still with the ball and threw the goal at him. And a relegation 6 pointer on Sunday.
  14. Unhappy bunnies. ste d' indica Idleness is fatal only to the mediocre Player Thread Sponsor 8 minutes ago Add bookmark #1,503 WTF is Onana doing chinwagging with Chelsea there? Folk have travelled down to London on a frigging Monday night to watch that 'kin mess. Arsehole
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