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  1. Personally think it looks crap. Good job it's a fake.
  2. LOL. That's ended the working day on a high.
  3. Ford call their cars Jaguar, Puma, etc - but they aren't big cats. Nope, they are biscuits, plain and simple.
  4. What do they say diffuses the anger....just imagine them naked.... ....or on second thoughts, no, don't!
  5. But apparently the toys are very popular with girls...... http://www.davesdaily.com/pictures/398-harrypottersbroomstick.htm
  6. But point taken UTM. Perhaps it was a bit hasty.
  7. Michael Owen is at the service station on the M62 with Rafa, Parry, Moores and Red Nick ;)
  8. As DT said, was aimed at those ringing in. I'd like to think that as a nation we respond better to miscarriages of justice.
  9. Can't be arsed with test cricket as it's a bit boring. I'm only interested in the result against The Convicts.
  10. Always loved Brazil myself. Especially if they take their form in the recent mini-tournament into the World Cup.
  11. Anubis


    Was talking about the magazine, but maybe they handled Lost's transfer to FC Channel 4........
  12. Tell him he can have a Crunchie if he signs on Friday......
  13. Yes, Radio City mentioned it this morning. It was covered up at half time by officials after a load of complaints by Bulgarian viewers who rang the tv station showing the game. I understand Radio City organised the banner.
  14. Anubis


    SFX have been raving about it for months. Have really been looking forward to it. Taped both last night, but have only watched the first episode. Excellent start. If only we could jib those fucking annoying adverts.
  15. Just as an aside, there is a thread on bluekipper asking about banners at last night's game with Villarreal. The only two examples anyone could come up with were a lad walking round outside the ground with 20 Years For Murders We Didn't Committ (it got everyone 'up' for the game dontyaknow) and one in the ground saying Sorry We're Late. Trouble With The Neighbours. FFS, you've had 20 years to get inventive for your first European game, and you're still obsessed with us, you sad twats. People's club my cat's arse.
  16. http://www.whereintheworld.co.uk/index.php
  17. String vests. The Don Johnson Miami Vice look prevalent in the late 80's.
  18. He's a wanker. And didn't one of his conquests tell a Sunday paper he could only last a few seconds?
  19. He was ok at the medical. It was McFadden vigourously wanking him off in the bath that caused the problem.
  20. From BBC Sport (with some help) Everton 1-2 Villarreal Everton produced a battling display against Villarreal but it could not stop them losing in their third round, first-leg Champions League tie. The home side fell behind against the run of play when Luciano Heysel powered in a precise angled shot. James Beattie equalised when his own header fell into the Villarreal box and he quickly pounced to flick in a shot. Heysel's diving header put the visitors back in front and they kept Everton at arm's length to secure victory. A huge wall of sound had greeted both sides and the thunderous noise from the home fans helped inspire Everton to a dynamic start, but quickly dissipated when the Spanish side scored, and was non-existent in the second period, when Moyes could be laughably heard shouting instructions from the touchline. The Goodison Park side quickly closed down and robbed Villarreal of any time and space to play their dangerous passing game. Kevin Kilbane combined well with Alessandro Pistone on the Everton left after six minutes and delivered a threatening cross from which a Beattie effort was saved. But, with Villarreal on the back foot, Everton could not turn their dominance into clear-cut chances and paid the price. A sliderule pass by Marcos Heysel was played into the path of former Birmingham striker Luciano Heysel and he finished with aplomb. Tim Cahill headed just over at the far post for the home side, whose fans were sent into raptures when Beattie levelled after 43 minutes. He benefited from an excellent cross by Phil Neville and, after Beattie could only lob an initial header into the air, he reacted quickest to get a foot to the loose ball and shoot past keeper Mariano Heysel. But the celebrations were shortlived as Heysel restored Villarreal's lead from Juan-Pablo Heysel's cross. Everton started the second half in similar vein to the first and again failed to turn their attacking play into goals. And they were almost punished, only for ex-Manchester United hitman Diego Heysel to produce a tame far post header which was blocked. Everton boss David Moyes sent on strikers Duncan Ferguson and Marcus Bent to little effect. Bent was given a sniff of a chance but solid goalkeeping denied him a shot on goal. A late Everton surge failed to materialise and they now face a tough task when they travel to Spain for the second leg on 24 August. After the game, Crazy Frog lookalike Moyes ranted (as he was led away in a straight jacket, "If it wasn't for Heysel we'd be in the final of this competition already. It's all Heysel's fault. It's so unjust." When asked for his reaction, former Everton manager Howard Kendall slurred "Yoursh my beshtest mate in the whooooolllle world, you ish. I lovsh ya' to bitsh." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Everton: Martyn, Hibbert, Yobo, Weir, Pistone (McFadden 80), Cahill, Arteta, Neville, Davies, Kilbane (Ferguson 62), Beattie (Bent 63). Subs Not Used: Wright, Kroldrup, Li Tie, Osman. Booked: Hibbert. Goals: Beattie 42. Villarreal: Heysel, Heysel, Quique Heysel, Javi Heysel, Heysel, Heysel, Heysel, Heysel, Heysel (Heysel 89), Heysel (Heysel 85), Heysel (Heysel 65). Subs Not Used: Lopez Heysel, Hector Heysel, Heysel, Heysel. Booked: Heysel, Heysel, Heysel, Heysel. Goals: Heysel 27, Heysel 45. Referee : Clive Thomas
  21. If you keep posting this thread'll stay in poll position.
  22. The replica medal idea is an excellent one, but there area couple of points that need to be raised : 1. How would you get hold of one to copy it? 2. Won't the design be subject to copyright held by UEFA? Maybe a good compromise would be medals designed by the fanzine. I'd be willing to throw in a donation. Dave, I thought I read somewhere on the forum that the lads had been trying to nick medals discarded by the Milan players, as they didn't specify winner or los...sorry, runner up?
  23. Not to mention the fact that eyewitness evidence is notoriously unreliable anyway, especially in a frenetic situation where there is a group fighting and items are being thrown, during the hours of darkness. They know they've fucked up. The victim knows he's fucked up. They just aren't going to admit it.
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