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  1. 1 hour ago, diamondjoe said:

    Rumour is DeZerbi. Not for me. In fact I'm already calling for his shittly gelled head, the little shit beard. 

    Fuck me, what a kick in the balls this is gonna be. 


    Are they really going to force me to drive all the way to Brighton to deal with this?



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  2. 5 minutes ago, Lee909 said:


    Especially with Edwards back I really can't see us touching anyone over 24 unless they are on a free or knockdown price. 


    As 3stacks has said Alt-Nouri is a obvious choice but City appear to want him as the 90ml on Gvardiol and 50ml on Ake isn't enough for them. Milos Kerkez is another they might look at plays wide left or left back for Bournemouth and was bought by Richard Hughes last summer. 


    Patrick Dorgu of Lecce has been linked a few months back. 


    Pep loves collecting full backs.

  3. Warning - the video below contains spoilers. Sort of. They’re kind of vague, but spoilery. 

    I haven’t watched Rebel Moon Part 2, but this guy’s video popped up on my timeline and it was relatively short so I thought why not?


    His ranting about slo-mo is pretty funny. He almost makes me want to watch it for comedy value. Apparently Snyder wants to make a total of six of these films.



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