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  1. Suggestions Edwards and Co like Marco Rose.
  2. Marco Rose is a name that just surfaced on Twitter.
  3. Maybe they are Emery. Maybe he’s signed up with multiple accounts. Good ebening, Unai.
  4. Cardiff are dickheads. Throw it out and hit them with massive costs.
  5. United will probably hijack Amorim from West Ham.
  6. Are they really going to force me to drive all the way to Brighton to deal with this?
  7. Nobody saying Pep Guardiola yet?
  8. They always have names like Camilla and Isabel.
  9. Unsurprisingly, the little Blueshite grifting blert behind this account can’t see the difference.
  10. The whips threatened his mother? No, Mark, the pressure on your elderly mother comes from you being a cocaine sniffing twat bringing shame on the family.
  11. Collymore has gone all-in on Forest on Twitter, defending the officials. This could be an entertaining few days.
  12. The simple sword of truth and the trusty shield of fair play.
  13. Upfront. Not losing out when they go under.
  14. When someone unexpectedly hands you the karaoke microphone.
  15. Did St George enjoy raw bacon? No wonder he’s dead.
  16. Warning - the video below contains spoilers. Sort of. They’re kind of vague, but spoilery. I haven’t watched Rebel Moon Part 2, but this guy’s video popped up on my timeline and it was relatively short so I thought why not? His ranting about slo-mo is pretty funny. He almost makes me want to watch it for comedy value. Apparently Snyder wants to make a total of six of these films.
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