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  1. Does Norsepudlian = Scousewegian?
  2. And dump Anelka at the end of the season.......... ;)
  3. Anubis

    Does anyone think we'll beat Leverkusen?

    Given some of the teams we could have drawn, I'd have taken this tie beforehand. Mancs and Chelsea could be in for a tough time, though.
  4. Anubis

    Alan Greene 5 live/Newstalk

    His willy..... :smile: sorry Hermes, obvious but had to take the opening!
  5. Anubis

    Is Biscan injured?

    But don't the rules say we have to play 3 different teams on the bounce. Otherwise i nominate norwich for all our remaining games. ;)
  6. Anubis

    Fucking bastards

    Combination of both methinks.
  7. Anubis

    FAO - Those crying for Dudek to play....

    Neither keeper is shite, but some basic errors are being made. Maybe Harrison is worth a go, because at the moment he couldn't do any worse.
  8. I don't hate him at all, but for the last couple of games he's looked like his heart isn't in it anymore. There is almost a resignation in the way he's playing.
  9. Anubis

    An appeal on behalf of the players

    Agree. In the ground we should be behind the team always. Criticism should be reserved for outside. I just can't understand booing, ever, even if I want rto swing for them with a baseball bat.
  10. Anubis

    24 hours is a long time in football

    problem is Hermes, at the beginning of the second half, up until we scored, we played good football. But throughout the rest of the game the attitude of the majority of the team stank the place out.
  11. Last night was just totally fucking disgraceful. Is that the way we react to a derby defeat? Is that how we react to Everton players taking the piss in the national press? is that how it's done, eh? And what was worse, was that Pompey clearly only came for a draw and couldn't be arsed either. We come out first half and stroll around like it's a fucking training session. Second half, no doubt after a bollocking, we step it up and prove we can run them ragged. We score, and then just start fucking strolling again! With the exception of Finnan, Carra, Baros, and Kewell (2nd Half), the rest deserve to be twatted with a fucking baseball bat. Gerrard is now a Chelsea player mentally. He's clearly made the decision that he won't be around, and unlkie last season he's clearly decided he isn't going to run himself into the ground if those around him can't be arsed. The midfield was so poor Carra was fucking carrying the ball almost to the Pompey penalty area, and doing their job for them. Everything Djimi touched went wrong, but the lad has earned himself a bad game given his excellent performances so far. Nunez is a fucking black hole, that sucks in all heat, light, and matter. He is just a total fucking nonentity, and should not have been allowed on the pitch after half time. When he finally went i was expecting Mellor to arrive. Push SG to the right, I thought, and put Mellor on alongside Pongo to give the Pompey defence something else to think about, and stop us retreating deeper and deeper, allowing them to push forward. But no, we try to protect a 1-0 lead against a fucking Pompey side who were fucking poor, and on comes Josemi. My heart sank, along with probably everyone elses. how can one player have gone downhill so consistently. At that point, I think I'd have preferred the space/time anomoly to have stayed on the pitch, as at least Finnan would have been at right back. But no, when the cross/shot for the goal came on, where was Josemi? Yep, as we feared he was so far out of position he had his bags packed and was on his fucking holidays. And Dudek - what the fuck was that flap? If you feel it's goalbound, push it over the fucking bar, not into the path of the opposition forward who has an empty net. Fucking basic for fucks sake. To know that the team were clearly capable of playing good attacking football (we did it for long enough in the 2nd half), yet to see them play like that hurt, as they clearly don't give a fuckl like we do. If this continues we'll have fuck all chance of a CL place, unless we win it this season. And, if any of you are reading this (Finnan, Carra, Baros and Kewell aside, we are ELEVEN FUCKING POINTS BEHIND THOSE FUCKING SHITEHAWKS ACROSS THE PARK. At least try to show that you care that their players are taking the piss. Rant over. Fuck, I can't believe I'm still this angry as I'd calmed down late last night. >:(
  12. Anubis

    So who plays and who don't, TLW people?

    What? Run Around? Fuck off!
  13. Anubis

    Jocky speaks

    Are these the same fans that were leaving the ground at half time in a home game against Ipswich, a couple of seasons ago? Are these the same fans not taking up their season ticket allocation without begging adverts on the local radio, and begging letters sent by the club?
  14. Anubis

    leaving the match early

    Never left before the end of a game, but did once bugger off to get bovril 5 mins before the half-time whistle because the game was soooooo boring. A European game last season but can't even remember the opponents.. First time ever - the Houllier effect in action.
  15. Rash, are you on stevie G's payroll?
  16. Anubis

    Anelka to Liverpool?

    Welcome back Nico. Hopefully.
  17. Rash, great to see Duncan get another 'exclusive,' especially one that had appeared on FT.com beforehand.
  18. Anubis

    'My gut feeling is....

    If SS if you are a blue, no doubt you were calling for Moyes head last season. Which makes you look like the arse you really are. And take English lessons.
  19. Anubis

    A big fuck off moan....

    2 hours detention a night for the lot of them, Paul. You could do it like Bart in The Simpsons opening credits...."I am a bitter blue wankstain, and the best part of me ran down my mother's leg." If they handed out a trophy or European place in December, Everton would deserve their plaudits - but they do not seem to have grasped the fact that the season ends in May. At the moment, the only injury they have had is Cahill at the beginning of the season, and their carbon-copy Houllieresque system hasn't been found out yet, but as we know from bitter experience, it will. And nobody has heard anything other than there will be a delay in their investment. Let's see where they are in six months time.
  20. Get your excuses in early.... http://icliverpool.icnetwork.co.uk/tm_objectid=14964704%26method=full%26siteid=50061%26headline=blues%2dleft%2dfuming%2dover%2dref-name_page.html
  21. And why do all my words start with a capital?
  22. Oh For Fucks Sake, Can We Just Stop With The Gerrard Stuff? Just For A Day? It's Going In Circles Now.
  23. In last night's Echo he gave the top ten list of players who've moved across the park. Leaving aside the erroneous inclusion of Gary Ablett on any top ten list that doesn't begin with the words "Worst" or "Ugliest," his entry for Nick Barmby was very clever. Not. He basically said that Barmby's move gave rise to one of the funniest, if most dire, chants in a derby - "We know where you live..." followed by Barmby's address. Yep, Dave, I bet the Barmby family were splitting their sides, hearing their address chanted by dickheads with form for torching opposition team coaches. Hilarious, eh, you prick?
  24. Anubis

    Soccer Night

    Was your sister's therapy successful?
  25. Anubis

    Bit of a game tomorrow.

    Tricky one tomorrow. My mate is a blue and lives in London. Iwas down there when they played Chelsea and he had tickets. Everton are very well organised defensively. Their entire game seems to be based on the Houllier philosophy of two banks of four sitting back, and hoping they score on the one or two chances coming their way via Bents pace. Chelsea found them very difficult to break down, so we shouldn't underestimate them. Add to that they'll try and kick us off the pitch and it could make for an uncomfortable afternoon for our players. However, Graveson the Rotweiller holds it altogether. If we detail someone to fuck him up and get him off, they'll probably crumple. In what was a long, boring afternoon, there was one moment of amusement when the Everton fans were chanting "Where were you when you were shit..." and some wanker of a Chelsea fan in front of us was standing up, pointing at himself and shouting "Iwas here! I was here!" Dickhead.