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    He never defended Fowler after the Le Saux incident, as I recall. He was quite happy to have a go then, despite Le Saux's dangerous elbow into the back of Fowler's head.
  2. Anubis

    Diao looking to leave...

    Jimmy Carter would run him close for worst ever signing.
  3. Anubis

    Unreserved seating...

    Also happened when Brazil played Japan in the mini-tournament there. Good few years ago as well. And still they do not learn.
  4. Anubis


    ....has resigned as Kidderminster manager. Just heard it on Radio Five. Real shame, but I gather results haven't been too good lately, and getting twatted by Rushie's lot on Tue can't have helped.
  5. http://www.buckfush.com/ Click on the link and choose "Florida Voting Video" on the right. Well funny. And possibly disturbingly true.
  6. Anubis

    Question time in the US of A on thursday

    I'm not sure I could watch this. I imagine my blood pressure would go through the roof. Probably still will though. Richard Littlejohn? Where are the WMD when you need them?
  7. Anubis

    Diao looking to leave...

    LOL! Have to love Peter Kay references.
  8. Anubis

    Diao looking to leave...

    Goodbye, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu. Adieu adieu, to eu eu eu eu eu! Surely he only played against Milwall in the hope he'd impress some second division...sorry first division....sorry 'Championship' outfit?
  9. Anubis

    Soup Fight

  10. Anubis

    Boro at home.

    You don't have any kids, but I always wondered where those missing children on the Wirral went.......
  11. Anubis

    Daily Post & Echo

    Just had a look at the IC Liverpool site. Their reaction to what happened last night cannot be more different. The Daily Post not only plays down how well the team played, but also doesn't offer any real support over the chants. Chris Bascome not only gives a more accurate report, but describes the fans reaction as restrained in the face of the provocation they received. The fucking Daily Post >:(
  12. Anubis

    Well in Milan...

    Baros did well, but did miss the chance to stroll past Muscat after his second, mouthing "three nil."
  13. Anubis

    Two Comments

    Actually Al, he's unique in that he's both at the same time.
  14. Anubis

    Letter on the offal from a Milwall fan.

    If we are casting stones (and I don't go to away games so I stand to be corrected) but from what I hear our fans don't boo the Shipman song out of existence. The guy has taken the trouble to write, and I welcome that.
  15. He's still got more of a neck than the mutant Craig Bellamy.
  16. Anubis

    What happened last night??

    As I've said elsewhere, Dennis Wise is an evil little fuck. And blind. And stupid.
  17. Anubis

    Very mature performance

    According to Wise the only difference between the two teams was Baros! Er, yes Dennis - blind, stupid as well as an evil little fuck.
  18. Pity, once we were in injury time, we didn't detail someone to fuck Muscat up, and take the red card. Salif would have done - instant kudos, and the added advantage he'd be banned for a few games, much to our relief!
  19. Anubis

    Two Comments

    Can I add a third. 3. Mark McGhee on Sky - Prick.
  20. Anubis


    It's also ironic that it is the one bit of porn that the works anti-porn software will allow through. Bastard.
  21. Anubis


    Oh that is just sick. You'll be getting banned.
  22. Anubis

    Eight penalties in eight home games.

    Riley may not be on the take - ok, he isn't on the take at all - but he still favours Utd excessively, and someone at the FA should be looking closely at the suitability of allowing him to referee their games at Old Trafford. If Utd can get a referee shifted from refereeing one of their games, the rest of the Premiership should be allowed to get Riley shifted away from Old Trafford.
  23. Anubis


    You know you'd miss us...... Oh, and this pea-soup throwing incident. What a load of bollocks. If they've just come off the pitch into the tunnel, where did the soup come from? As if they're standing there handing it out.
  24. Anubis


    Nah, lets face it, that just isn't going to happen. His arse will be too busy getting acquainted with the pitch. And do we seriously expect him to out-muscle Carra?!