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  1. Top Gear. Presented by 2 c**ts plus May. Audience full of sad c**ts with their McLaren t shirts on. Shit jokes that only your mum would laugh at. People actually updating their facebook status with "great- top gear's on tonight" etc. No c**t watched it when it was on on a Tuesday night years ago- they had to axe the thing- but now f**kin Tom Cruise and Schumacher are on it. Vastly overrated shite.
  2. Big Noel

    Best Liverpool debut?

    Biscan was sensational on his debut, a sub appearance in the Ipswich defeat at anfield in 2000.
  3. Big Noel

    Old forumites who've fucked off now

    Dancing Dave (RIP) Saturday Shopper What happened to Steve Horton?
  4. Big Noel

    Shit Characters in good sitcoms

    Alan Partridge's Eastern European girlfriend.
  5. I'm pretty sure the overhead footage in this video is from Aintree. Pretty cool that Aintree was the biggest concert of the Bad tour (and probably the biggest audience he ever played to)- a massive 125,000 in attendance. The following link has a photo from Aintree and a few words about Liverpool from Jackson: Bad World Tour - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  6. Big Noel

    Liverpool shirt 1986-1987 Adidas originals

    You're right mate. And the 'LFC' font is wrong too. The 1985 tracksuit top is even worse - the original didn't have stripes down the arms - the adidas logo was in white and on the sleeve, not under the badge - wrong font for the LFC again Poor research by adidas
  7. Big Noel

    Fearne Cotton

    One of the most annoying people on tv.
  8. Big Noel

    Only fools and horses.

    IMO: Best episode: The Jolly Boys Outing Best scene: chandelier Also love the episode when they go fishing for the weekend and end up being held hostage by an excaped madman And when Del paints his mum's grave monument with British Rail glow in the dark paint Just too many good episodes to mention. I find it diffcult to understand how you couldn't find it funny. But everyone's different I suppose. One thing I will say is that they should've stopped it long before they did.
  9. Big Noel

    Favourite Only Fools & Horses Moment??

    Good episode that. When the police helicopter is above the house and the nutter asks Del what the noise is, Del says "Don't worry- it Barratt's"
  10. Big Noel

    Gary Mac the Knife...

    You must be the only person who thought that. No-one thought he would have the impact he went on to have, but everyone I know definitely thought he was a good signing at the time.
  11. Big Noel

    Aaaaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaa....

    Without wishing to spoil it for people, could anyone confirm whether they ever found the Mysterious Cities of Gold? And, did the kids on Dungeons & Dragons ever get home? I remember one episode where they went up an uphill waterfall and came out in the pond in the amusement park, but had to go back as one of them had been left behind.
  12. Big Noel

    LFC Ticket Office

    I can vouch for that. My Chelsea SF ticket last year hit my doormat the same day they went on sale.
  13. Big Noel

    Going to Milan

    Apologies if mentioned elsewhere but has anyone had 'the call' this week? I applied with all 4 home games on my card (no aways). Starting to get a bit twitchy now.
  14. Donated. Great cause. Good luck with everything.
  15. Big Noel

    What do you want?

    Spot on. I don't know how anyone could really want the club to sack Rafa now. Fair enough, the league's probably gone this season. But GH had a 5 year plan, and was given the 5 years. Shouldn't we at least give Rafa the same? He probably deserves more having reached 4 CUP FINALS IN 3 SEASONS. I actually find it absurd that Rafa's position is in question after what he's achieved. Does anyone remember how bad we were in 2004? Does anyone remember how bad the last 2 years under GH were? Or much of Evans' time in charge? Or Souness' time in charge?