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  1. Luke

    The Semi - Blueshite at Wembley

    We are gonna smash these
  2. Luke

    TLW MW Free For All Tourney - PS3

    I wouldn't mind but not sure of my availability - PSN is Lukejd
  3. Luke


    When the media/the mancs/Mourinio etc talk about withstanding pressure in the title race it is hard for us to quantify. However if you look at this forum specifically and some fans generally, we are showing signs of exhibiting pressure. We are so close and yet sometimes we seem so far away from winning the league this season. Witness the boos after the West Ham game, or the squabbling on here about Lucas, etc. I am rowing with my mates about team selection and tactics all the time. Why ? Because we are closer than we have ever been since 1990 and we all want it so bad. Before you coat someone off for an opinion think about why they have said what they have said - its a point of view based on the fact we all want to win the league. Some of the divisions on here amongst fellow reds are shocking. We are on the same side For the record I don't think we will win the league because we are not playing consistently well - maybe as a result of the pressure that radiates from the stands ? If we are nervous, how can the team play without fear? I also think Lucas is not a premiership player and it bugs the fuck out of me that he is getting a game. And as for Rafa's tactics, treatment of Keane, the Academy issue, Dossena...... where to start! We are still in with a huge shout so lets have the autopsy at the end of the season and try and see others point of view for now before the pressure destroys whats left of this forum.
  4. Just found out that I have been let down for Saturday. If you can help please PM me. Thanks, Luke
  5. I have it in on good authority that G & H approached RBOS (who are looking after the financing) about getting the barry transfer fee. RBOS said - we won't lend you any money - its about time you put up some of your own cash. They obviously won't do that and came up with the smokescreen about resale value.
  6. Dave, Whty not keep the forums subsrciption only - maybe a tenner a year? It would also keep the dickheads away. luke
  7. Luke

    Is the game on tv next week?

    Its on ITV1 and blueshite are on ITV2 I think - this is still tbc but it will happen Luke
  8. sorry - this has now gone. Luke
  9. Cheers UTM . Spoken to them and they will change the name for 50 quid so again if anyone is after it please let me know. I am happy to pay the 50 quid so the ticket will be just the 466. Luke
  10. I bought the following flight from an online agency and now don't need it. Before I try and get my money back on it is anyone interested? I read somewhere that you can change the name on a plane ticket for 50quid but I haven't looked into this. Details are below - please respond to this thread if you are interested and I will come back to later today or tomorrow am ( work permitting.) I am aware that this is expensive and we paid over the odds through an online firm but I am not trying to rip anyone off so please hold the abuse! Cheers, Luke Luton Dep 25th @ 0700 Istanbul Arr 25th @ 1240 Istanbul Dep26th @ 0400 Luton Arr 26th @ 0740
  11. > Liverpool manager Gerard Houllier has eased tension ahead of his > > team's match against Manchester United at Old Trafford on Saturday by > > insisting he has no plans to attack Manchester. > > > > Newspaper reports this morning claimed that there could be an attack > > on Old Trafford on Saturday but Houllier has dismissed the reports as > > completely unfounded and inaccurate. > > > > Houllier told Reuters: "I don't know where these stories have come >from. > > Anyone who knows me and the football I like to play will know that I >have > > no intention of attacking Manchester United. We will be playing one > > striker on his own against United, just as we did against Fulham at > > Anfield on Saturday. > > > > "I don't know if people have forgotten but last season, when we went a > > goal down and had our captain sent off after 5 minutes, I immediately > > took off Milan Baros in an attempt to nullify our attacking threat and >keep > > the score a respectable 1-nil to United. > > > > The fact that we lost 4-nil does not mean I made a mistake.
  12. Luke

    That Tackle

    I sat next to Graham Poll on the plane home Sunday and told him he got a lot wrong on Saturday. I asked him why he didn't book Stevie G foor that tackle and he said that if that had been anywhere else on the pitch he would have booked him. But Poll reckoned that Stevie G didn't catch the player and if he had whistled then he would have been slaughtered as he would have had to give a penalty and send Stevie off when he didn't actually catch the player. Consistancy anyone?
  13. Luke


    I have to totally agree about GH. Yes a draw was a good result and I probably would have taken that from the start but we were in complete control of that game until FSP was subbed. We had two strikers that cost over 10 million each and we play a sub standard midfielder up front and then leave him isolated. H****** supporters point to the role he does holding the ball up and yet he is not even asked to perform that role. I thought we gifted Newcastle that game yesterday and I have had it. GH must go and go now - his tean selection smacks of desperation and wild gambles. I believe GH's strength is in player development - not tactics and whilst I have never booed a Liverpool team or manager I came close Saturday. Time to do the decent thing Gerard.
  14. Luke

    Newcastle Spares

    I am off now - if you need a ticket call me 077997723 Cheers, luke
  15. Luke

    Newcastle Spares

    I have got three spares for tomorrow - face value 28 quid. Will have to meet at the ground though. Please respond to this thread with your email address and I will email the first people to reply. Cheers, Luke