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    Israel - A Rant

    Why are they in Uefa Competitions, and Eurovision Song Contests? A simple answer will suffice.
  2. Rashid

    Peter Crouch

    Anyone know why we didn't sell and Sissoko last summer? We probably lost out a combined £10m by holding onto them for no reason at all. We were mad not to sell while their stocks were high. We took a loss on Sissoko and with Crouch having one year left, I guess he will go for about £5m. Bad business on our part I think. A one legged Voronin gets on the pitch ahead if him, it was pointless keeping him I think.
  3. Legend. Harsh on Sissoko but what a wonderful thing to debate... Football for me has lost it's magic and that is largely down to managers obsession with prozone, fitness and stats.
  4. Lets put everything about the game in this thread. Normally I think we should attack them but that would be playing into their hands, lets not forget both teams need a 1-0 win so I think we should play it cagey until late into the second half. With the away goals rule it is best to score late and given them less chance to get back. On the other hand, we should also take advantage of the crown and go for their throat in first 20 mins! Fucking in hell I am shitting bricks already.
  5. Rashid

    Giving up Smoking

    I absolutely love a cigerrette and smoke about 1 a day or maybe 2 at weekends usually after an evening meal. I want to give up and don't see a point in continuing except, I love it. I gave up for 18 months about 3 years ago but started again on holiday. Any tips on giving up?
  6. I think I have it, how the fuck does one control it without drugs cos I ain't going to go down that route. What's this St John's Wort all about? :(
  7. To sum it up, Fuck off Yanks.
  8. You have to love this little fella. I'd take him back today if we could.
  9. Rashid

    Hatem Ben Arfa

    This young lad from Lyon is probably on of the best dribblers in Europe and definitely has the potential to be the next Ronaldo. He has superb technique, can play the old fashioned winger or cut inside. His technically brilliant and Arsenal are close to agreeing a bargain £11m for him. I think he is worth £15m plus. Lyon love money and to haggle so we should guzump them otherwise we will be crying in 2 years time because he will be big time. Before anyone cries about us not having money, maybe we could use the Barry and Milner money, or sell Crouch, Riise etc to raise it? £11m? What a bargain.
  10. Rashid

    Peter Crouch

    The daily Post saying we are definitely in for him and will sign him if a deal for Kuyt falls through. For fucks sake, we will be a laughing stock with this freak show. Bring back Heskey, I'd much prefer that to this lampoon.
  11. Rashid

    Good old Bellamy

    From DJS off another forum.
  12. Noticed someone on an earlier thread saying Jamie is world class. Whilst I agree that there aren't many stoppers as good as him, I kind of can't label him world class as his distribution is certainly not world class and that is a major part of being a world class centre back (IMO). That said I think he is a great defender, just not world class.
  13. He Da Man Liverpool defeat dismays Benitez BBC Sport Liverpool boss Rafael Benitez did not hide his dismay after his side's sorry 2-0 defeat at Manchester United. "It is clearly one of my most disappointing days as manager of the club," said the Spaniard. "It is a game I know everybody at the club and the supporters want us to win, particularly at Old Trafford." The Reds have scored only one away goal - a penalty - in the Premiership this season and rarely looked like finding the net as they slumped to defeat. "Away from home we need to win to improve confidence," said Benitez. "We are controlling long spells of games, getting the ball into danger areas but not causing defences problems. "I felt we started the game well but we didn't create enough. We had some chances and good possession but we could not create clear openings. "Things were okay until we conceded the first goal. That changed the game for both sides. "We needed to go forward, the game was more open and with their quality it became more difficult for us." He added: "We must focus on improving, getting better at what we do, and the things we are not doing well. "It's hard when you lose, especially against United, but we can't change it. All we can do is look ahead."
  14. A very contraversial thread this given the opinions on here but if there was something you could change about Rafa what would it be? I'd change his caution first footballing mentality, his obsession with "squad players" which leads me to his other obsession of rotation rotation rotation. Otherwise he is a great coach, great manager, and someone whom I wouldn't change for anyone given his plus points far outweigh the rest. So who is going to brave?
  15. Yesterday something very strange happened to our club, for the first time in our history I think I witnessed one of our managers give up on a game by taking off his best players with 20 minutes to go and accepting a 3-1 defeat to another team. He took off players hoping to keep them "fresh" for a CL game and to me he said right there which is more important - the league or the CL. I am absolutely disgusted by what he did, he thew in the towel, he gave up on 3 points even though Reading have conceded hatfuls at home and all may well not have been lost. He surrendered, some would argue that he surrendered even before the game started with his tactics and team selection but that's another story. I woke up today pissed off at the Hatton thing but at least he never gave up, he never surrendered to a fighter vastly superior to him, we on the other hand treated the fans who travelled miles with utter contempt.
  16. Rashid

    Nicolas Anelka

    Apparently about to sign for Manchester United for £12M - a very good player he is. I know we already have Torres but I wouldn't mind if we went in for Anelka too even if it means we lose someone. I have always rated Nico - shame he left really. Would be a good signing for the Mancs but they have proved that signing players can often mean fuck all.
  17. Alan Kennedy says Robbie Keane has told him that he wants to play for his boyhood idols Liverpool. I'd love to see him at Anfield, I have always rated him. This is according to a Spurs site.
  18. This guy is writing a book on Abramovich and is quite close to the Chelsea board especially Peter Kenyon. Last year he peddled the Kewell to Chelsea and Arsenal sh*t, and now this morning on Jimmy Hill's show he says he is certain that Gerrard will go to Chelsea as 'Liverpool are skint and in £20M debt' and Gerarrd wants better things. Today he is saying also saying that Gerrard wanted Curbishley and is pissed off with Benitez - utter lies and pathetic slurs. He goes on to say that players in the England club have been told by Gerrard that he would leave if he got a good offer - utter lies. I think we should offically stop buying the Daily Express as this one man is leading a destabalisation campaign against Liverpool. He is the same fella that first started the Owen to Chelsea sh*te until Owen himself said he would never join another English club. I just wish our fucking club would announce the new manager, sort the finances and look at improving the squad as soon as possible as the waiting game is leaving the dirty journo's with an open field to abuse their own positions.
  19. Liverpool target Mourinho By Graham Hunter Liverpool want Portuguese coach Jose Mourinho as their new manager and have already sounded out the Porto boss about joining in the summer. The Portuguese champions are resigned to losing the man who won them last season’s Uefa Cup and has taken them to the Champions League quarter final – and Mourinho has kept them informed about Liverpool’s offer. The 40-year-old is Europe’s hottest talent, speaks flawless English and recently endeared himself to Liverpool fans by knocking Manchester United out of the Champions League – plus enraging Sir Alex Ferguson during a war of words which the Portuguese won hands down. Porto believe that there has already been a direct meeting between the parties but think that Mourinho has not yet agreed to move to Anfield until he sees whether Porto can win the Champions League. Mourinho believes himself to be ready to coach at the very highest level and has also been sounded out by Tottenham Hotspur. At the time he said: “We were in Marseille for the Champions League and someone accredited to Tottenham spoke with me about moving right away to England. “I told him if it was a proposition for next season then we could talk to see what could happen. But to play against Marseille and then start immediately at Spurs, I wouldn’t even listen to that invitation.” But the Liverpool offer has attracted him at the moment and Porto expect him to accept and sign for them this summer it if no other firm offers come in. One Porto director, who confirmed the contact but wished to remain anonymous, said: “Mourinho has done brilliantly for our club since he joined two years ago so we will not prevent him following his heart and moving to England. Our worry is that Mourinho is likely to want to take players like Paolo Ferreira, Ricardo Carvalho and Benni McCarthy with him which means the break up of what is a great team.” Mourinho won the Portuguese treble of League, Cup and League Cup last season plus the Uefa Cup final in a 3-2 victory over Celtic in Seville. This season Porto are unbeaten in Portugal, in the Cup final again, about to retain the Championship and set for the Champions League semi final after beating Lyon 2-0 in the first leg of the Quarter Final. Mourinho started out as Sir Bobby Robson’s translator at Sporting Lisbon and Benfica and, despite no background in professional football, he was promoted by Robson to assistant coach. They worked together at Barcelona, winning the Spanish Cup, the Cup Winners Cup and the Spanish Supercup finishing second in the league to Real Madrid. Mourinho stayed on at Barcelona when Robson left, confirmed as number two to Louis Van Gaal, but then moved back to Portugal after winning the Spanish title in 1999. Brought in to save Porto in 2002 when the fallen giants had crashed down the Portuguese Championship the former language teacher worked the oracle and took them to the pinnacle of European football in under a year and a half. Liverpool see him as the coming man of European football, someone who renowned as a master team-builder and a coach upon whom a dynasty can be rebuilt. Mourinho has often said that he desires to work for “one of England’s great sides” and is understood to have admitted that re-building Liverpool and returning them to Championship and Champions League winning form would be his dream. 28 March 2004
  20. Rashid

    Leighton Baines

    Leighton Baines is a Liverpool Fan. http://www.fourfourtwo.premiumtv.co.uk/page/TheBoys/0,,11442~587312,00.html He was Everton's pre season game last night and said to Roy Keane a week ago "I have my heart set on Everton". Weird.
  21. Rashid

    Men's Health

    Who is into it? And who isn't? I won't lie, I use face scrubs and creams etc, dress well and spend £1000's on suits and clothes. I think it is important to power dress at work and more important to meet people whoever it is and make that little bit of effort. I have gym membership at Cannons but never go, I can eat for England and never get fat. Fatness especially in women is fucking terrible - and totally out of tune to what a woman should look like. (unless of course there is a medical condition for it) Any scruffy cunts out there needing fashion/hair/beauty advice? 8)
  22. Benitez must act to halt alarming fall from grace By Alan Hansen The Telegraph Last Updated: 10:30pm BST 22/10/2006 Eleven points off the pace and with the big three slipping ever further away, it looks all over as early as October for Liverpool's pursuit of the Premiership. And when you think that the season began with many tipping them to run Chelsea closest, that is a truly sobering thought. They may yet produce the kind of unbeaten run that they put together towards the end of last season but those kinds of statistics are a long way from the reality Liverpool face now. After five away games in which they have gained one point and scored one goal, they look badly in need of a strategy. If you want to consider yourself one of the country's top clubs, you cannot continue to keep looking to a single player for inspiration. However great a footballer Steven Gerrard is, that is too much pressure to heap on one man's shoulders, especially when he is not performing well. I have always maintained that Gerrard's best position is in the centre of midfield, driving forward; but he can play wide on the right, he can play as a holding midfielder or as a right back. He would probably play in goal if you asked him to. But for one man to shoulder so much responsibility for the way a club of Liverpool's size perform is impossible. Analysing Liverpool, you see problems throughout the side and it is up to Rafa Benitez to sort them out. The manager is the man who took the plaudits when Liverpool won the Champions League and the FA Cup and it is up to him to take decisive action when things are not going well. There is plenty for him to consider. His goalkeeper, Jose Reina, produced one world-class save from Louis Saha but recently he has made many errors of judgement and he seems very uncertain when coming off his line. There are serious problems with the back four. My views on Liverpool's rotation policy are very clear: the time to rotate players is generally when you are winning, but the one area you should be very wary of rotating is your defence. The game may have changed since I played it, but what is still true is that the centre-backs do less running and more talking to each other than any other players on the pitch. It is an absolutely crucial area that depends on understanding and reading your partner's game. As a manager, you would be looking to play the same back four 20 times on the trot, not split them up. Up front, Liverpool's weaknesses were glaring. At Old Trafford yesterday, they created one chance – Dirk Kuyt's header – and they passed the ball so poorly that you never expected another. You can talk about lack of pace or lack of height or lack of anything in Liverpool's attack but not since Michael Owen have they had a player capable of scoring 20 Premiership goals in a season. At Old Trafford there was no passing, no cohesion and no threat. Whereas Chelsea and Manchester United spend £30 million on a player and even Arsenal can and do pay big money, Liverpool spend between £4 million and £9 million on transfers. That gets you 'maybe' players, footballers who could do a job but who would be dangerous to rely on in a crisis. The fact that there is talk of new investment in the club from Dubai is welcome, but it is irrelevant to what is happening on the pitch now. When Old Trafford holds 75,000 and Anfield can accommodate 44,000, it is obvious that Liverpool are operating under a huge disadvantage. David Moores has been a great chairman of Liverpool and if he feels the need to sell the club, he should be supported and I would back him if he decides to stay. However, there are factors other than finance that separate Manchester United and Liverpool. Yesterday so much of United's play revolved around Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville, men who are immersed in the club. Their enthusiasm for football and for Manchester United has not diminished more than a dozen years after they made their debuts at Old Trafford. Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United each have sides who you can see going on 14-match unbeaten runs. Liverpool, in contrast, would struggle to get through three unbeaten games in their present form and seem to have slipped back to the pattern of Benitez's first season, when Liverpool were excellent in Europe but could not win away from Anfield in the Premiership. Back then they looked too fragile, while now their away record suggests they are not good enough. Benitez might argue that Liverpool are nearly there, especially when at Anfield, but in the context of what they need to achieve in the Premiership, nearly could mean a million miles.
  23. Just read on another forum the BBC's newspaper review column has various papers linking Man United with a move for Michael Owen and The Mirror linking us with Peter Crouch. :thumbsup:
  24. The Metro is the London local paper ownerd by the Daily Mail. But their football column isn't really into speculation. Many of us laugh at Quaresma, but can you imagine if we signed him?