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  1. what years were you there then? :whistle:
  2. plonky

    iphone app for the forum

    switching it off at the wall and waiting 30 seconds before switching back on works on most things
  3. plonky

    iphone app for the forum

    legendary phone, though I preferred the 6510
  4. plonky

    New Here

    He banned himself
  5. plonky

    Lille stinks of shit

    nice onion soup though hehe
  6. plonky

    All new transfer speculation 09

    or, if not Babel, someone else will be sold
  7. plonky

    Next four league games

    if you are a masochist!
  8. plonky

    In Rafa We Rust.......

    Was def one in the first half
  9. plonky


    not 100% sure but I reckon it might well have been Crusaders in Sept 76
  10. plonky

    In Rafa We Rust.......

    So true
  11. plonky

    Banks's save v Dudek's save.

    I made a Banks save on Sudley playing fields. Pisser is, they scored from the resulting corner!
  12. plonky

    Johnson-off 2009

    Beating Steve Davis was no mean feat
  13. plonky

    I Love Rafa