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  1. The Party Boy

    Haye v Harrison

    Yeah me too please
  2. The Party Boy

    Kenny is on Twatter.

    Really shit version of the Big Sam one.
  3. The Party Boy

    Carra and Roy the media darlings?

    Jesus thanks for bringing all this up, sure it's never been debated on here before. Fuck me, Rod.
  4. The Party Boy

    Alberto Aquilani ( Juventus Goal )

    He's completely unsuited for the premier league, that will never change. Buying him in the first place was the mistake.
  5. The Party Boy


    There's no point bringing him back, he doesn't fancy playing in England.
  6. The Party Boy


    That Lucas YouTube video is immense. Lucas rockin his shit to the pounding beats of Coldplay. Bit too hardcore for Bolo's tastes though.
  7. The Party Boy

    More twitter rumours

    Some of our fans are getting like Evertonians with their rumours.
  8. The Party Boy


    Is he really that brilliant? I aint so sure
  9. The Party Boy


    Whats with the Pellegrini obsession?
  10. The Party Boy

    Schweinsteiger wants to go to England

    Its probably another blag interview.
  11. The Party Boy

    Bolton v Liverpool, mypost free version

    Nicks spot on, we never just held on for the draw and kept trying to win and got our rewards. I hope Roy keeps this mentality up.
  12. The Party Boy


    He has a whiff of the Julian Dicks about him.
  13. The Party Boy

    New rumour

    Anyone else had the Lippi text yet?
  14. The Party Boy

    HKS Ground design, what now?

    Chuck the sucker in the bin. One of the funniest bits of the Hicks party political broadcast was when he turned round all proud to point at it.
  15. The Party Boy

    Spirit Of Shankly Statement on LFC Takeover

    Is right lad
  16. The Party Boy

    RBS issue statement to Kop Faithful

    In the end we're lucky it was RBS they borrowed money off. Imagine if it was some faceless american bank, we'd be royaaly screwed by now.
  17. The Party Boy

    High Court Date and Time

    The fact Hicks legal team is using that Peter Lim offer as evidence points to him being dodgy as fuck or in cahoots with the yanks. Manc pig
  18. The Party Boy

    The Lim Thread

    He sounds like the asian George Gillett.
  19. The Party Boy

    Glen Johnson to Real Madrid????

    Him and Mourinho hate each other, no chance.
  20. The Party Boy

    The club is sold

    It would be great if they fucked that monument to Hicks stadium design off. New Anny Road and Main Stand could get us up to 60,000. That would do us.
  21. The Party Boy

    two new bids to buy the club..

    Is that all Hicks statement is, pussy.
  22. The Party Boy

    Pique urges Torres to leave

    Over the last few days an issue of journalistic integrity has been played out over the Twitter feeds of a number of respected football journalists - namely Gabrielle Marcotti, Gavin Hamilton and Sid Lowe. The journalist in question has allegedly been fabricating interviews for Nuts and the Daily Star for at least four years. The issue erupted when Sid Lowe, an expert on Spanish football, tweeted that he would “Please disregard ANY Daily Star Sunday 'interview' with players from Spain. Inventions by the week. Disgraceful” after an ‘interview’ appeared in which Iker Casiilas tipped Joe Hart to become the best goalkeeper in the world. Since this happened, both Marcotti and Hamilton, the editor of World Soccer, have been damning of Fairthorne’s methods, with accusations of fabrication dating back to the 2006 World Cup. ** As I don’t read either publication, I dug a few articles out and must say that the quotes do sound a bit too perfect. It is not my place to say if he is living in reality or down the rabbit hole, but what I will say is this. I am a journalist and, until the recession hit, I’d had a very satisfying career and was lucky enough to interview a number of high profile people from a variety of professions while editing print and digital sports/lifestyle magazines. At present* I, like many, am scrabbling around for scraps of freelance and trying to get something off the ground under my own steam. If even one of the accusations are true, he should, quite simply, be banned from ever again touching a keyboard in the name of journalism, and the Daily Star should be heftily fined. If he’s innocent, then I’ll happily schlepp up to London to listen to the tapes. Who’s in? http://www.owenblackhurst.co.uk/owenblackhurst/Blog/Entries/2010/9/23_Lies,_Damn_Lies_and_interviews....html
  23. The Party Boy

    Pique urges Torres to leave

    It's probably a made up interview, there's been loads of them from players in Spain for the daily star.
  24. The Party Boy

    Poulsen is Shit

    Poulsen has played 2 premier league games, Lucas must be over a hundred by now.
  25. The Party Boy

    Why is Jovanovic rated by loads

    He reminds me a bit of Tony Nunez