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  1. The Party Boy

    Shit clubs

    The seemingly endless amount of Greater Manc sides, you know Bury, Oldham, Stockport etc. Waste of time.
  2. The Party Boy

    Steve Bruce - the Mouth of the Wear

    He looks like Susan Boyle
  3. It wasn't the club who said it would be some big boss news story was it though, just someone on Twitter.
  4. I think Aaron Miller is putting himself forward as the gay rep.
  5. I think its a positive move anyway. Miserable bastards
  6. Was they're an need for SOS to trump the announcement?
  7. The Party Boy

    zonal? Man marking?

    Ha ha very true. The year we hardly let in any from corners we had Crouch on one side of the box, Momo on the other and Sami in the middle. Plus Gerrard, Carragher and Riise who were all decent in the air.
  8. The Party Boy

    So who is JIH?

    Its Crouch
  9. The Party Boy

    Has the King been unlucky so far?

    I agree theres no point in moaning about refs but the penalty today was as blatant as any you'll see. Light years away from Uniteds one last week.
  10. The Party Boy

    Daniel Agger

    Anyone notice the way for nearly every goal kick Agger hung round the edge of the box to receive the ball from Reina, Sign of us trying to play more football. Shame he had to go off, if fit him and Carragher have to play every game.
  11. The Party Boy

    Everton home thread

    A fella got set on by a load of young cowards apparently, they'll be bragging about it now the shitbags. I don't think it's anything to do with the derby going bad, just dickheads being dickheads.
  12. The Party Boy

    Robbie Keane - would you have him back?

    Still wrecks my head we paid 20 million for him.
  13. The Party Boy

    So who is JIH?

    It must be an England player or else no one will really care.
  14. The Party Boy

    Everton home thread

    Get on our new coach for the derby. Personally I'd like to see Unrighteous team but with Cole instead of Shelvey.
  15. The Party Boy

    Sky fucking Sports are cunts.

    The Premier League are seperate from the FA, they as a group of 20 clubs sort out the T.V deals.
  16. The Party Boy

    Scouts fired?

    Sami was spotted by a cameraman originally who told Peter Robinson.
  17. I think he's done ok, especially considering he's in a new country in a struggling team and has probably played half the time out of position.
  18. The Party Boy


    They can't hate him surely, they'd be nothing without him. It's weird though, walking up to the ground yesterday the sellers had more stuff with Anderson on than Ferguson. What kind of prick buys an Anderson scarf?
  19. The Party Boy


    Its weird that the United fans don't have a song for him or if they do they can't sing it much. Too busy singing about us.
  20. The Party Boy

    FA press conference with Hodgson cancelled?

    I agree, its only Hodgson fucking up thats getting people all panicky about appointing a CEO.
  21. The Party Boy

    FSG 'consider' the sack

    That guardian article is pretty positive because we will get a new manager and spend money.
  22. The Party Boy

    Laurie Sanchez

    Well it doesn't matter that goal now because it was only against a small club. Sanchez you blert.
  23. The Party Boy

    FSG 'consider' the sack

    I don't see why they would let this frenzy of speculation continue if he was staying. Goodbye Roy
  24. The Party Boy

    The poor standard of the Premiership

    Of course Sky are going to big up the premier league, they get most of their subscribers from having the rights to it. Anyway id still rather watch a random Premiership game than a random Spanish one.
  25. The Party Boy

    Owen Coyle

    I thought they were proper route 1 when we played them at the Reebok.