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  1. The Party Boy

    Summer 2011

    Thank fuck for that, we won't be buying him then.
  2. The Party Boy

    Summer 2011

    I just don't rate him, like Robbie Keane belongs round the middle of the league.
  3. The Party Boy

    Summer 2011

    We've bought too many fucking Stewart Downings this last 20 years. He's not worth the hassle, Young will be easier to get and a lot better.
  4. The Party Boy

    Spirit Of Shankly: LeBron James

    I might start following the Miami Heat now. Go Lebron
  5. The Party Boy

    Liverpool's Worst Ever Player

    As if Joe Cole is one of the worst, thats stupid. One of the most dissapointing sure but he's miles better than the likes of Dundee.
  6. The Party Boy

    Rosanna Davison

    Didn't Tom R bum her in Cardiff? The 2003 final agaisnt the mancs.
  7. The Party Boy

    Where's all the anti-Glazer bollocks?

    It hurts to lose the record to them but come the day we win the league again we're not really gonna give a shit how many titles United have won.
  8. The Party Boy

    Today's other games

    I hope Chelsea do try and build their team around Torres next season because he looks painfully average now.
  9. The Party Boy

    Today's other games

    They should rename their club after Taggart. He's an annoyingly brilliant manager
  10. The Party Boy

    Today's other games

    They should try that Luiz in midfield instead of Mikel.
  11. The Party Boy

    Today's other games

    Stoke rubbing it in to Arsenal singing "Swing Low" is quality.
  12. The Party Boy

    Today's other games

    Van Persie is class, no doubt he'll be injured from November to January next season like usual though.
  13. The Party Boy

    Hodgson & Pennant - Careers resurrected

    The West Brom fans seem made up with Hodgson so I reckon they might know more about how they're playing than any of us. He has done a great job there.
  14. The Party Boy

    Thatcher nearly DEAD!!!

    Wonder what Hermes is upto tonight?
  15. The Party Boy

    Aquilani returning?

    He's a pussy who doesnt want to play in England. If we can get 10 million euro's for him we're laughing.
  16. The Party Boy

    Summer 2011

    Same mate, no way I'd want us to spend 15 million plus on him.
  17. The Party Boy

    Bitch Fight between Owen & Piers Morgan

    Harry Kewell's on there now getting dogs abuse of Leeds fans.
  18. The Party Boy

    Liverpool secure record kit deal

    Kate would be looking for the three stripes on this warrior's sleeve. She may let me stroke her hair but that's it. The jade monkey is concerned!
  19. The Party Boy

    Liverpool secure record kit deal

    I'm gutted, you won't catch me in any snide warrior stuff.
  20. The Party Boy

    An Epic Swindle by Brian Reade

    I think the only difference Gerrard speaking out would have done is create more stories in the paper of him leaving.
  21. The Party Boy

    Bale & Wilshere - Correct choices?

    Is it the player of 2010 or the player of this football season? I seriously don't know, i've heard both mentioned. If its 2010 then I think Bale is a decent pick. Spurs did really well to get in the champions league the end of last season.
  22. The Party Boy

    Carra's Son

    Thinking Alonso played in that win is hardly crime of the century. He pundits on loads of games, was an easy mistake to make.
  23. The Party Boy

    Carra's Son

    That's a quality video. He's a good lad Jamie, let's hope he puts Neville in his place next season.
  24. The Party Boy


    Why does Wenger keep crouching down on the touchline like he's having a turd all the time? Weirdo