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  1. The Party Boy

    Nigel de Jong.

    De Jong would smash your face in.
  2. The Party Boy


    Put us out of our misery you mean, he's loving it here living the high life on stupid wages.
  3. The Party Boy

    Sponsor to pay for new players?

    I think we just get a flat fee from Adidas so the only benefit we get from increased shirt sales is if they're bought in the club shops. Adidas are probably coining it in off us.
  4. The Party Boy

    Something You missed in the Uk

    I doubt there's ever been a bigger collection of cool fuckers than that Spanish team. They even got Rafa Nadal in with them at the end.
  5. The Party Boy

    Sergio Busquets is shit

    Jesus thats impressive, i'd like to see Xavi's list of honours though. He's gonna need his own musuem.
  6. The Party Boy

    Sergio Busquets is shit

    Being a starter for the world champions and Barcelona at 21 is not average.
  7. The Party Boy

    Paul Scharner

    Everton esque signing, no ta.
  8. The Party Boy

    Uruguay vs Germany

    Forlan's had a great world cup and he's probably the form player in world football right now but he will always be a manc twat.
  9. Doesn't matter if we had Hitler as manager, it's still a typical whinge by a modern footballer.
  10. Rafa's infuriating but fucking hell Yossi comes across as a right little crying twat there, Pretty embarrassing that.
  11. The Party Boy

    Mascherano replacement?

    I don't think it's cut and dried that Mascherano will definitely go, for one thing he's got limited choices. Rafa's not even in charge of transfers at Inter and Barca want Fabregas more.
  12. The Party Boy

    Dirk Wants to Stay

    Bit of titillation for you lad leg
  13. The Party Boy

    Priority Position......

    Its not right like but he looked like he didn't wanna play there too so that possibly made him worse.
  14. The Party Boy

    Priority Position......

    I though Agger was very average at left back last season, he's not a long term answer there.
  15. No but it might hurry them up if they're scared them two will leave and lower the asking price for the club.
  16. Yeah i'm sure you "hate to say it", hate to bump the thread too?
  17. The Party Boy

    Club Survey on Tickets

    I notice this year we never got a total of how many away games you went to with your season ticket renewal. I think there gonna try and change the rules on away tickets, its a disgrace. The people who had to watch us away last season deserve medals not their loyalty pissed on.
  18. The Party Boy


    Thanks for sorting that Rafa, you couldn't have got Degen or El Zhar a move instead though could you. Fucks sake how small is our squad now.
  19. The Party Boy

    City sign Silva

    He's class, a great signing for City.
  20. The Party Boy

    The Roy Hodgson Thread

    This needed a new thread because.....
  21. The Party Boy

    Next Liverpool Manager

    I actually really enjoyed listening to him on the BBC coverage, he's an intelligent man. I think he'll suprise people here.
  22. The Party Boy

    World Cup Group 'E' Deciders (DEN v JPN, CMR v NED)

    Bring back Stig Tofting
  23. The Party Boy

    Rafa Benitez: The Final Word.

    What was the point in him mentioning the owners, he'd just get accused of making excuses. I don't think it would have made much difference anyway if he had mentioned them. People know how shit the owners are, thy just can't be arsed doing anything about it. If people don't know by now then they're blerts.
  24. The Party Boy

    England v Slovenia

    I doubt many past winners would have had a run through the knockouts like that though. If Capello pulls that off he's some sort of football yoda.