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  1. Christian

    Virgil Van Dijk

    I still feel that Sakho is arguably our best CB. That whole situation is nuts.
  2. Christian

    Bayern v Liverpool - 19:30 kick off

    Thought Woodburn and Alexander-Arnold looked physically stronger too.
  3. Christian

    Paul Konchesky

    Paul Konchesky plays for Billericay Town in the Ryman Premier League.
  4. Christian

    Virgil Van Dijk

    I'm slightly off about this transfer considering he has a bad injury, but as soon as some Mancs start piping up about how much he isn't worth it, then I'll be defending the big fella like he's the second coming of Ron Yeats.
  5. The only good thing about us signing Benteke is he may have kept Villa up. They hate us, so seeing them in the Championship will be boss.
  6. Coutinho Sakho Lucas Special mention to Benteke off the bench
  7. Christian

    Is Klopp another Rodgers?

    Over the years we seem to have complicated matters with talk of rebuilds, young coaches, ethos etc. I reckon a really good start is having a manager who can attract good players. Pretty certain Ancelotti is a manager who can do that, Jurgen seems an improvement on Rodgers, but if Carlo is there then go for it.
  8. Christian

    Is Klopp another Rodgers?

    Would much prefer Ancelotti
  9. Christian

    Christian Benteke

    Benteke also takes the pressure off Sturridge and his fitness issues. Would be a huge bonus if Danny comes back fit and strong in September.
  10. Christian

    Rodgers: Gomez will get games

    Can't see why BR needs to say this.
  11. Christian

    Are we rectifying the mistakes of last summer?

    There's a fair chance that only 1 of the summer signings last summer will be in the side: Moreno. And he's a bit suspect overall. Mig Clyne Skrtel Sakho Moreno Hendo Milner Firmino Coutinho Sterling (if here) Benteke (if signed) If we do sell Sterling, I'd be looking for a top class immediate centre back and/or left back with the money (unless it's already allocted for Benteke/ AN Other. Can't see Can, Lallana or Lovren in a fully fit squad starting in the first XI.
  12. Those first 8 away games should nicely coincide with Ancelotti's recovery. Well, I wish. Doubt BR will last more than a couple of months. Doubt I've ever thought we were more shit than we are now - at least in recent memory.
  13. Christian

    Does Rodgers deserve another season.

    It'll be clearly insane if Rodgers is still here at the start of the season. We should be speed dialling Ancelotti 24/7.