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  1. Cunny

    Brighton(a) PL- Match Thread

    Where are the best places in town to watch the 3pm kick offs? I know Motel is showing it, anywhere else?
  2. who is televising the fight?
  3. Where does the best burgers in Liverpool? I like the burgers in the Mexican Tavern on Smithdown but I'm sure there are better. I've heard the Shipping Forecast does a decent burger and The Attic (formerly 3345 Parr Street) are heavily promoting their burgers. Any recommendations?
  4. Anybody know a reputable business/person in Liverpool for unblocking an iPhone4?
  5. anyone know which pubs on Lark Lane show the Saturday 3pm kick offs?
  6. Cunny

    ITKs on RAWK worried about something

    Who do they sell to? You don't need to delve too far into our recent past (or the past of other clubs) to see how many con men there are out there. Wouldn't be surprised if they sell. They can turn a pretty quick profit and not have to worry about financing a stadium.
  7. Cunny

    London looking like Mogadishu...

    Rumours that it's kicking off on Smithdown Road.
  8. Where does a decent Sunday roast dinner in Liverpool? Looking at either a town centre or South Liverpool restaurant.
  9. If we decide to move we should go the whole hog and move to somewhere with decent transport links and space to build other leisure facilities like shops, bars, restaurants, cinemas hotel etc... In the long term the club must maximise it's revenue streams. It's losing out to the London clubs in ticket price terms and losing to mancs in terms of capacity. That must bridged and I don't think a redeveloped Anfield can do that. We may as well move a few miles as move a few yards over the road. A stadium in Stanley Park would not be Anfield, just as a stadium in Sefton park would not be Anfield. Since when is it LFC's responsibility to do the job of local and national government with regards to the regeneration of L4?
  10. Anyone subscribe to Times?
  11. Cunny

    Click Liverpool

    yep, cut and paste 'journalism'
  12. Don't worry. Roy has got Paddy Kenny lined up as Pepe's replacement.
  13. Cunny

    Tom Werner on 5 Live next

    I'm confused I thought we were over staffed?
  14. Cunny

    HKS Ground design, what now?

    My mate is an architect and said the HKS design was a laughing stock amongst architecture circles. He said the design and images produced were of a poor standard that you would expect better from a 1st year uni student. It was obvious that design was never going to built. We were never going to build that sucker.
  15. Cunny

    Your favourite ever LFC right back

    Josemi close the thread