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    I bought a Tag Aquaracer from these a few weeks ago mate. Had no problem at all. Said it would come within 10-15 working days, arrived a couple of days sooner via Royal Mail Special delivery with a 2 year manufacturer's warranty and all receipts, papers etc. Was kept updated by email too and given a phone number to ring with any concerns.
  2. Dr.Filth

    Short hair on girls

    Brodie's missus from Homeland
  3. Dr.Filth


    Make it happen, that bland chant doesn't do him justice......
  4. Dr.Filth

    Bonus Bagging....

    I signed up today and my head is a bit wrecked if I'm honest. Looks massively time consuming. I'm gonna give it a few days to see if I think I can commit the time to make it worthwhile, probably wasn't the right time of year to take the plunge in that respect. Anyone had any experience trying to get a refund on any of Mike's products? He did say you had 30 days to change your mind, just wondering how easy/difficult it is.
  5. Dr.Filth

    Bonus Bagging....

    Anyone tried the new "Accumulator Generator" yet?
  6. Dr.Filth

    Roberto Firmino

    How about........ Fir-mi-no, Robbie Firmi-no-oh
  7. Dr.Filth

    Improvement the key for 'my boy' Danny

    Dan, Dan, he's Dave's boy if he can't do it, no one will.
  8. Is there a way to get this straight to a smart tv or do you need a box? I've got a Sony and a Samsung.
  9. Dr.Filth

    Emre Can

    ......he's our boy if he can't do it no-one will!
  10. Dr.Filth

    Torrent Sites?

    Are there any out there which aren't blocked by the fascist cunts at Virgin media, or can somebody talk me through a relatively simple way around it please?
  11. Dr.Filth

    Front cover caption needed for this...

    Code banned?? Time to renew season ticket methinks!
  12. Dr.Filth

    Front cover caption needed for this...

    Don't make him angry...you can't stop him when he's angry!
  13. Mignolet Skrtel Sakho Agger Johnson Moses Henderson Gerrard Coutinho Suarez Sturridge Go for the jugular!
  14. Dr.Filth

    FAO Mingebags (again)

    Sorted! *basks in freshly restored coolness*
  15. Dr.Filth

    FAO Mingebags (again)

    Really? Keep getting 'oops something went wrong' when I add it to cart. I'll keep trying.
  16. Dr.Filth

    FAO Mingebags (again)

    This. My sub ran out just before the server change, thought I'd be better waiting til it was sorted. How wrong I was.
  17. Dr.Filth

    The GF Marmite Thread

    Mackerel and Marmite on toast is fucking ace!
  18. Dr.Filth

    York Races & Boozers

    Going tomorrow for a mate's birthday, I'm shit at picking winners so any tips/pointers would be most appreciated. Staying over too so if any of the GF Yorkshire contingent (I'm looking at you, Ross!) can point me int he direction of any decent places for a bevy (live music preferable) or shitholes to avoid then that would be ace. Ta!
  19. Dr.Filth

    FAO car buying/selling mongs

    Bling shming! First is well nicer and you can spend the change on linen suits.
  20. Dr.Filth

    Sad songs..

    [YOUTUBE]Q3gNM6eyDww[/YOUTUBE] [YOUTUBE]Lt3IOdDE5iA[/YOUTUBE] The line "I can hardly wait to see you come of age but I guess we'll both just have to be patient" never fails to choke me up on this.
  21. Dr.Filth

    First and last vinyl single bought

    First was 'Down in the Tube Station at Midnight' by The Jam. Last was 'Last Night Another Soldier' by Angelic Upstarts, bought it on ebay for a mate a few years ago.
  22. Dr.Filth

    The world of a woman.

    My bird thought that really was Daniel Day Lewis playing Obama last week. "No, really it is! He's wearing make up!!"