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  1. 1 hour ago, No2 said:

    Enjoyed that again.


    Kelleher was worthy of a mention considering we won't see him again for awhile. Obviously wasn't busy but done what needed to be done and done it well. He played one left foot pass through a gap on the edge of our box, that kind of pass would have drawn a huge intake of breath just 5 years ago but he makes look easy.

    I wanted to mention him but had a technical issue and it then passed me by. Thought he was really good with the small amount he had to do, especially the save onto the post.


    Looks light years ahead of Adrian as a back up.

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  2. 42 minutes ago, Lee909 said:

    I still wonder how good Fury actually is to be honest. He's far better than the shite around at tbe moment and is just far to big for Usyk(what is it 6" in height and nearly 40lb or so on him). Wilder has shown even someone as limited as he is can actually get through and tag him. If he wasn't 6'9 and the weight he is im not sure he would seem half as good. 

    I don’t think that argument holds any weight at all (no pun intended). It’s universally accepted that he is a brilliant boxer in terms of how he creates angles, the way he delivers his jab etc. He does things that you normally see from lighter fighters. That’s actually unique.


    The last two fights with Wilder were scrappy in the sense that he completely altered his game plan to just turn the bouts into a war rather than a boxing match. He boxed his head off in the first but got tagged so he realised there’s no point in just boxing his head off you may as well just try to take his head off.


    He can do everything.


    He absolutely destroyed Wilder across the three fights. The only thing that allowed Wilder to be in the fights was his freakish power. Aside from that, the trilogy was so one sided.

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  3. 29 minutes ago, Elite said:

    Not worth the money. 

    I think it will be an attractive enough option for a lot of "normal" sky customers. For those who are all over the latest tech with TV's, it won't be suitable as it will be a mid range TV (none of the gaming features for instance).

  4. 21 minutes ago, Colonel Bumcunt said:

    I often record footy games and watch later.  Sky don't allow you to select a footy match to download and watch again, or not that I've noticed.  

    No but with the new TV they will let you “record” the match as normal but you won’t be recording it because there’s no drive to record to. You’ll just be putting something in the UI which allows you to access their recording of it.

  5. 36 minutes ago, Captain Turdseye said:

    I read up on it before. There’s no record function but you can go back and stream. 

    You don’t need to record because it’s a streaming service. I’d imagine you’ll be able to make it look like you’ve recorded something in the UI but essentially it’ll just like setting a flag to access one of their streams.

  6. 2 hours ago, KMD7 said:


    I looked at that again. I think Wilder didn't stay in the neutral corner and he told him to go back to it in between the count. Have a look again.

    That’s not how the count works though. Someone at ringside does the count and the ref picks up from them, so if he has to sort out the opponent he’ll pick the count up from whatever point it’s at.


    It was the same for Wilders knockdowns though so he was consistent. And you could argue that Fury may have gotten up quicker if the count was quicker.

    At the the end of the day the superior boxer won, it’s just an interesting note and shows the fine lines at that level.

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