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  1. Brownie

    Wheel of fortune

    Christian my friend, you have lost the plot big time. I like it :-)
  2. Brownie

    There are very few......

    20 Going fishing for winnets when your bored
  3. Brownie

    There are very few......

    14. Picking a scab so that it bleeds, thus creating another one and with it hours of pleasure.
  4. To be fair to Emile the first challenge on him was terrible - almost cut him in half! After that though he was up to his usual antics, going down after the slightest of contact. They should include some special bets on Heskey at Ladbrokes.
  5. Brownie

    Porn film names

    Pump Friction and Womb Raider are absolute class.
  6. Brownie

    FAO of Dt

    Thats fucking quality
  7. Brownie


    I take it all back DT.... I take it all back.
  8. Brownie

    FAO Andy Gray

    I owe the HJC £20 buff i think after the kewell betting business - let us know the address and the name it should be payable to and ill sort it out asap.
  9. Brownie

    Keegan at it again

    Gotta love the fact that Dave is really letting HIS true feelings out by masking them in a pseudo name eh dave ;-)
  10. Brownie

    Kewell Mania

    As somebody else said the other day, get Bernie Mandic on his case! Do you think the signings are over then Dave or was it just re-hashed quotes from the press conference?
  11. Are us *f regulars welcome?
  12. Brownie

    Song For Harry

    Tom Ross will be up for that in light of his recent revelations ;-)
  13. Brownie

    His Owen Song

    No comment.
  14. Brownie

    What a bargain!

    Go and dance then fourtimes
  15. Brownie


    The echo says not to worry - just a slight hitch. Should be all sorted by tomorrow at the latest. How many times have we heard that in the past fortnight!?
  16. Brownie

    Kewell song?

    You forgot your coat tom.....
  17. Brownie

    Help Valuing Old Tickets

    Astro belts were boss - although they used to give me bad ulcers! I loved bettabars remember them?
  18. Brownie


    Tom Ross in homosexual admittance shocker!
  19. Brownie

    Help Valuing Old Tickets

    25 fifty one, a quarter of midget gems, a packet of spicy space raiders and a chomp. That should do it i reckon.
  20. Brownie

    Kewell Deal Hits Snag?

    This is really pissing me off now!
  21. Brownie


    Have the .tv lads been told about it yet Chris?
  22. Brownie

    Kewell song?

    Saw this one on rawk although I doubt it would catch on. We need a shorter and catchier one i think: Yellow submarine tune: Born in Oz, He played for Leeds, The Wizzard Harry, Scored with glee, Then Ged called, And said to Leeds We want Harry, At Anfield please. Now Harry Kewell’s in a red and white top, A red and white top, A red and white top, Now Harry Kewell’s in a red and white top, A red and white top, A red and white top,
  23. Brownie

    Harry Kewell

    From official Leeds United site: KEWELL TO MAKE ANNOUNCEMENT by Graham Walker HARRY Kewell is set to reveal on Tuesday morning which club he will be joining this season as all hopes of keeping the Australian at Elland Road appear to have faded. Kewell is understood to have made a pre-recorded interview with Australian TV station Channel 9 which will be aired at 09.30GMT. Harry said: "I have been speaking to them for over six months and everything seems just right for me to go there." Leeds have not yet though agreed a deal with the club concerned. Get in there. That will do for me. Never been so pleased about losing £20 in my life.
  24. Brownie

    Fao Dave

    I know you had a soft spot for Newby fella, thought you might like to read this: http://bury.rivals.net/default.asp?sid=923&p=2&stid=8312971