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  1. I loved the first episode of season 1 but by the end I was just watching it out of habit. Not watchinf season 2, can’t be arsed.
  2. Brownie

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    That wouldn’t be leading it would be political suicide. He knows that he has to avoid pissing off either side.
  3. Brownie

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I think he's been a lot more flexible than she has. He's put certain personal views aside and included policies in the manifesto which he personally doesn't back. Of course he has weaknesses but just compare her record to his since she became PM. Corbyn has won two leadership elections (extremely comfortably). He's seen off coup after coup from the PLP, he's forced this government into being the first ever voted in contempt of Parliament. He's forced the government into the biggest defeat in history just a few days ago and he massively over-performed at a GE compared to predictions (when, if you believed the mass media, Labour, especially left wing Labour, was to be obliterated once and for all). She's an absolute embarrassment from top to bottom.
  4. Brownie

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Yep, exactly. I think she’s completely misguided which in the end will be her downfall (fucking finally, bitch reminds me of the Black Knight from The Holy Grail).
  5. Brownie

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I don’t think she’s trying to scare the ERG, there’s only 70 odd of them. Over 100 of the Tories voted against the deal so she could scare 40 or 50 of them. She’s also banking on the bellends on the Labour back benches, Lib dems and SNP to shit themselves too.
  6. Brownie

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    She’s just stalling and letting it get as close to March as possible so that people shit themselves and vote for her deal. She’s not interested in making any big changes, she’s going to make some superficial tweaks and then bring it back and hope that she wins because of fear, basically. The more I think of it, the more I think Labours stance is actually very clever and strategic. May is gambling because instead of scaring people into voting for her deal she risks the DUP or ERG turning on her and abstaining on a second confidence vote.
  7. Brownie

    Worst roads to drive down in Liverpool

    The fucking Lancs after a match.
  8. Brownie

    Sick of being Fat

    I weighed myself just after Christmas and I was 180 which is really bad for me. Clothes are tight, some don’t fit at all and generally I just feel horrible. I feel at my best around 160 so i’ve cut out the shite from my diet and haven’t had a beer since new year. I went for a run yesterday (5k) and I was blowing out of my arse. Had to stop a couple of times which I never usually do. Going to start HIIT in the morning. This morning I weigh 173. The sooner I hit 160, the better.
  9. Nice one, gonna watch a few more.
  10. Watched the first episode of Goliath and quite enjoyed it. Anyone watched the series?
  11. Brownie

    Boxing 2019

    I’d like to see Josh Taylor fighting for a world title.
  12. Brownie

    Holiday's 2019.

    I reckon i’d be too tempted to lash my lad overboard when he’s acting the twat.
  13. Brownie

    Holiday's 2019.

    Yeah I don’t think Billy Brexit and his mob would take too kindly to you recommending a euro train adventure to Montenegro.
  14. Brownie

    Holiday's 2019.

    Ever thought about becoming a travel agent Zeb?
  15. I think i’ve just got that tune out of my fucking head from when my lad was obsessed with it. Andy can fuck off the perma-happy knobhead. It’s alright for him having a great time running around with Diplodocus but when you’re sat there at half 6 on a Sunday morning with a raging hangover it’s hard to be enthusiastic isn’t it? Twat.