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    Liverpool 3 Newcastle 1 (Sep 14 2019)

    The 4 nil v Barca helps bigtime on the European front too.Interesting comments from the Bloodred lads about that Spanish fanzine dedicating this months Magazine to Anfield & Liverpool. Shit like this is just priceless and helps build the rep to such an extent that 1 or 2 nil isn't felt as enough
  2. Gav

    offal site

    how in fcuks name did dudek get 126 votes in the motm vote ???????
  3. Anyone else notice him having a tear up with one of the back room team in Madrid ? Just as they were all in line to collect their medals ...he looked like a man possessed . That turn against Barca will live with me for a long time ...was perfect
  4. Dead fucking right ..don't want any of them Brexit refugees coming over here taking all our milk and bread and robbing fruit picking jobs from EU citizens
  5. Didn't you post this earlier inn the thread too ?
  6. Irish people don't even need passports to enter the UK ,hell we can just walk across it . Some villages are both in Ireland & the UK sure...as for mainland UK , a drivers license suffices
  7. You already have that control ,everyone does ,its kinda why the shanty town exists in Calais And you don't get many micro biologists or even english people wanting to pick fruit btw so whether you like it or not you lot need the unskilled migrants before your strawberries quadruple in [rice
  8. There soon would be once basic goods run out and the old tanned expats return home from the Costas
  9. Exactly ...it just suited Farage and Boris to not promote facts like that on a red bus . All those Brits in Spain & Portugal will be the next lot kicking off when they lose their free heathcare and have to apply for citezenship
  10. Brexit sure brings out the dictator /Stupid /fingers in ears best in some people .
  11. Welfare over there is crazy ,3/4 of your last wage for 9 months or something along those lines/ I have friends that worked in Belgium for a few years , returned home but flew to Chareloi once a month to sign on ,,Ryanair used make a fortune on the Wed/Thurs flights
  12. Only way out of this is a second referendum or a break up of the Union by fucking over Northern Ireland with the Scots following soon after ...anything else will destroy the UK for generations . All this bollix about "people were informed" or it was about laws/Immigration is horseshit ...UK always had control over both those things .I've spent 3 years boggle eyed at the stupidity of people ,Fishermen voting to leave while waving goodbye to their 40Mill subsidies just about sums up the whole thing . What it clearly shows is that the Leave lot clearly had no idea what it really meant or how to do it .There's a weird irony in Ireland being the one to kill Brexit while saving the Union
  13. There has to be some signings come in ..we can't have Robbo playing 30+ games in the league next season ....likewise the front 3 . We've been very very lucky with injuries ,especially up front and the drop off in quality is vast whenever one of the front lads are missing or off form. Huge missed opportunity if we don't strengthen now. As Sir Bob used say its imperative that strengthen from a position of strength
  14. Gav

    Liverpool 5 Huddersfield 0 (Apr 26 2019)

    If you want to know the whole story just grab one the blueshite cab drivers
  15. Just saw it today with the kids and have to echo everything Teach said in the opening post .I loved it and will probably go again tomorrow afternoon for a second look. On the extra credits bit ,thought the signature bit was very well done , but the final extra bit with Stark in the cave banging iron leaves a lot open to interpretation. Oh and that Thor Lebowski / fortnite scene was just brilliant
  16. Gav

    Liverpool 2 Chelsea 0 (Apr 14 2019)

    I wanted to kill Danny Murphy last night on MOTD 2 ...just gave these pricks more fuel focusing on mo going down .Meanwhile it was that Keown muppet that was stating that it was a foul As for the first goal , maybe I'm wrong but to me it looked like Mo actually flicked the ball to Hendo rather than it just being a lucky break
  17. Gav

    Fingers crossed for you me aul Travian buddy , hope you get the transplant and start getting back to good health

  18. Gav

    Brighton 0 Liverpool 1 (Jan 12 2019)

    Pearce (or someone else ) from the Echo was saying that the ball over the top was actually a tactic that they'd worked on for the game
  19. Repping a post thats over 11 years old ...should I be worried in a restraining order kind of way
  20. Gav

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Never a bad time to revisit this cracker
  21. T-Rex flapping
    At a crossbar
    Divocks header
    Having fun
    Tis the season
    For blue shite tears  & booing
    Merry Christmas

  22. Ladbrokes ...it should be called Everyonebrokes if we're serious about equality
  23. Menstruation...bastard men putting birds in a even angrier than normal mood once a month
  24. Gav

    Report: Moreno on Barca's radar

    Bit of Chip pissing here but is this just a case of Alba contract shenanigans? Some of the shit twitter accounts claiming he's "going to the mancs" ,Morono is just being used as part of the circus