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  1. Stephen Adams

    Mongo's Diary (March 2015)

    Tough crowd
  2. Hearts fans were shite. I was waiting to read about them being great because they made lots of noise, but when nearly all of your noise is primary school shite like "Shall we sing a song for you..." (no, sing a fucking song for yourselves you twats, singing shall we sing a song doesn't count as singing a song, arseholes.) One of the most annoying things about watching football now is listening to the same "songs" every week, no matter who is playing.
  3. Stephen Adams

    FA Cup Semi Final Draw

    No, the winner of Chelsea/Benfica plays the winner of Milan/Barcelona, first leg Wednesday 18th April, so there shouldn't be an issue with them playing on Sunday.
  4. Stephen Adams

    Captions for new issue

    KD: Any minute now...
  5. Stephen Adams

    Captions for new issue

    Dirk would never again eat Toblerone on the morning of a match
  6. Stephen Adams

    Captions for new issue

    LS: All the same, you Poles. WS: What?! LS: I said, really struggling for goals.
  7. Stephen Adams

    FA Cup Semi Final Draw

    I hope it is Everton. I know it makes the thought of losing worse, but there's nothing quite like winning a huge game like a semi final against a team you can't stand.
  8. Stephen Adams

    Today's Other Games

    McCarthy was a goner when he lost 5-1 at home to West Brom in the local derby.
  9. Stephen Adams

    Coates or Carra in the FA cup (Stoke)

    I think Coates has got a big mistake in him every time he plays and you can't really afford that in a cup quarter final. I don't really think such a big game against Stoke City is the time for potential, not in that area of the pitch anyway.
  10. Stephen Adams

    Steven Gerrard is really back!

    I don't think it's as big an issue as has been made out, being able to play Gerrard, Carroll and Suarez against teams who play 5 in midfield. We didn't exactly play an orthodox 4-4-2 on Tuesday night, as Henderson was appearing in a lot more positions than just right wing. It leaves you slightly lopsided and leaves the right back a bit more exposed but I think with Carroll up front, Suarez peeling off in all directions (that boy's movement is fantastic by the way) and either Downing or Bellamy providing width and pace on one side (normally the left) then I think a narrower 3 made up of any from Gerrard, Lucas, Spearing, Adam, Henderson or Kuyt would mean Gerrard would have freedom to roam but also we would still have the numbers in the middle.
  11. Stephen Adams

    FA Cup 1/4 Final. Stoke at Home.

    The Guardian have that as the team save for Spearing instead of Kuyt.
  12. Stephen Adams

    Martin Kelly

    For what it's worth, I think Johnson's defending has improved immeasurably since Dalglish took over but his much vaunted attacking side has disappeared a bit. He also looks to me to be a bit bulkier and to have lost a bit of pace.
  13. Stephen Adams

    Martin Kelly

    Isn't it about time he was considered first choice right back ahead of Glen Johnson? Maybe I'm wrong, but he seems, frankly, just better at it. I've wondered a few times whether I was too soft on Kelly, Spearing too for that matter, because they are young, local lads; while being too hard on the likes of Johnson, Carroll, Downing, Henderson etc because they're easy targets - being English but not Scouse and incredibly expensive. I'm starting to think that Kelly in particular though is just plain better than his direct competitor, Johnson. Is he better, or am I just picking the Scouser ahead of the Londoner?
  14. Stephen Adams

    Jordan Henderson - what are you?

    Hard to summarise Henderson's performance last night. As has been said, he was almost entirely hopeless in the first half, especially the first 30 minutes or so. Another weakness was that a lot of their best attacks came down his side. A few reasons for that - Baines and Pienaar are their best players and they kept going down that side; Henderson constantly gave the ball away in the first half and was then out of position and left Kelly exposed; and later he still seemed to be the only man in the ground who couldn't see the Baines, inside, back to Baines on the overlap - triangle that they kept working, meaning Jordan was always a yard behind him. He does seem to have an eye for a through ball right enough, especially a first-time one. Having said that, Downing has an eye for a great cross every now and then, but not often enough and we never seem to score from them, hence the lack of assists. Henderson definitely improved as the game went on, he did some good things as opposed to his brutal early stuff, but it was still no shock when Dirk replaced him.
  15. Stephen Adams

    tweaks or an overhaul?

    It's hard to know. You look at last Saturday's performance against Arsenal and think that the addition of a cold-blooded goalscorer would make us a great side. Then you look at yesterday's performance against a mediocre Sunderland team and the "not good enough" list starts to grow again. Honestly, I think that nearly all the top teams in England are relying on a few great players with a lot of decent ones just filling in beside them. That's why I think that the addition of a striker who could score near to 30 goals in a season would make such a difference. In the perfect world, we could probably improve on just about every player in the squad, but I don't think you need a squad full of Messis to win things. I think you just need a handful of special players and a lot of good players playing to their potential. As someone said earlier, look at the way we destroyed teams at the end of last season when Lucas and Spearing were in midfield and Kuyt, Meireles and Maxi were supporting Suarez. Someone brilliant (even if it is only at putting the ball in the net) would in my opinion raise everyone else's performance levels and take a lot of the pressure off the shoulders of the likes of Suarez, who is in effect having to play about 3 positions now.