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  1. I'm a week behind so only just heard that LFC player aftershave thing. How about Hugo Boss-eyed by Aquilani?
  2. Al Campbell

    Shit Authors

    Wilbur Smith has become absolute shite. Martina Cole and all her cockney "you faaackin' slaaaaaag" bollocks.
  3. Al Campbell


    Favourite author- John Connolly. The Black Angel is my favourite of his books. Favourite book- A Confedracy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole
  4. Al Campbell


    2nd best thing after my season ticket that I bought this year.
  5. Al Campbell

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    Great show. I started on the books yesterday as I can't wait a year for series 2.
  6. Al Campbell

    Luis Suarez

    He must be ITK if he knows when Suarez is signing for us down to the minute. ;)
  7. Al Campbell

    Blackpool away thread

    Reina; Aurelio, Skrtel, Agger, Kelly; Maxi, Lucas, Meireles, Johnson; Cole; Torres. Kuyt looked dead on his feet second half yesterday so should be rested for the derby.
  8. Al Campbell

    Howard Webb - Incompetent or dishonest?

    He's incompetent and a complete shitbag. He won't give a decision against Man Ure because he's shit-scared of the hounding he'd get off Sky and the press. He's also a cunt.
  9. Al Campbell

    Without Gerrard

    Midfield of Maxi, Lucas, Meireles, Johnson with Cole playing behind Torres for me. At least for Blackpool. I'd bring Dirk back for the derby as his record against the Shite is excellent and he'd be better after a rest.
  10. Al Campbell


    Kenny agrees with you anyway.
  11. Martin Samuel should be force fed his own tits.
  12. He thinks Darren Bent is better than Torres. He said this when Torres was flying as well, so that's the level of intelligence we're dealing with. Fuck him, he's a no-mark never-was.
  13. Al Campbell


    And Hamann. He's still got an eye for a player if Sterling and Shelvey are his buys as rumoured.
  14. Al Campbell


    Anyone bothering with this? The tech is definitely ace, especially if you could adapt the voice and motion controls to work your telly as well. I'm not so sure about the games yet though. Kinectimals? Bag of shite.
  15. Al Campbell

    Do you want Blackburn to beat us

    What a stupid fucking question.