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  1. Match report is going to be late tonight as I'm out at a funeral today so won't be starting it until tea time, and it's going to be a looooong one I think.
  2. ITS NOT A REPTILE DAMMIT. Unless you're calling Paul a lizard and that's another John Parrott dig at me?
  3. I said what I said. She knows who she's working for.
  4. I know, but he also referred to the second half as "the best ever" so I think he's getting a little carried away!
  5. I would need to see a whole lot more from him than we have so far. So I'd be fuming. At this point I'd rather have Gary O'Neil and maybe one day he'll prove that he's up to it, but he's a million miles away too. This is the best job in the world right now as everything is already in place and it just needs someone to come in and concentrate on coaching. We should be able to get whoever we want, so if we end up with someone that angers us as fans then we've fucked up massively.
  6. That might have come across as a little hostile. But that's what you get for tipping us to lose the final. The top deck of the bus should boo you when you get off.
  7. You forgot Qarabag. Dan's clearly assuming that's who we'll draw. They're not lizards either you neanderthal, they're amphibians. You're clearly the type of ignoramus who calls whales "fish".
  8. Clowns are supposed to be funny. He doesn't even bring that to the table, he's utterly pointless.
  9. We were fishing in a much smaller pond then though. It's not like we were the most attractive destination for any manager out there. Right now we are, everything is in place for someone to come in and win right away without having to oversee a rebuild on a budget.
  10. I was onto him last season, the little Everton enabling cunt. The only reason he's even remotely on Liverpool\s radar is because Lallana and Milner think he's amazing.
  11. How can they afford to keep doing mad deals like this while Barcelona ended up completely fucked for overspending? Madrid's spending capability has never made sense to me.
  12. No matter how many times I see it, I can't work out what the problem is. There's no twisting or bend, and that looks more like an achilles than an ankle, which hopefully it isn't based on the lack of reporting about it.
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