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  1. dave u

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    No. Son is a bad cunt but Richarlison has always been next level to him and to everyone else, even Harry Kane.
  2. dave u

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Richarlison is shit and scores around 8 goals a season if you don't count penalties. On top of this he's by far the biggest cunt in the league. It offends my footballing sensibilities that Brazil have fallen to such an extent that this turd gets a game for them. Everton have done well to get £50m for him. The real issue here is that they paid that much for him to begin with. As I said, he's shit. Enjoy the bench at Spurs you little fucking shithouse.
  3. At Messi's current rate of scoring since joining PSG he'd need to play until he's ninety to have any chance. He's finished.
  4. dave u

    If we were to sign one more player....

    They were boss when he had Carroll to aim at for three games a season.
  5. dave u

    If we were to sign one more player....

    I think Kobayashi Maru likes him. I might be wrong.
  6. dave u

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Yep, can't argue with science. I've changed my mind, don't want him anymore.
  7. dave u

    If we were to sign one more player....

    He's maybe a level just below it, but his intangibles make up for that. Overall package is world class for me.
  8. dave u

    If we were to sign one more player....

    Seriously? He's the captain of arguably the best team in the world over the last four years and he's been a mainstay of the team. You think a player with few real strengths would be in that position? Henderson does absolutely everything to a really fucking high standard. Except shooting. His shooting is proper shit.
  9. dave u

    TLW Second Club

    Whoever is playing Man City.
  10. dave u

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Also, the season we won the title Salah wasn't that amazing (he was still very good like, obviously) and didn't win the Golden Boot. If I recall rightly Vardy won it and he was a few goals ahead of Mo. The roundabout point I'm making here is we don't need 30 league goals from our right wing position to win the title. 75-80 goals split between the five forwards would be sound. So I don't think the world crashes in if Salah leaves and his replacement (whether its Saka or someone else) is only scoring 15-20 league goals.
  11. dave u

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    I like to think it was directed at @RedKnight and I mention it to him regularly. Any time he gets a little chesty in a group chat I just throw the Downing shushing picture in.
  12. dave u

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    * Files that one away with Nunez being the new Andy Carroll * Seriously, I know you're taking the piss but I think there's a point to be made here. I don't know how good Saka will become but his goal record is decent and that's the main thing I'm looking at in a wide attacker. Can't be doing with these wide players who never fucking score. Performance wise, Downing was a decent player for us but he never scored and that basically made him a liability because good teams can't carry attacking players that never score. It's like that Dwight McNeill cunt. Does my head in when I hear people saying he's good. He's shit. A Championship player at best. I don't think he scored a single goal last season. That's unforgivable for a wide attacker. He's the reason Burnley went down. If he'd scored even five goals they'd probably have stayed up. Aaron Lennon was another one of those Downing-like fuckers too. There are loads of them knocking about actually. Attacking players who get three or four goals a season. Fucking losers, stealing a living they are. Saka isn't one of them because he got a dozen goals last season. If he gets away from Arsenal because they Arsenalise him he's got a chance of being a really good player.
  13. dave u

    Best goal ever scored at Anfield?

    Bumping this because we're recording the pod this week. So any more suggestions, stick em in here.
  14. and Man United paid £80m for Maguire, £89m for Pogba etc City routinely pay £50m for shite full backs. £15m for Neco is a good deal for whoever signs him.
  15. Yeah I just saw that on SSN. Blame John G for that, he told me he was signing for Spurs.