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  1. 22 minutes ago, bossy said:

    Excellent Dave. You know what annoys me about Everton (well that would take all day so, one thing), they completely failed to try at Arsenal. If spurs had needed them to be honest, they had no intention of being so. Imagine their hate fuelled angry shitty scowling angry corruption letters if they’d needed another team to get a result and that team, say us (please one day) instead just fuck about. Absolute entitled twats. 


    That's a good point. Lampard's interview afterwards was shameless too.

  2. 11 minutes ago, JohnnyH said:

    Fucking 20 mins in and you’re all still bleating about last weekend.  Dicks. Stop depressing me and get on with the Final Preview 


    Although Jules comments on “banter” were superb and I’ll be robbing that and claiming it as my own. 


    Jules said "if Johnny H is listening he can just skip forward to this bit"


    I took it out as it was too much of an in joke. Most people listening will have no idea who you are!

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  3. 17 hours ago, Frank Dacey said:

    For your more mature readers, this wouldn't be the worst United team in living memory. That would be the team that got relegated in the early 70s. I was studying in Manchester and went to Old Trafford a few times and they were awful, even getting beaten 4-1 by Spurs. Needless to say, when they played us they gave it everything, on and off the pitch and won 2-0. I was happy to get out of the ground in one piece. Happily, they did finally get relegated.

    I reckon United now are like we were in the early 90s; awful but getting more points than they deserved because people are playing the shirt, rather than the rubbish that's wearing it.


    They'd beat this United team. Even now, with half of them dead or picking up their pension.

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  4. On 23/05/2022 at 22:42, Anubis said:

    Wor Kev looks gutted at the lack of turnout.




    Fuck him, the tit. He chose to go there and he chose to extend his contract. He deserves a parade like that because he knew what he was signing up for. They all did.


    When he hangs it up he'll be like Aguero. People will look back at his career and say "why the fuck did you waste it there? You should have been at a massive club".

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  5. 3 hours ago, Moo said:

    I'm actually alright with what went down on Sunday, totally totally expected City to come back and win when it was 2-0 to Villa.  So although there's a sense of "if only", at no point did I particularly get my hopes up.  But, City's cheating repeatedly denying us league titles is really starting to piss me off but only when I stop and think about it, so if I listen to this podcast am I likely to go from a place of relative calm to enraged?


    Yeah probably. There's a fair bit of that in it.

  6. 2 hours ago, Captain Howdy said:

    Good poster was Juan. Anyway I’ve never listened to the pods before but it was really good so I’ve subscribed on my platform.


    Great stuff. You should go back and listen to a few of the old ones any time you have time to kill. United away was great, the City semi final one was too. The one called Red or Dead is worth a listen too, I think that was the one when I revealed how emotional I got listening to Adele songs when Suarez left.

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  7. 20 minutes ago, Bucksinator said:

    My anger towards Villa is off the scale especially that prick Mings,he has been stinking up the league all season and the cunt defended like a twelve year old yesterday,see him for the third goal,what a soft cunt that fucker is.


    Havent seen any of the goals and I hope it stays that way. Don't want to inadvertently catch any of their trophy presentation either.

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  8. 23 minutes ago, chris goodwin said:

    As always a great read, lets hope the we can get payback for 2018 next weekend.  Love the post match podcasts as well, I hope they are going to be a regular for next season as well? 


    That's the plan. We'll do them throughout the summer as well. We'll be able to get stuck into some different topics that should be good entertainment. Couldn't really do it throughout the season as there were so many games. 

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  9. 17 hours ago, Scott_M said:

    Anyhoo, my own thoughts...


    Norwich - I keep hearing Max Aarons is good but I assume that's mostly from his FIFA / FM stats. Cantwell is on a free, might do Ok for a mid-table side. Neither are for us.


    Watford - As posted above, Saar has been disappointing this season. I've read a number of sides are interested in Joao Pedro, given Watford will likely want a fortune for a player with a 1/9 record, it's a pass.


    Leeds - The word on the street here is Phillips is off to Man City. I like Raphina, clearly talented but I've not convinced by his attitude. He's gone missing when Leeds have needed him the most and seems to be sulking. At allegedly £25m for either, I wouldn't be against signing either but I wouldn't be convinced by them.


    Burnley - No thanks.


    Agree with this. Raphinha is quality but he'd cost too much money for someone who can only really play where Mo does. Not sure about his mentality either.


    The only player in that relegation shake up I'm taking is my boy Bamford.


    *fist bumps aRdja*

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