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  1. 18 hours ago, aws said:

    I can understand relegation threatened clubs prioritising survival, it's the clubs which are going to finish mid-table I don't understand. Why wouldn't the likes of Wolves, Everton, Brighton go all out to actually win something? 


    In theory I agree with you.


    Palace are relegation threatened. Norwich are already down. Beating us in the cup would have been a great night for fans who are likely to have nothing other than misery for most of the season.

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  2. I like Cantlay's story. Almost had to retire, couldn't play for years because his back was fucked and then he's come back to do what he's done this year. He looks like a bit of a fucking weirdo though and my guy Bryson doesn't like him so therefore neither do I.


    The US will either win big or flame out massively. I think they'll win big because their 'lesser' names are just really fucking good. Finau, Cantlay, Sheffler, Schauffele, Berger, English etc


    I'm also worried that Poulter and Westwood don't have much left in the tank.


    If we get one final heroic swansong from those two then Europe can win, but it's probably 70-30 against it.

  3. 1 hour ago, Bjornebye said:

    Can’t see past the US but badly hope I’m wrong and you’re right Are we having a separate Ryder Cup thread or do you like just having loads of comments on your vanity thread Dave? 


    I think a separate thread is in order for this. Don't want a Frode jizz tsunami over Hovland ruining my vanity thread.

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  4. 4 hours ago, dockers_strike said:

    What, after a couple of games of the season and beating a poor Spurs side 3-0 is 'showing title credentials' now?


    Fuck me, I can remember when we were 18 points ahead of everyone a couple of seasons ago and plenty on here were saying we werent champions elect!


    In fairness, Chelsea are the European Champions so I'm fine with them being talked up. City are being massively over-rated as are United, but it's the way we've been largely dismissed as an afterthought that's annoying me more than the salivating over the others.

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  5. After his bag was spotted during a practice round earlier in the week, Horschel was in the Sky Sports Open Zone to explain how and why he became a West Ham fan.


    “So during my sophomore year of college I moved into a new apartment  and the cable wasn’t going to be hooked up for a couple of days,” he explained, “so we went to Best Buy and bought a couple of DVDs, one of those DVDs was Green Street. ”


    “I loved the movie, I loved Charlie Hunnam as an actor and obviously the film is about the firms at Millwall and West Ham, from there I started following them.”


    “Since about 10-12 year ago I’ve been paying really close attention to them since NBC Sports starting showing Premier League games, so I’m always watching their matches and any Premier Leagues actually.”

  6. 9 hours ago, Brownie said:

    He was driving 30mph in a 30mph zone, and someone still got hurt (which happens).


    I doubt Harvey would be telling him he shouldn’t have been punished for hitting him at 50 in a 30 zone *shrugs*

    Not a great analogy tbf as you’re comparing a clear cut stat based rule with an interpretation.


    Either way, probably time to move on as no-one is gonna change their mind, I agree with the boy.


    Ah the old "let's leave it now" while ensuring you get the last word trick. Nice.


    You're wrong though, but I agree, let's put it to bed now (that I've had the last word).