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  1. Chris

    General Election 2019

    Maybe not won, but not utterly fucking tonked everywhere like this.
  2. Chris

    What sauce do you have with steak?

    Wait. There are people who have sauce with steak? Bad wrong'uns. If you're doing anything with a steak other than seasoning with salt, pepper and olive oil, you're badly over-egging the pudding. If you must, on something like a rib-eye or t-bone can benefit from a block of blue cheese rested on top while the steak is settling.
  3. Chris

    Bad Wool Behaviour

    Gotta call BS on this. As may have been pointed out. A curry has to have something in it. Be it lamb, chicken, veg, chickpea, paneer, etc. If there are no other components then you're only eating the sauce. A jar of Dolmio is tomato sauce, not a bolognese.
  4. Chris

    Birds you'd like to bang. NSFW

    Glad to see the GF's long-standing tradition of subtlety and beautifully-composed, poetic prose is alive and well.
  5. Chris

    Breaking Bad Thread

    He's great. He's come a long way has young Landry Clarke. Sadly, he was the only bright spot of a really lifeless, elongated film. It wasn't even a film, as such, just a really long episode.
  6. Rem's right. Funny is subjective for sure. But there probably has to be a joke in there for it to be considered funny or not.
  7. Before opening: cupboard. After opening: fridge.
  8. Chris

    The Weakness of The Working Class

    As far as apathy goes. Here is the problem.
  9. Chris

    9/11 - where were you?

    Where were you when they built the ladder to heaven?
  10. Chris

    Bercow standing down

    You'll do no such thing, you foul beast!
  11. Chris

    Bercow standing down

    I'm unreasonably upset about this. It's like when one of your favourite characters in a TV show dies or is written out. Haven't been this sad since Kylie left Neighbours.
  12. Chris

    The New Cricket Thread

    Guilty as charged.
  13. Chris

    The New Cricket Thread

    Well this thread has gotten much more feisty than the England bowling attack.
  14. Chris

    The New Cricket Thread

    How much better has Overton looked than Denly? He needed dropping, not bumping up to open the damn batting.
  15. Chris

    The New Cricket Thread

    Sorry for the *F on the GF (is that still a rule around here? If so I accept the neg). But that was like if, after Barcelona at Anfield, they turned up and Madrid and played like it was pre-season.
  16. Chris

    The New Cricket Thread

    They won't have to bat again, will they.
  17. Chris

    The New Cricket Thread

    They've been so low energy. Joe Root is an awful captain.
  18. Chris

    The New Cricket Thread

    274-6 with Smith gone and, for the briefest of moments, it was game on. 349-5, everyone's head down and the chances of winning the game already look gone. Depressing.
  19. Chris

    Metal, Punk, Grunge etc.

    Nice one dude, glad you enjoyed. Enjoyed on Black Limosine. There's some Feeder in there for sure. I can't stand Royal Blood, these lads have far more authenticity than those Radio 1 darlings. EDIT: Agreed on Black Limosene
  20. Chris

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    I'm not blaming him. I'm saying he did nothing to stop it happening for two years. If a person knew a murder was coming, could have taken a position to potentially prevent it happening (even if it didn't work), but didn't because he wasn't brave enough? That's Corbyn.
  21. Chris

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    His fence sitting and fudging of the issue has done as much to run down the clock as the tories. He failed to oppose. He failed to pick his side, whatever it may be (I'm sure some cultist will come back with something about the conference), but it's all been tiptoeing one way and then the other from Corbyn depending on what the situation dictates. He's never said "we shouldn't be leaving." it's all been an if, then and if, then and if, then IF this happens we'll campaign to remain. It's a fucking fudge.
  22. Chris

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Maybe if he hadn't fucked about for the last two years it wouldn't have come to this in the first place. If he's our last hope, fucking god help us all.