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    Miley Cyrus

    I think she's brilliant. 100% her own person. Does what she wants, records what she wants, fucks who she wants – men, women and anything in between. And she's got a fantastic voice too. Not sure if this has been posted, but it's a lovely little summer track. EDIT: Should probably add that I find her attractive too.
  2. Chris

    Harvey Elliott

    This was amusing: "If the stars align and we get promoted, would there be an option to buy him? If Brewster ended up at Sheff United, I see not why it should be impossible..." Ah, the endless delusional optimism of footy fans.
  3. Chris

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Surely you've got that back to front?
  4. Chris

    Jeff Bridges

    The Dude minds. This aggression will not stand, man.
  5. Chris

    Wrestling thread

    AEW is fantastic, but your criticisms are valid. Personally, I'll always tune into whatever Jericho does because I just get a massive kick out him and always have. He's hilarious, fantastically quick witted and everything he does means something. But Moxley? You're bang on about him. He played it up like his creative genius was being stifled in WWE and in AEW he'd have all the freedom he needed to express himself. What I see is practically the same character, using the exactly same moves who throws a few swears into his promos every once in a while. Meh. As for Cody, I'm a huge fan of his. I love the statesman role he plays in AEW. That face of the company babyface that it always felt like really good WCW always had, whether it was his arl fella, Flair or Sting. To me he's really proven that he was overlooked in WWE. And without him there wouldn't be an AEW anyway. But I'm so with you on Omega. I'm massively disappointed with how he's been used so far. I'm not sure whether he's eased off a bit, but he definitely hasn't had the opportunities to have matches on the level of the ones he had with Okada in New Japan, despite having capable opponents. He's been stuck in the tag division with Hangman Page, who also rules, but that's come to an end now. I think those WWE guys should just be the supporting cast, using the name value to bring in casual fans and channel hoppers, but mainly used for getting the new breed of guys over; like Omega, the Bucks, Page, Orange Cassidy, MJF, etc. Anyway, bottom line is its a really enjoyable pro wrestling show that I look forward to and enjoy every week without fail. It's got good announcing (any time I hear Schiavone it takes me right back), great tag team action without fail, logical story telling and reverence for good wrestling and wrestling history. I haven't been able to say the same about WWE in 15 years.
  6. Travis? Fuck me. Can we not with this homogenised 2000s indie shite? These tournaments need agreed upon listings with seedings and brackets.
  7. Chris


    Who's that when he's at home?
  8. Chris


    Seriously, who the fuck listens to this horrendous, bland, vanilla-ass, post-Oasis, lad-bantz, boys-on-tour, basic, no-actual-discernable-taste, spoon-fed-what-commercial-radio-plays, Carling-swilling, headlining V-festival garbage anyway? The absolute fucking worse. Even the name pisses me off. Kasabian. Fuck off.
  9. Chris

    Jodie Comer

    Well put.
  10. Chris

    Jodie Comer

    How is it becoming so prevalent and powerful though? It's genuinely, genuinely bat shit mental.
  11. Chris

    Jodie Comer

    Imagine a fan of a TV show thinking they have the right to tell someone who and who they can't date based on the character they played. What, does there have to be some kind of committee who the actress has to run potential matches by to ensure they fit the criteria? Fuck this shit, man. Yet they're the same people who'll scream "love is love" at the top of their voices while claiming to advocate for a society where people can openly love whomever they want without fear of discrimination. This person is clearly mentally ill.
  12. Chris


    Yep, that shout is the absolute nadir in the long, illustrious history of this forum.
  13. Chris

    Film and TV 'Fuck Yeah!' moments.

    Jamie Lee has one of the all time great figures. Trading Places? Marone.
  14. Chris

    Film and TV 'Fuck Yeah!' moments.

    Came here to post this. Damn near jumped through the ceiling when it happened. My opinion of Phil Leotardo as a man with a head just fuckin' plummeted. Laters, Shah of Iran.
  15. Chris


    Heh Heh. He said cleavage. Cool.
  16. Chris

    Best Power Ballads

    I've gotta admit, I'm a sucker for an awesome/shit power ballad. Can't get past this one at the moment. It's perfect. The cheesy lyrics, the catchy chorus (and the awesome build up to it), the 80s harmonies and the totally reverbed solo. Fuckin' rules.
  17. Chris

    This VE Day thing.

    Christ there's some miserable killjoy fuckers on here. Let people have something to feel good about for one day, for fuck's sake.
  18. Chris

    THE Sopranos thread

    Love the podcast. You get the sense that Steve Schirripa is actually Bobby Bacala'.
  19. Who arranged the brackets for this? You can't have two of the absolute best in the first round.
  20. Chris

    Jaffa Cakes

    Had some of the pineapple ones today. The flavour is a little more subtle than I'd imagined, which is no bad thing. Thumbs up from me.