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  1. Chris

    Boro match report

    about as much as i like Courtney Love!!!!!
  2. Chris

    Post number 3,000

    10,000 posts on Koptalk....tells you everything you need to know really.
  3. Chris

    Spare Chelsea stub anyone?

    Great stuff Andy, have a good holiday mate.
  4. Chris

    Spare Chelsea stub anyone?

    Andrew you are own personal Guardian Angel. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou!!!!!!! Just emailed you my details now. Thank you mate.
  5. Instead of seeing the gay paddy. you saw the gay Liverpudlian.....hehe
  6. Chris

    The Coldplay album...

    Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Green Day, Marilyn Manson....stuff like that. Sorry about the outburst, I just really hate Coldplay.
  7. The Krazyhouse all the way baby. No scum, quality rock chicks and the only club in town which plays real music.
  8. Chris

    Help Needed

    4times, did john recieve the tickets this morning? My mate said they should arrive today cos he posted them first class yesterday.
  9. Chris

    The Coldplay album...

    Coldplay suck. Whinning Indie losers
  10. It may put an end to small quarell on this forum yesterday http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/drilldown/N137421021104-1053.htm
  11. Clemence Neal Hyypia Hansen Nicol McManaman Souness Molby Barnes Owen Dalglish
  12. John you are fucking too much mate!!!
  13. Chris

    Pitch invasion with Everton

    I saw this on Soccer AM yesterday, but until yesterday Jamie Carragher had scored more league goals for Man Utd than Diego Forlan.
  14. Chris

    Pitch invasion with Everton

    with an 8 point cushion nonetheless!!!
  15. Chris

    the tone

    Okey Dokey
  16. But the IP Adresses were EXACTLY the same, surely that means it was from the same computer?
  17. Chris


    Good to have you back mate.
  18. Whether you were her or not, we matched the IP adresses and you posted as Leena Kahn on a number of occassions.
  19. That was simply one example
  20. The key word there Rushian was "almost". And on the Barnes thing, Will we ever replace him? Is it possible? I tend to think not
  21. er Houston we have a problem!!!! Goldenshower hath returneth!!!
  22. Chris

    Damien Duff- Davey Thompson

    Brian Reade is a quality writer though. And for the record i was 100% with him on that Houllier piece.
  23. Chris

    Chris Bascombe

    If you think Chris is a shit writer, then what does it say for the likes of us fanzine writers.
  24. Chris

    Abel Xavier Mystery illness

    There were also rumours that Xavier had contracted the same illness as Marcus. Whatever it is, I say give him a year long leave of absence anyways! ;-)
  25. Chris


    So thats why virtually every single Liverpool report said he was man of the match? the ECHO, the official site and TLW to name but three! All of the players came out and said he was fantastic too.