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  1. Have you ever wondered why so many people invest their time and money into learning first aid? Unfortunately, in this world we live, accidents are going to happen. Of course, you should do whatever it takes to prevent accidents from happening in the first place, but when an accident occurs, you should be prepared. Why do people avoid learning CPR and First Aid? Although accidents are inevitable, people are still reluctant to get professional first aid training. Some folks worry about doing something wrong during the training process, or when an accident occurs. Fear is normal, especially when something bad happens and someone sustains a serious injury, but knowing what to do can help you improve the situation. Those who work long hours often think they don’t have the time to learn first aid or CPR. Some think the course takes days, sometimes weeks to complete, which isn’t true. Although you might not see first aid training courses advertised on the internet or television, there are courses available in most cities and towns. There are lots of private courses out there, like this first aid training in Liverpool. Most of these businesses run multiple courses throughout the day, so you should have no problem fitting a course into your busy schedule. First Aid can help prevent death Every day all around the globe people die due to a lack of timely medical assistance after an accident. If a person comes across a serious injury, their first reaction is to call for professional medical help. However, if there isn’t an ambulance close by, the victim might not survive. During first aid training, you will learn exactly what to do in this situation. While waiting for the ambulance to arrive, you will be able to perform basic life support skills you learned during the first aid course on the victim, which could help save their life. Standing around not knowing what to do won’t help the person in desperate need of assistance. People who haven’t undergone any professional first aid training can matters worse. An untrained person should avoid helping a person who has sustained an injury unless there is someone else who knows what they're doing in the area giving them instructions on what to do. Once trained, you will feel more confident and in control when an emergency arises. You’ll be more likely to take action after an accident has occurred. Children are prone to accidents Most children love to play regularly every day. Kids especially enjoy the great outdoors, so you can expect them to get injured now and again, it's all part of growing up! Also, kids are more likely to have sudden illnesses due to their weak immune systems. Treating a child can be a daunting task, even if you know first aid. However, the skills you learn during the course could help you save the child’s life. Whether you are a parent or not, you should make time to complete a First Aid training course. If a child is in need of first aid, you will know what to do. There is nothing worse than watching a young child in pain. During a first aid training course, you will learn how to relieve pain. Simple solutions, like applying an ice pack to the patient's leg or arm might do the trick. If this works, you won’t have to bring the child to the emergency room. First aid might help you get a job If you are applying for a new job, don’t forget to mention on your CV that you are a qualified first-aider. Most employers are looking to hire a person who is willing to help others. It shows that you care about people’s health and that you have gone out of your way to learn the skills needed during an emergency. Unemployment is on the rise in a lot of countries since the pandemic began. Don’t be surprised if there are hundreds of applicants have applied for the same position. To make your CV stand out, show that you have undergone first aid training, as it might help you secure the job! If an accident occurs in the workplace, you will be able to step in to help your colleague who is in need of medical attention. By intervening early, you can help reduce the amount of time the patient needs to stay in a hospital. You’ll learn how to prevent accidents from occurring Understanding the cause of basic accidents will help you learn how to prevent accidents from happening down the line. You will learn how to spot potential hazards, and how to create a safe environment in your home, in your place of work, and in public areas. By creating a safe environment, accidents are less likely to occur. People should keep in mind that emergency workers often have a lot on their plates. If you contact them about an accident that could have been prevented, they might not have the time to help out another patient in desperate need of medical attention. You might be able to put the patient’s mind at ease When a patient becomes distressed after an incident, they can make matters worse. If the patient notices a broken bone, or perhaps they are losing a lot of blood, they might begin to feel queasy and begin to panic. Those who know how to treat a patient will have the confidence to speak with the patient to help them calm down. During the course experts will teach you on how to de-escalate the situation, to help put the patient’s mind at ease. It's not easy to treat a patient who’s feeling stressed, which is another reason you should consider learning first aid. If you are able to provide the patient with emotional support, you might be able to continue helping once the medical professionals arrive. You can continue speaking with the patient so the medics can focus on treating the patient. There are different types of First Aid courses If you are thinking about taking on a first aid course, you might have specific requirements. A lot of first aid training companies allow their clients to change the course, depending on their profile. If you have a family and want to learn how to treat your children, or perhaps you want to learn how to treat people in your place of business, don’t hesitate to ask the people working at the training facility for help. They should be able to tailor your course to suit your requirements. If you don’t want to do the course alone, you might want to ask friends and family members to join you. Conclusion Unfortunately, we don’t have a crystal ball that lets us look into the future. What we do know, is that accidents happen. When life throws a medical situation at you, you will want to be prepared and confident so that you can deal with the situation. First aid training can help you learn these vital skills. You can do an entire first aid training course in a single day. These courses usually last around seven hours, and once the course is over, you will be given a certificate. You will learn how to give CPR, and what to do if a person is choking or losing a lot of blood.
  2. While playing bingo can be very fun, we don’t always want to spend money to test a website. That is why there are no deposit bingo sites that let you play even without any money. How to Find the Best No Deposit Bingo Sites? As bingo has launched online, it has begun to enjoy unprecedented popularity among gambler enthusiasts. Currently, there are thousands of sites available that offer bingo games, and people from all over the world have begun to enjoy this game. There are a lot of factors when it comes to choosing which site to play at, one of the crucial ones being whether to play at a no deposit or deposit bingo site. Generally, there are several pros and cons that one should consider when looking to play at any of the no deposit or deposit bingo sites. For example, no deposit bingo sites do not guarantee you winning a lot of money, but they are rather there to allow players, especially new ones, to try out the site without having to make any financial commitments first. There are a lot of things that make no deposit bingo sites appealing, some of the main ones are: A chance to learn some of the sites’ features A chance to test out games Fun without financial responsibilities On the other hand, one will find that most no deposit offers come with some wagering requirements that must be fulfilled before a withdrawal can be made. Moreover, the bonus offer always comes with a win limit, which means it is very unlikely to win a large amount of money. There are a lot of reasons why one should consider playing at no deposit bingo sites. This is especially recommended for people who want to try something new when it comes to bingo. Additionally, you get a chance to explore the site’s game variety as well as meet new people and make friends. And for some, that’s more important than the potential monetary gains. Steps to Getting Bingo No Deposit Bonus If you are completely new to no deposit offers, you probably need some sort of help in this department. The first thing you should do is actually go online and find a no deposit bingo site, such as bingo77uk.com. While this can seem like an easy task at first, it is not, since most bingo sites offer no deposit bonuses. To add more to your misery, the next big thing you must be aware of is figuring out which bingo site is safe to use. Unfortunately, there are some scammer sites out there that should be avoided at all costs. While it is unlikely that you will be the one to run into such a site, you can not take any risks, so you must be careful when selecting a safe no deposit bingo site to play at. Afterwards, it is recommended to spend some time reading reviews of a potential site you will play at. In this way, you will know if a site is truly what it looks like at first, safe and secure. After these necessary steps, everything else comes down to one's preferences. Signing Up for a No Deposit Bingo Site Generally, every online bingo room requires you to sign up before playing and receive the no deposit bonus. The registration process for a non deposit bingo site is the same as with any other casino site. You will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself, such as your name, email address, home address, age, username, password as well as the last four digits of your social security number. Afterwards, you will be asked to enter the appropriate bonus code that informs the operator which deal you want to qualify for, in this case, no deposit bonus. If you wish to cash out your winning you will need to meet the terms and conditions of that specific bingo site. Some of the common terms that you will most likely come across in the bingo industry are rollover, restricted countries, maximum winning, and game restrictions. At the end of the day, everyone's situation is different so it is up to the individual to decide whether or not no deposit offers are worth their time. In case you are a low roller then you should go for as many of these deals as possible. On the other hand, if you are a high roller that is after some big prizes, then you might not want to bother with tiny deposit deals. Look into Other Types of Bingo Bonuses Available No deposit deals are far from the only way to get some extra or free cash through online bingo. In fact, offers such as reload bonus, cashback, and deposit bonus are actually much more common than no deposit deals. No deposit bingo sites are quite simple to understand. They are highly recommended for beginners and low rollers. While you probably won’t win much, you still stand the chance of boosting your bankroll.
  3. Monday Jun 27: Ok Spurs are defo trolling everyone now. Not only do they want to add Richarlison to Kane and Son, the fuckers are also trying to get Anthony Gordon as well! Fuck me, why not try and get Drogba out of retirement too. Or bid for Neymar. They’re trying to assemble an Olympic diving team here, they're going to completely detestable this season. All joking aside though, that Gordon is fucking shit. He’s an attacking player who never fucking scores. Diving is his biggest skill and if he went to Spurs he’d never get a game because he’s a Championship level player. I don’t know why they would even have any interest in him at all. Mind you, I don’t know why they want the incredibly average Richarlison either. If his passport was Estonian and not Brazilian the cunt would be playing for someone like…. well, Everton. My point is that Spurs, Chelsea and Arsenal wouldn’t be looking twice at him. Although in fairness, I sincerely doubt that there is serious interest in him from Chelsea, or even Arsenal. But his agent is that Joorachian twat so he’ll be briefing the press with all sorts of duff info to drum up interest. Staying with Everton, some fucking mad comments from Andros Townsend today. “I love how Jurgen Klopp has found a way to get his own way. He’s been moaning for years. They have been pushing back and finally they have given him his five substitutions.” I mean, fucking hell. Every major in league in Europe has it. The Champions League has it. The FA Cup has it. The League Cup has it. In fact, every competition worth its salt had it except the Premier League. They finally fall into line with everyone else and somehow this is Klopp “getting his own way”. He didn’t invent the idea, he just wanted the Premier League to do what everyone else was doing because it makes sense. Honestly, Townsend always came across quite well in the past, but there’s just something about Everton that absolutely fucks with people and turns them into bitter, twisted, vile little fucking warped creatures. Everton are basically “the One Ring”. People go there as Smeagol but within a few months they’re full on raging mad Gollums. It happens all the time. Previously sane and normal people just become massive, frothing at the mouth cunts. Roberto Martinez was the nicest man in the world until he went there. Ancelotti too. The only one who was able to withstand its power was Koeman, who I guess is Frodo Baggins. Once Everton touches you…. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that 'the Week that Was' is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £3 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  4. Anfield’s best ever goal? A Suarez special? A Mo-ment of magic? Or a beauty from Barnes? The TLW lads all have their say on the best goals ever scored by Liverpool at Anfield. Between the sweeping team goals, memorable thunderbastards, and those goals that just meant more, we crown an overall top five strikes to grace the old stadium. Chris Smith is joined by TLW’s John Gallagher and Dave Usher as we also celebrate the news Mo Salah has signed a new three-year contract with the Reds.
  5. Anfield’s best ever goal? A Suarez special? A Mo-ment of magic? Or a beauty from Barnes? The TLW lads all have their say on the best goals ever scored by Liverpool at Anfield. Between the sweeping team goals, memorable thunderbastards, and those goals that just meant more, we crown an overall top five strikes to grace the old stadium. Chris Smith is joined by TLW’s John Gallagher and Dave Usher as we also celebrate the news Mo Salah has signed a new three-year contract with the Reds.
  6. The connection between gambling and football isn’t exactly something that most football fans spend too much time pondering – but when you think about it, a round of poker and a game of football are actually similar in many ways. Both are games of strategy as well as chance, they are not easily mastered, and once you go pro, the stakes can be sky-high. Below, we’ll take you through some of the biggest, most important lessons you can learn from the gambling world as a football player or coach. Take them to heart, implement them in the way you play – and watch as your team spirit blossoms and your number of wins increases. Practice makes perfect First of all, a piece of advice as old as time itself: No pain, no gain. Work hard, play hard. Practice makes perfect – however you want to say it, you have to do the work in order to improve. If you’re a beginner at casino games, you’d start out by studying the rules of the game and researching strategies. Then, it’s time to gather your friends for practice games – or maybe even try your hand at some online casino games, e.g. at https://www.yggdrasilcasino.com/ – before you visit a land-based casino for the full experience. In the same way, a football team wishing to improve should invest as much time as possible in getting on the pitch and practising. Make sure everyone knows they’re expected to show up every time and that they also work individually on building strength, agility and stamina. By regularly playing together, your teamwork will improve massively – and you end up instinctively knowing how the others will react to any possible scenario and how you can play off of that. Keep your emotions in check Besides practising the game itself, it’s also important that you get used to keeping certain emotions under lock and key. Of course, this by no means applies to all of them – in fact, letting yourself get riled up is the key to giving your all and enjoying a game of football to the fullest – but a certain amount of professionalism is still necessary. In gambling, a poker face is a must for not giving away your strategy. If you’re in control of your expressions enough to bluff your opponents, even better. And while we tend to focus on skills and strength in football, keeping your opponents guessing what you’ll do next also increases your chances of scoring. Controlling your passionate outbursts between games also helps set the right tone of mutual respect for your opponents. Lightly goading each other to get hyped up is fine – but unnecessary hostility only clouds your judgement and takes the fun out of the game. Be prepared for losses Lastly, whether your game is football or poker, you have to accept that losses are a part of it. In poker, this means only betting what you can afford to lose and continuing to practise, even though you lose the first many games in your gambling career. In the world of football, losses come in many forms: Losing a game, which we of course do our best to prevent – but when it does happen, you should be able to focus on learning from it and moving on. Star players will also inevitably leave sooner or later. For this to not be a devastating blow to your team, nurturing every talent equally and regularly bringing new people in is essential to preparing for the future. Viewing football as a game of poker brings a whole new level of strategizing to your playing. Have fun implementing these tips with your team and watch them improve and strengthen their bond.
  7. The world of online gambling has seen a growth of betting companies in recent years. With the many betting sites out there, selecting the right choice of the best online bookmaker will not only save you time, but will save you energy in the long run. There are several parameters that need to be checked, such as how you can manage deposits and withdrawals smoothly, the easy user interface when navigating the site, and customer support. The credibility of a company is also a good thing to look at, as well as the number of years that it’s been in existence. Similar to choosing the right live casino online to play with, finding the right online bookmaker allows you to concentrate more on your bets, without the unneeded anxiety over how your funds are handled, that can take away your focus from having a good time. Before You Open an Account with an Online Bookmaker Opening a new account probably scares you off more than anything else. Although security has been greatly improved in the vast expanse of Internet space, some players still find it difficult to pay with their credit card. As business entities, bookmakers have anticipated these concerns and found ways without using credit cards, the primary method of funding your playing account. Now, there are other accepted methods such as via wire transfer, e-Wallets (MoneyBookers, Neteller, Click2Pay, PayPal) and Pre-Paid Cards (EntroPay, EcoCard, paysafe Card, Ukash). This has resulted to more transparent ways of depositing money to your online betting account, ensuring ways on how you can make bookie account payments to reputable companies. Completing a Withdrawal No article on sports betting is complete without touching on the issue of cashing out your winnings. This should not be a difficult process for you. Similarly, there are other methods that do not involve the use of a credit card when withdrawing your funds. Methods to complete this service may also be through electronic wallets or e-wallets and personal money accounts. Other popular services are PayPal, Neteller and Moneybookers. These services are secured with a highly-encrypted system that protects your personal data and handles the withdrawal process in a safe manner. Fast and Friendly Customer Support Selecting an online bookmaker should include checking out its customer support. Check to see if they can be easily contacted, or if they are available at various times of the day. Even more important is the uncomplicated use of its interface. Is it easy to place bets and is it carried out quickly and easily? The level of difficulty to navigate a website is purely subjective; you could be having no problems with it but, not other players. A bookmaker site should make you place bets as fast as possible without experiencing lag time or any errors on the site. Bookmaker’s Online Credibility Your bookmaker’s years of experience in the industry are equally important in selecting an online betting company. You can verify this through online reviews. Also, you can sort through the negative comments, if any, and follow up on positive comments by finding out any truth to it by interacting with fellow players in forums. Go For the Highest Betting Odds Of course, the odds in online betting is one qualifier in choosing the best online bookmaker for you. Remember that the right choice of bets is directly related to the betting odds, so choose the one that offer the highest out there. It plays a pivotal role if you are looking to make a lot of money in sports betting. You can only go as far as your bookmaker will take you. Thorough research on online bookies may bring you the best one yet. So, only bet in secure betting websites with good reputation. This is where you stand the best chance of winning.
  8. Monday Jun 20: Calvin Ramsay signed yesterday. His interview was really good, he walked the line perfectly between supreme self belief and cockiness. He didn’t come across at all arrogant or cocky, yet you can tell he isn’t going to be overawed. We’ve got a good little group of kids now who will hopefully form the cornerstone of the future squad. Trent, Ibou, Curtis, Harvey, Carvalho and now Ramsay. If we add the Bellingham brothers to that then even better. I’d like to see us sign another young striker though, Not for now, but someone boss to play in the u21s and maybe the cup games. Maybe Cannonnier will come through to be that player but it concerns me that despite all his goals for the 18s he wasn’t promoted to the 23s. I’ve watched him a fair bit and think he’s good, but he’s very much an Aguero type, penalty box goalscorer, and we don’t really play like that do we? We might see him, Carvalho and Gordon a fair bit in the 21s this year though, which would be enough to make me tune in to their games for the first time in a good few years. That level has been a waste of time in recent seasons. The 18s are always good to watch but the 23s has just not really had anything to get my attention and make me want to tune in. Meanwhile, Gini suffered the ignominy of being voted the biggest flop in Ligue 1. Let me state for the record I love Gini Wijnaldum and think he’s fucking boss. What I’m about to say is not an indictment of him, but rather just highlighting the Klopp factor. In the season before he joined us, he was relegated at Newcastle. In the season after he left, he’s been voted the biggest flop in the league and been dropped by the national team for which he was a fucking superstar while he was with us. In between he was fucking boss and played virtually every week in the best team in Europe, while tearing shit up for Holland. I’d like to say that others (Salah especially) should look at the fate of Gini (and Coutinho) and see them as warnings as to what happens when you leave the sanctity of Klopp and this team, but it doesn’t work that way because players always think they’ll be a success wherever they go. They see others struggle and think “that won’t happen to me, I’m too good”. They have to think that way I guess, as without that self belief they’d never have gotten as far as they have. There was a twitter rumour today that we were looking at Gini on loan as a stop gap until we can get Bellingham next summer. I’m calling bullshit on that. You could make a case for why it would make a lot of sense, especially if we sell Ox, but I just don’t think Klopp thinks that way. Once you’re gone he moves on and doesn’t look back. I’m good either way, if we did bring him back on loan I’d be happy but if it was my call I probably wouldn’t do it. Speaking of Ox though, the reports of late claim we aren’t going to sell him. I’m calling bullshit on that too. He never played, he could barely even make a nine man bench, he’s on a good wedge and he’ll be able to leave for free in 12 months. If we aren’t looking to sell him then someone needs to look for another job as that’s batshit crazy. And speaking of batshit crazy, African twitter everybody…. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that 'the Week that Was' is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £3 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  9. While the wait for the 2022/2023 fixtures begins, the focus will be elsewhere. Since the World Cup won’t take place until November, there’s even more attention on the summer transfers. Whether you want to know how it’ll affect the club or you’re thinking of making your own predictions based on point spreads betting tips, some big changes could be on the horizon. While there’s news and speculation of different moves at all times of the day, here’s a rundown of five potential or confirmed arrivals and departures that the Reds could be facing before next season. Two narrow misses will see Klopp and the club wanting to work even harder to secure those titles. Sources insist summer transfers are done. However, there might be a few last-minute surprises. Otherwise, keep an eye on these changes next year. EXIT: Sadio Mane It’s been one of the most talked-about departures this summer. Sadio Mane has long been linked with Bayern Munich, and this week a fee has finally been agreed upon. The Senegalese player departs to Germany in a deal worth £35 million. Considered one of the best players in the world, the striker has played a crucial role in the Liverpool front line alongside Salah and Firmino. While drastic changes aren’t immediately apparent, contracts will come to an end. Plus, it’s already certain that the front three won’t ever be the same again. ARRIVAL: Calvin Ramsay Klopp has made a move for young blood; the Scottish right-back Calvin Ramsay. The 18-year-old will be making the move from Aberdeen after a deal worth £6.5 million was agreed to secure him. It’s a record deal for Aberdeen and potentially an excellent move for the Reds. It’s thought that Ramsay will act as a rival for Trent Alexander-Arnold, who has influenced Ramsay’s playing style. LFC wasn’t the only club interested, as bids for loans and enquiries came from Italian and German clubs. However, a trip to Liverpool was the full-back’s preference. ARRIVAL: Jay Spearing Jay Spearing could be returning to Liverpool in a player/coach role. The former midfielder started for the club at the age of 16 in 2004, so a return to his roots feels right. It’s anticipated that Spearing will play an active role at the academy with the under 23s and potentially coaching some of the younger age groups. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but the change could see some changes in the youth side, with potential loans for those ready to step up. EXIT: Oxlade-Chamberlain Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain has a contract that runs until 2023. The current understanding of the atmosphere at the club suggests that there won’t be a renewal. What remains to be seen is whether an exit will occur earlier than that. Klopp has listed Oxlade-Chamberlain as one of the club’s many strong options in midfield. It doesn’t mean that a transfer is off the cards. There could be a few interested parties, but no confirmed talks just yet. ARRIVAL: Darwin Nunez One of the biggest deals of the season has already taken place. Uruguayan player Darwin Nunez will arrive at the club from Benfica. The 85 million pound deal is done, and the 22-year-old is set to make an impact at the club. While he isn’t necessarily a replacement for Mane, many view the transfer as a potential way forward for Liverpool, with new challenges for the opposing team’s defense. There are some formalities to be dealt with, but fans should expect to see Nunez on the pitch come August.
  10. Betting on your favourite football team can be great fun, especially when the team is Liverpool. When you are betting on sports you are essentially trying to guess the future of the match. You can bet on who will win, or what star player will score the first goal. However, there are some things you should do and consider before you start betting. Learn from the best Nowadays you can learn almost everything online, betting included. By looking at expert picks and predictions you can get a better idea of what you can bet on. These can be great tips when you are creating your betting strategy and can help you a lot in the beginning. However, you should never blindly trust these tips, and you should always make up your mind as well. There is never a sure bet, and it is impossible to know for certain what will happen. By doing your research, influenced by the experts, you might just make the right bets. Know the teams Another thing to do before you place wagers on a match is to know the teams that are playing. If you are betting on Liverpool, you are probably aware of what players will be on the field, their history, and some great Liverpool eras. However, you should also know about the team they are playing against as well. This will make it easier to predict who will win, and what teams have the best chances to score during the match. If you are new to watching football, you should also make sure you know all the rules of the game. Finding a betting site When all the prep work is finished, it is time to find a good betting site to use. This site must be safe and easy to navigate, of course, offer betting on the leagues, championships, and matches you are interested in. There are many good sites out there that you can test out, so make sure you find the best one. The betting platform should at a minimum have a working license and many other happy customers. This will all help to make your betting experience a whole lot better. Have a look at these things before you bet on the next Liverpool match, and maybe both you and your favourite team can take home a well-deserved win.
  11. There are many reasons why online casinos are a better choice than their land-based counterparts. For one, online casinos offer a much wider range of games than you would find in a land-based casino. They also provide more bonuses and promotions, and the wagering requirements are usually lower. In addition, new online casino providers are more convenient since you can play from the comfort of your own home. How is gambling online different from gambling in a land-based casino? If you are someone who gets nervous around large crowds or feels intimidated by the atmosphere of a casino, then gambling online may be a better option for you. Lights in brick-and-mortar casinos are always dim, the atmosphere is gloomy and the noise coming from slot machines tends to be distracting to many. There are a few reasons why online casinos are generally a better choice than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Online casinos offer a wider variety of games than most land-based casinos. This means that you’re more likely to find the game you’re looking for, and you’re also more likely to find a game that suits your budget. You can also find more information about the games online and read reviews before you play. Better odds and bonuses Online casinos offer better odds and payouts than land-based casinos. This is because they have lower overheads, and they can therefore afford to offer better deals to their players. Online casinos are also more convenient than land-based casinos. You can play at an online casino any time of day or night, from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to worry about dress codes or travel plans, and you can play for as long or as short a time as you like. A lot of online casinos offer some really great options that can make your experience more immersive. Virtual reality, augmented reality and live dealers are worth mentioning. Next, online casinos offer bonuses and promotions that land-based casinos cannot match. Finally, online casinos are safe and secure. They use the latest security technologies to protect your personal and financial information, different kinds of encryption methods, and authentication. Online casinos are also more convenient as you can deposit and withdraw money using a variety of methods. You also usually get to collect your potential winnings faster when you withdraw your funds from an online casino.
  12. Football stars are some of the top people who own luxury cars in the UK. Many acquire these fast cars for their status, sophistication, and speed. Others buy them simply because they can afford them. Some football stars are genuine petrol heads and big fans of motorsport. Many football players are fans of different forms of motorsport. From Formula One down to NASCAR’s Ally 400 and other races, finding a footballer at these races is not rare, especially if the race coincides with an international football break. Limitations of a football player’s busy career A footballer’s active playing career is very busy. Finding the opportunity to take on extra activities proves difficult for most footballers because of their crazy schedules. Between playing for their clubs and representing their national teams, there is only a little time left to do anything else. Many footballers who are passionate about motorsport only live their dreams through the cars they drive. Motorsport sounds exciting, but many people cannot overcome the fears of driving at top speed, so they’d rather watch from afar. Top Football Names Associated with Motorsport Jerzy Dudek Dudek’s 2005 UEFA Champions League heroics in Istanbul cannot be forgotten quickly by Liverpool fans. The Polish goalkeeper picked on an active motorsport career after retiring from football in 2011. Dudek finished his first full season with the Volkswagen Castrol Cup in 2014 by competing with other drivers in races organized in several Eastern Europe circuits during the summer. Dudek had a passion for motor racing before pursuing a career in football as he used to race go-karts. The shot-stopper was an active motorsport player between 2013 to 2016. Fabien Barthez The French world cup winning goalkeeper kick-started his motorsport career in 2008 by competing in the Porsche Carrera Cup and the THP Spider cup. Barthez won his first race at the second race of the FFSA Series in Spain at the Circuito de Navarra in 2012. A year later, Barthez became French GT Champion. Since 2014, Barthez has competed in the 2014, 2016, and 2017 editions of the 24 hours Le Man race. Conclusion Many football stars look up to these names on their motorsport journey. The likes of Barthez and Dudek have shown that you can play football to the highest level and still have a fulfilling experience with motorsport. What is most important is having a passion for motorsport.
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    3 Tips On How To Get Into Soccer

    Soccer is one the most famous sports in the whole wide world. It’s almost impossible to not hear something about soccer in everyday life. Maybe all of your mates are really into soccer, but you still haven’t just quite developed the same feeling for the sport. Maybe that’s because you need to get a better understanding of the sport, so you’ll be able to enjoy it more with your friends. There are different ways you can try to achieve this, which will be explained in this article. When your mates are posting videos from soccer games, it might look like they’re having real fun and that is also what these live matches are about. It’s not the sport, it’s also the community, the vibe, the cheering, and all the excitement of being a part of something. That’s important to remember, even if you’re not so much into the sport. Start your research If you don’t know enough about soccer, then start researching. Read about the sport, how you play it and all the benefits. Soon the 2022 World Cup will be happening and that’s a huge event, which could be relevant for you to learn more about. Aside from reading about soccer in general, you might want to look up some more information about World Cup soccer 2022, so you and your friends can share this information with each other. Go to a live match with your mates If you’ve never been to a live soccer match, then you’re in for a treat. Just as described earlier, it’s an unbelievable experience. For example, you’re in for the world of fun at Anfield or Old Trafford. So, the next time your mates are going to see a live match, go with them and experience it for yourself. Maybe you’ll find the sport more interesting afterward. If not, it's still an experience. Watching the game live is a cultural experience in every country because the sport is so appreciated and honored. Play soccer yourself Okay, the best way to figure out if you like a sport is obviously to try it out yourself. If you played soccer as a kid, you might even be able to find that interest again. Many adults rediscover their interest in a certain sport later on in life. You could maybe check out what soccer options are available in your local area and see how well you’ll vibe with it.
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    A long farewell to Firmino

    Roberto Firmino’s debut for Liverpool in August 2015 saw him replace Jordon Ibe as a second-half substitute and join Christian Benteke in attack during an entirely unconvincing 1-0 victory away at Stoke City. Said campaign would end with the Reds stumbling their way to an eighth-place finish. How times change, with the last few years seeing Jurgen Klopp’s side make a habit of collecting major honours while mounting sustained challenges for those that fall tantalisingly out of reach. For the most part, a hard-working Brazilian forward has figured prominently in those plans. With the likes of Ibe and Benteke upgraded to Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah, Firmino has become a Champions League and Premier League title winner. More of the same is expected in 2022-23, with betting on football very much siding with a Liverpool team that are 12/5 to restore domestic dominance next season. Decisions could be taken out of Firmino’s hands, and he may experience a change of heart if game time proves to be in short supply over the first half of the upcoming campaign, but those remain issues to be addressed at another time. For now, a long farewell should be enjoyed by all concerned. Remember the good times, hope for a few more, and agree that a parting of ways will happen – whenever that day comes – on the best of terms. Only two more efforts are required by Firmino in order to reach 100 in the famous red of Liverpool and it would be fitting if he were allowed to reach that mark before any farewells are bid. After all, ‘Si senor, give the ball to Bobby and he will score’.
  15. Darwin Nunez is a Red as Jurgen landed his top target to start the summer off with a bang. An initial fee of £64m potentially rising to £85m could see the Uruguayan become the club's most expensive signing and his arrival understandably has the fans hugely excited. Chris Smith is joined by Julian Richards, Paul Natton and TLW Editor Dave Usher as the lads talk all things Darwin.
  16. Monday Jun 13: Apparently Richarlison is off to Spurs, meaning the three biggest cunts in the entire league will all be playing in the same forward line. The Blues are basically selling him for the same amount they bought him for from Watford, which just highlights how fucking woeful they are at transfers. I also can’t help but laugh at the thought of them all singing for Spurs a few years back ahead of the Champions League Final, only to know lose their best player to them. And now “Richy lad” is posting pictures on Insta of him wearing a San Antonio Spurs jersey. Life sure comes at you fast when you’re an Evertonian. As for us, still no Nunez deal but it’s edging closer and he’s had a medical today so unless there’s a Fekir style incident he’ll be unveiled tomorrow probably. We are also close to signing the kid from Aberdeen, but the price has gone up now apparently (probably because Aberdeen have been reading twitter and think we’re the new Man City). He must be really good because we don’t really need him. Gomez is a capable back up for Trent and we also have Connor Bradley, who is the same age as this Scottish kid. So we wouldn’t be signing him unless he’s boss. Meanwhile, I don’t follow Curtis Woodhouse on twitter but for some reason loads of his stuff pops up on my timeline. The last day or so has been some top notch trolling of United fans, who are going fucking nuts about it. What's he said? Well it all started with a reply to a tweet asking “when you hear the term over-rated who do you think of”. Woodhouse said “Paul Scholes” and triggered United twitter in a big way. He could have left it at that, but the more United fans went after him, the more he started talking about Gerrard and how he was miles better than Scholes.... Every word he said was true and what makes it even better is he isn’t even a Liverpool fan. I’ve said this before but I’ll repeat myself because I like saying it. Paul Scholes was a very good player who nobody outside of United gave much of a fuck about, until out of absolutely nowhere Xavi said he was the best player he ever came up against, and suddenly people started talking him up to make themselves sound more knowledgeable. *strokes chin* “Oh Paul Scholes was definitely the best English midfielder of his generation, it’s just that not everyone is knowledgeable enough about the game to see the incredible things he did”. Yeah, no cunt saw it while he was actually playing. Funny that isn’t it? The myth of Scholes has grown year on year since he retired and it’s all because of people who know nothing trying to make themselves look like some kind of wise football sage. Paul Scholes was never, at any time in his career, one of the top three players at his own fucking club, let alone anything else. There, I feel better having got that off my chest. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that 'the Week that Was' is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £3 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  17. Monday Jun 6: New deal for Milner. He’s taken a pay cut and agreed a one year deal. He says the parade influenced his decision to stay and you know that’s not bullshit either. There’s that clip on Hendo’s insta where Milner says to him “mate, what am I fucking seeing? Wow!”. Just a shame Sadio and Mo weren’t suitably moved. Milner is the last of a dying breed though. Well, maybe Hendo too. He’s like Milner-Lite. On the subject of our Egyptian King though, not great developments this past weekend regarding him. Apparently he played for Egypt despite being injured and having refused LFC’s request for him to have a scan. Now he’s missing their next game because of it. Lots of Reds are unhappy about it and I get that. I’m not particularly arsed because Mo’s international situation isn’t the same as, say, Virgil’s or Fabinho’s. He carries the weight of an entire nation and there’s huge pressure on him to play. If the injury wasn’t that bad and he though he could play through it, whatever. He’s done it enough times for us over the years. This is only really an issue because of the contract. I agree it isn’t a good look and it appears that his relationship with the club is becoming strained, but I don’t think this is a big deal and I’ve got more important things to be mad at him for than this. Meanwhile, Trent is getting ‘slammed’ (© every click bait website in the land) for not singing the National Anthem. This is a bit unfair because when you watch the video his lips are moving a little. He’s not giving it the full chest out Captain Brexit Stuart Pearce routine, but there is movement of the lips. Granted, he’s probably booing or singing YNWA, but they can’t prove that so this criticism seems harsh. Funny thing is, someone on Twitter dug out an old clip from years ago of Gary Neville standing there, lips firmly closed, defiantly not singing. There have been loads of players down the years that haven’t sung, but flag shagging has become a national obsession in recent years (taken to whole new levels this past weekend with the jubilee and people waving at a fucking hologram of the queen). I hope Trent sticks to his guns and doesn’t sing next time too. The highlight of the last few days though was an Everton fan site running a news piece on Sigurdsson being allowed to leave on a free and somehow managing to completely avoid the David Unsworth sized elephant in the room…. I mean that’s some serious North Korean style shit right there. Staying with the Blues though and that despicable piece of shit Richarlison got in a bit of a disagreement with Vinicius Jr in training with Brazil. This shocked me to be honest. The biggest Liverpool hater in football not seeing eye to eye with the lad who just scored the goal to beat us in a European Cup Final? What the hell could have brought that on? Maybe Vinicius Jr didn’t appreciate him trying to suck him off for an instagram post to impress the Blues. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that 'the Week that Was' is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £3 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  18. Betting on football is certainly an entertaining way to add to the excitement of each match, however, the football industry is a risky one and your personal biases can easily cloud your judgment and lead to financial losses. So, if you are looking for a way to simply unwind and take your mind off the stresses of daily life, then you can play the Book of Ra demo without any risks. Although the dream of winning the quadruple has been crushed by their narrow defeat in the Champions League Final and Manchester City's consistency throughout their Premier League campaign, the 2021/2022 Liverpool season was nothing short of outstanding. Beating Chelsea on two separate occasions to lift both the Carabao and the FA Cup are just some of the testaments to the quality of the players Jurgen Klopp had available during the season. While they all played a significant role in this year's success, the following is our attempt to pick the five most notable contributors in the squad that can undoubtedly go down as one of the most feared Premier League sides the football world has ever witnessed. #5 Diogo Jota We all know stats can often be misleading, but that is not the case when it comes to Diogo Jota's 2021/2022 campaign. His 15 Goals, 4 Assists, and 44 Pass interceptions show that the Portuguese striker has been a big part of Klopp's Gegenpressing winning machine. Averaging a little over 3 shots per match and over 7 touches in the opponent's 18-yard box demonstrates how big of a threat Jota has been for Liverpool's opponents throughout the 2021/22 season. #4 Virgil Van Dijk Although there were some doubts about his comeback following his gruesome injury in the 2020/21 season, Virgil Van Dijk has yet again managed to prove the skeptics wrong by being back to his very best. Liverpool's 18 clean sheets throughout the last season are proof of the Dutchman's defensive prowess. As pleasant as it is to watch him tackling opposition strikers, Virgil's game is much more than that. The leadership of the Dutch man-mountain and his ability to impose his influence on his teammates show that he truly is the backbone of Liverpool's back line. #3 Trent Alexander-Arnold The task of selecting a starting right-back for England's National team can certainly cause headaches, and players like Trent Alexander-Arnold are the reason for it. His game-reading ability, his mastery of making progressive passes, and his capability of delivering passes in the final third make him one of the most versatile full-backs we have seen in recent times. Being able to deliver a great cross in high-pressure moments also makes him a valuable asset during attacking set-pieces. At the age of 23, Trent was second on last season's Premier League assists list, and he is undoubtedly Gareth Southgate's top choice full-back for the upcoming World Cup. He has been one of the most consistent Liverpool players for the 2021/22 season, and easily makes it #3 on our top 5 Liverpool players for 2022. #2 Sadio Mane His incredible proficiency at seeking space behind the opponent's back-line, his killer instinct, and his tremendous finishing ability are just some of the things that make Sadio one of the greatest attacking players in the world. Although he went through a goal-scoring dry spell in the Premier League, Sadio managed to lead Senegal to victory in the African Cup of Nations. Coming back from his national duties, Sadio successfully silenced the critics by delivering numerous sensational performances and scoring many vital goals for Liverpool this year. His mix of determination and physicality and his unwavering capability to press the opponents make him a key asset to Jurgen Klopp's style of play. Mane played 46 matches in all competitions and managed to bury the ball in the back of the net on 23 different occasions. #1 Mohamed Salah 31 goals and 16 assists in 45 appearances vividly tell the story of the spectacular season the Egyptian King had. His 23 goals in the Premier League helped him share the Golden Boot with Tottenham Hotspur's Son Heung-min, and his 13 assists placed him at the top of the assists list. From his hat-trick at Old Trafford to his dazzling solo goal against Manchester City or his myriad of incredible performances in the Champions League, Mo Salah's never ceased to amaze with his constant excellence throughout the last season. Liverpool's talisman was recognized for his extraordinary performances by being awarded the prestigious PFA Players' Player of the Year award. We definitely can't think of a more deserving recipient, can we?
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    PODCAST: Darwin Nunez is a Red

    Darwin Nunez is a Red as Jurgen landed his top target to start the summer off with a bang. An initial fee of £64m potentially rising to £85m could see the Uruguayan become the club's most expensive signing and his arrival understandably has the fans hugely excited. Chris Smith is joined by Julian Richards, Paul Natton and TLW Editor Dave Usher as the lads talk all things Darwin.
  20. Report by Dave Usher It’s nice when a game goes pretty much as expected and how it should do. I said it when we played Arsenal, that was a game where we should be twatting them because they’re just perfectly set up for us to exploit. And exploit we did. This one was a little different in that it had nothing to do with their style of play being a good match up for us, it was just a case of us being miles better than them. They shouldn’t be able to live with us, and it turns out they couldn’t. The only way we were not going to win this game, and win it handsomely, would be if we went out there and basically threw up all down ourselves. Everton have nothing that we should be worried about. They’re a lower/mid table team, without their main goal threat, they’re in terrible form and their fans fucking hate them. Everything was pointing to a big away win for us and that’s what happened. That doesn’t make it any less enjoyable though. This was fucking boss. It was an absolute beatdown and even though the game appeared to be in the balance for a time when it was 2-1, realistically it was never really in doubt given the huge gulf in class between the two sides. The home crowd were furious, obviously. They always are. The life of an Everton presents two options. Misery or anger. Sometimes the two cross over, but generally Blues fall into one category or the other. It must be the most miserable of existences. In terms of this game though I don’t know what they were wanting from their team. They were booed off, the atmosphere was toxic and Rafa will bear a lot of the brunt of it. Here’s the thing, and this isn’t a defence of Benitez in any way. I haven’t done that since some time around late 2008. This is simply a fact. Everton are not a good football team, irrespective of who the manager is. Liverpool on the other hand, are probably the best team in the world when firing on all cylinders, which we are pretty close to doing at the moment. United lost 5-0 at home to us. Arsenal and Southampton were swept aside 4-0. Watford, who beat Everton 4-1 the other week, conceded five to us a week prior to that. So I would ask Evertonians, what exactly did you expect here? You can’t live with us. We’re in a completely different league currently and if this game was played ten times, this probably wouldn’t even be the biggest beating you’d take. That’s not bravado, or gloating, or any of that. It’s just a fact. Look at how we started this game. We had two gilt edged chances in the first two minutes. The opening 20 minutes of this game we were imperious and much better sides than Everton wouldn’t have been able to cope with it. You could see that our lads had a score to settle after the two derby games last season and there was just no way Everton were going to be able to withstand that. The Blues can get angry with Rafa and their players all they like, but it’s stupid. It’s like putting Ronnie Corbett in the ring with Mike Tyson and then berating him when he gets battered. This was a mismatch, pure and simple. We went into this game with our best eleven players (you can argue the toss over Bobby and Jota if you like, but I don’t think that’s even really a debate now with how dangerous Jota is) and our best eleven players are scary as fuck. You hear all the time from opposing players and managers just how hard it is to play against us, so a team with Michael Keane as the defensive lynchpin and Saloman Rondon leading the line is always going to be in trouble. From the opening seconds our lads were right at it. We forced a corner immediately and Matip should have scored. Poor header that, but he is very much hit and miss in those situations. A minute later Mo should have scored when for some reason he went with his left foot rather his head from a Robbo cross. In fairness he was probably expecting Pickford to being doing something mad, such as flying through the air with his boot raised like Bruce Lee. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full report Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
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    Can Mo Salah Win the Ballon d’Or

    As the dust begins to settle on Liverpool’s outstanding 2021/22 campaign in which they went so close to a historic and unprecedented quadruple, talk has already started to look at the Ballon d'Or favourites.. Liverpool winger Mohamed Salah has enjoyed another tremendous season, with both club and country strengthening talk that he could become the first Liverpool player to win the prestigious award since Michael Owen’s 2001 success. Trophies and Near-Misses Salah enjoyed a tremendous season with Liverpool, who enjoyed two trophy wins at home and went perilously close to a clean-sweep home and abroad. Double success in the League Cup and FA Cup finals, both times against Chelsea, would have constituted a highly successful campaign in any case. However, missing out on a historic quadruple by wafer-thin margins as Manchester City pipped them to the Premier League title and Real Madrid’s heroic rearguard in Paris edging The Reds in the Champions League has only strengthened Salah’s credentials. In the African Cup of Nations at the start of the year, Salah was the catalyst for Egypt’s run to the final. They were edged out on penalties after taking Liverpool team-mate Sadio Mane’s Senegal into extra-time. Salah’s attacking thrust was crucial for the Pharoah’s near-success in a side set-up to defend. Salah’s Numbers The 2021/22 season has seen Salah achieve numbers of staggering consistency for Liverpool. In the Premier League, he averaged better than one goal contribution every match with 23 goals and 13 assists in 35 games, while eight goals in just 13 Champions League matches were instrumental in taking the Reds to another continental final. His goal haul in the Premier League was enough to give him a third Premier League Golden Boot, an award shared with Tottenham’s Heung-min Son, while his number of assists was a league-high, bringing him the Playmaker of the Year award. His record of 31 goals in 51 Liverpool appearances in all competitions matched his record in the 2020/21 season, taking him beyond the 30-goal mark in a Liverpool shirt for the third time in his five seasons with the club. Indeed, such was Salah’s impact on Liverpool this season, he was awarded the Men’s Player of the Season, just ahead of Alison Becker. Voting Changes Something that could benefit Salah, given the season he has enjoyed during 2021/22, both with Egypt and Liverpool, are changes to the way voting for the Ballon d’Or takes place. In previous years, voters have considered a full calendar year when casting their vote. So, for example, the 2021 award was awarded to the player deemed to have had the most successful calendar year. This year, the voting is based on an entire season instead so that the panel will consider an individual’s impact across the 2021/22 season. In addition, previous awards have been voted for by jurors from every FIFA-member nation. This year, France Football has announced that they will be limiting the panel to jurors from the top 100 FIFA-ranked countries to increase the level of expertise reflected in the vote. Finally, a three-point criterion has been introduced. Firstly individual performance and how decisive they have been to their team; secondly, the collective performance of the player’s team and thirdly, the player’s class and fair play. These changes could play into Salah’s hands come October, with him becoming only the second African winner of Football’s most prestigious individual prize, backing up Andy Robertson’s recent assertion that Mo Salah is currently the best player in World Football.
  22. Luis Diaz may have arrived at Liverpool during the January transfer window as something of an unknown quantity, but it did not take the Colombian winger long to make his presence felt at Anfield. Within a matter of weeks, the talented South American felt like part of the furniture. A clearly confident character wasted little time in adjusting to the demands of life in English football, with six goals and four assists recorded across 26 appearances in all competitions. He collected major silverware within weeks of his arrival, in a League Cup triumph over Chelsea, and would go on to start FA Cup and Champions League finals before his debut campaign on Merseyside was done. The expectation is that there is more to come from Diaz heading forward, with Liverpool priced at 2/1 in football odds for Premier League title glory in 2022-23 and 5/1 to capture another European crown – having fallen agonisingly short in those quests last season. It remains to be seen how long either of those talismanic figures will be sticking around at Anfield, with there plenty of speculation to be found regarding summer moves elsewhere for either or both. If they were to depart, then obvious voids would need to be filled quickly in Klopp’s plans. Diaz has, like Diogo Jota before him, offered enough to suggest that he is capable of filling the boots of illustrious team-mates and becoming a superstar in his own right. He may soon be left with little choice but to pick up that baton. With talk of more incomings gathering pace, as the exit rumours rage on, Liverpool need those already in the building to step up to the plate. Diaz has been doing that in some style, but a learning curve may become a lot steeper before it starts to flatten out.
  23. Monday May 30: Fucking hell, the fallout from Paris is mental. Horror stories from fans, brilliant reporting by journalists on the scene and outrageous lies from those trying to cover up their failings. It’s genuinely incredible what the French government is trying to do here. At least make your story a little bit believable. Initially the authorities tried to say the fans arrived late. That was quickly proven to be nonsense. Now they’re saying it was 30-40,000 fans without tickets or with forgeries that was the problem. Just think about that for a second. The capacity is 80k. If you add 40k onto that you have 120k fans at the stadium. So if the stadium was full you’d have 40k outside. The stadium wasn’t even full, as loads of Reds have shown by taking photos of empty rows of seats when the game kicked off. There weren’t 40k outside though, so how do they expect these lies to stand up? Then there’s the logistics of the whole thing. 40k forged tickets? How would they know that? Where are those forgeries? Are they including all of the genuine tickets that failed to scan because their system was fucking shit? Robbo has already told us about his brother being told his ticket was fake even though it came from the club. Loads of fans have said similar too. There are also tales of fans having genuine tickets taken off them by stewards at the gate and then being turned away. And while all of this was going on, local rats were climbing fences and running into the stadium unopposed. The security risk there is scary as fuck. Any one of them could have had a fucking bomb or some kind of weapon and none of them were searched. The ones who didn’t bunk in were outside robbing and slashing fans (not just ours either, Madrid fans suffered exactly the same treatment by police, stewards and local gangs, just on a smaller scale). There were potentially deadly crushes on the way to the stadium as well as outside the gates, and the police made that even worse by throwing tear gas canisters that caused panic in an already dangerously crowded area. Then they were randomly pepper spraying people as they just stood there doing nothing. This time it isn’t just our word that it was happening. In this modern era everyone has access to video so it’s easy to get the message out. It helped that basically every big hitter in the English sports media were there witnessing it, and some of them were right in the middle of it. Jason Burt from the Telegraph got pepper sprayed, while Henry Winter was there handing out water to fans who had been tear gassed. He’s a pompous, annoying arse but I’ve always been told by people who have had dealings with him that he’s a really nice, genuine guy and he showed that here. He was also fighting our corner on Talksport this morning too. This time the lies won’t stick. Not just over here either. The French media are fucking slaughtering their government for the lies. The Spanish press aren’t blaming our fans either. In fact, there’s been a lot of media coverage praising the behaviour of our crowd under the extreme provocation they were under. Our own media are 100% in our corner too. It’s a weird feeling really, we’re not used to this. I spent most of today reading about all this and watching horrific videos and it’s just so depressing. I needed a palate cleanser so watched the footage of the parade. What a day that was. It started off a bit subdued but by the end of it everyone was having the time of their life. Hendo even described it as one of the best days of his life. You could see how much some of the others were loving it too. Konate was dragged over for an interview and he wanted no part of it because he wanted to be hanging over the side of the bus interacting with the crowds. He was buzzing off it. Diaz at the front of the bus was having a blast too. Days like this will stay with these lads and spur them on in the future. It was mad that they had Calvin Harris DJ’ing too. Apparently that was Robbo’s doing. Imagine that conversation in the group chat. Hendo: “Ok, the gaffer says he’s bringing the ale, we need someone to sort a DJ.” Robbo “I’ve got a mate who says he doesn’t mind helping out”. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that 'the Week that Was' is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £3 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  24. Report by Dave Usher I said during the week that when we missed out on the title last weekend I was gutted far more for Klopp and the players than I was for myself and the rest of the fanbase. After this one, I feel the opposite. I’m gutted for us. Proper gutted and down in the dumps about it. We needed this after last week and it would have been fucking amazing to add number seven and parade it around town. Last week the lads took care of business in their own game but they had no control over what happened elsewhere. They’d had an incredible season and did all they could in the run in but it wasn’t enough. That’s why I felt so bad for them. It wasn’t in their hands but they did all they could. There’s no regrets over the league, only resentment that we were beaten by cheats. This was different. This trophy was in their hands. All they had to do was go out and beat a team who they are clearly superior to. Sadly they couldn’t do it and therefore it’s not really like last week. Our players can have no complaints after this because the bottom line is they just didn’t do enough to win. It’s not that they were outplayed, far from it. We dominated the game and Madrid offered virtually nothing in attack. But they scored and we didn’t. Even though we were clearly the better side overall, Madrid played exactly the way they wanted to and I don’t think we can say the same. It’s massively disappointing and it’s a missed opportunity because we haven’t lost to a great team. We should be beating them but it’s Real Madrid in this competition and for whatever reason (not going to get into the “aura of the competition again” but it is a thing) it’s much easier said than done. Mind you, the whole night just had really bad fucking juju about it. There was the disgusting way the fans were treated which resulted in a delayed kick off, and all that drama with Thiago where it looked like he wasn’t going to play, then he was, then he wasn’t, then eventually he did. It just had a bad feeling before it even started. The most disheartening thing about the performance is that I never felt at any point in the second half that we would score. It wasn’t just me either, all the lads I was watching with had the same feeling. You could just tell we weren’t right in the final third and it was a tough watch. Everything up until there was sound, but it was one of those games we have from time to time where the decision making in and around the box is just generally awful. We picked the worst possible time to have one those performances. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £3 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  25. Back in early April, Liverpool agreed on the transfer of 19-year-old Fulham star Fabio Carvalho. The deal was officially confirmed just before the Champions League final. Insider Fabrizio Romano reports that the sides have agreed on £5 million and £2.7 million in possible bonuses. Fulham will receive 20% of the future sale of the player. Let's take a brief look at a young soccer player's recent successes, because in today's world there is no such thing as "too little information," especially if you're into football wagers. The first news of Jurgen Klopp's serious interest in the midfielder came at the end of last year. In January the clubs almost agreed, Fabio even underwent a medical check-up, but it was not possible to formalise the documents in time, so the transfer was postponed. Klopp has no plans to keep the boy on loan: a five-year contract and straight into the main squad. The deal was profitable for both sides: Liverpool gets the brightest player in the Championship, while Fulham gets money for a player whose contract expires in the summer. Top clubs like Man Utd and Real Madrid competed for Fabio, but the Merseysiders were ahead of all of them. The interest is understandable: the 19-year-old Carvalho is a classy player and has scored 11 goals (while adding 7 assists) in 36 games. When Fabio was asked about a move to Liverpool, even before the official announcement of the transfer he got shy and blushed a little - even making his teammate Aleksandar Mitrovic laugh. It seems they both knew something already at the time. Carvalho's rise at Fulham has been swift: in 2020, when he turned 18, he was already a part of Fulham's main squad for the League Cup, and in May 2021 he played in the PL for the first time. Just two weeks later, the lad scored his league debut goal against Southampton. "Carvalho's performance doesn't surprise me. He's in the team because we're looking for someone to score goals and crash the nets," coach Scott Parker praised the kid. - "He gets on the field to make the magic happen. Fabio is doing well, and we're very happy for him. He's scoring goals at the adult level, he doesn't need any adjustment time at all. From this day forward, he is a ray of light at Fulham." In July, Parker, who couldn't keep the club in the PL, was replaced by Portuguese Marco Silva - and the compatriots quickly found common ground. Marco said he immediately hit it off with the frisky kid, and after his first training session he realized he wanted the youngster at the center of the project. It changed Fabio and his attitude toward his team - after the relegation he was ready to leave for the Portuguese championship, just not to play in England. "We wanted to give up the contract with Fulham and ask for a transfer back in the summer," the player's father recalled. - "We were worried about that, because we are grateful to the club for our son's career. But then Silva appeared and changed everything. He talked to Fabio and promised him a place in the starting lineup. Marco fascinated us and told us he was going to make my son a real star. Silva was not lying - Carvalho had been in the starting lineup since the start of the season and had not dropped out of it even after he broke down for a month. In the first round of the championship the Portuguese scored only 4 +1 . But since January he has hardly left the field and even scored against Man City in the Cup at the Etihad, although his team lost 1:4.