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    • If Corbyn goes then say goodbye to any left wing policies that come with him.  Do people never learn?  Picking some middle class 50 year old white fella because he’s more likely to get votes is what got us into the mess we are in today.  Despite the absolutely massive membership the odds are firmly stacked in the right wing side of the party’s favour.  They will never make the same mistake again of having someone who is economically left wing on the leadership ballot until the rules are changed significantly and the constituencies can pick their own candidates from scratch.   The further right wing the Labour Party becomes economically then the further right the tories can push their own agenda.  It’s not rocket science and this delusion that winning is the only thing that matters is quite frankly laughable.  Winning is huge but only if you’re willing to change things if you do win.
    • The collapse of the Soviet Union has been a boon to the Salisbury tourist industry. 
    • ... and hadn't fulfilled his potential: hence, a missed opportunity. 
    • Gravytits wanted to bring Aubemeyang to Everton.    I don't know why he didn't just go to Dortmund and slap the money on the table.    https://talksport.com/football/479220/sam-allardyce-pierre-emerick-aubameyang-everton-arsenal/     Of course, they still have the option of waiting until he's winding his career down at 33 and signing him for half a season, like they did with Eto'o.
    • Ridiculously hot weather for this time of year training fucker....   Can he do it on a cold wet Wednesday morning at Melwood though?