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    No shit...I was getting score updates on that game in the waiting area of the hospital while they prepped my wife for an emergency C-section. Within an hour my twin boys were born at 27.5 weeks! This was yesterday. Fair to say they've been good luck charms for Klopp's Red Machine. Cheers boys!
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    My dad died yesterday morning (he was 83 and had been ill). It’s very sad to see the utter hatred these cunts have now. Wall pushing gestures etc. My dad was a blue. He wouldn’t have condoned that sort of thing. He took me the Cup Final in 86 when I was a kid. And again in 88 and 92 even though we weren’t playing Everton. He cheered at some of the goals when we beat Barcelona 4-0 last season. As Everton become more and more shite over the years he made out he wasn’t arsed but I think deep down he was. If they do go down I’m just glad he won’t be around to see it. Because although their fan base has obviously loads more cunts around now it hasn’t always been this bad.
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    Went to the community center today to spend the day putting on a Christmas dinner for; the homeless, those below the poverty line, refugees and those, who are well - just lonely and on their own. Knackered now after doing our dinner when we get back after laying and setting the tables, serving to everyone and delivering meals to those who couldn't make it to the center. And as like last year, yes, that's my champion of champions of trifles taking center stage on the afters table. Merry Christmas GF'ers and peace and good will to all and lets hope that next year, a smattering of socialism and care for one another, spreads its ever so tiny little wings into this clusterfuck of greed and egocentric capitalisn shitfest, that we call a nation. Merry Christmas.
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    First team to concede 5 on Amazon Prime.
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    Hello to all SammyAftershave’s buddies on here. I’m Andy’s sister. I’ve read all of your lovely comments and am very appreciative. Andy sadly passed away in November last year, he’s missed beyond words. He had a nice letter and signed picture from Mr Klopp which he was thrilled about. I wrote to the Club and explained about his lifelong love of LFC. Some of his ashes are on the Memorial and some were secretly scatter in his beloved Kop, on Derby day. Thank you all again and Andy Will Never Walk Alone x
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    My girlfriend made me this, starting last year and spent countless hours with it. It has 13,400 stitches, it's finally finished now and I'm going have it framed. It's lovely, going up in the sitting room too, she loves Liverpool and Jurgen.
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    Nearly a year sober as I’m in recovery. The old demons have been swirling around a bit more due to the current situation though. Perfectly normal I suppose. I’m a nurse as well so the thought of dealing with work in the current climate and relapsing and going in hungover etc doesn’t bear thinking about. If I can get through this without having a bevvy I’ll look back on this period and be proud of myself.
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    My mother seems to be on the mend thank Christ. Hope you are all safe and well.
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    Okay guys I’ve shit out of full nude so this will have to do....
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    I got this note from Gordon (Pistonbroke), from his hospital bed in Bielefeld, and he asked me to pass it on to "the lads": After a rough night I'm feeling a bit better, being on drips with liquid medicine is having an effect. Had all tests done for corona and have to wait 48 hours or thereabouts for the results. 8 people were taken to the city hospital with the same symptoms, but none of us has a high fever. So we are all lined up to have a camera shoved down our airways to check on them and lungs. That is planned for today as I'm nil by mouth. I'll let you know more once I get the results from both the camera and the corona test...
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    Just won my second CAMRA award. Leeds pub of the month for March. Get the fuck in.
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    Most Saturdays and occasionally on a sunday.
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    Thanks for the good will gestures. I also have a blood clot on each lung, which I'm on anti-coagelants for which was terrifying when they told me but they said it's very treatable and the Drs aren't concerned. In some ways the Covid could have saved me as I would never have known about the blood clots on my lungs and would have been a ticking time bomb. I'm a bit up and down but can't fault the hospital staff, they've been nothing but compassionate, attentive and professional. This infection is definitely no joke. I'm 33 and it's absolutely fucked me over. These idiots not following the guidelines don't realise the implications of what this can do to you, it's most certainly not just a bit of 'flu'.
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    Probably because he grew up a red, so isn't full bitter. I've posted it on here before, but will again as I think it's a cracker. I love his story about an 80s derby at anfield. He banged into a tackle on the touchline with Steve McMahon and fell into the kemlyn road stand. The fella he landed on screams at him you dirty blue bastard, he looks at the fella and it was his uncle!
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    Been laid low with this bastard virus. All three of us have had it. Adrianna is fine but me and Gail have barely been able to move since Thursday. I was doing the diary last week but was too ill to finish it. The last hour or so I've suddenly started feeling more like normal so hopefully I've turned the corner now. Will try and get it finished when I'm up to it, so will probably just do a two week diary and post up this weekend. I'd started on the match report from the 86 final too. Was making good progress on it until I got sick. Looking at posting that next Monday, as the plan is to post the reports up on Mondays just like normal.
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    I tested positive for the virus but am out of hospital now. Just feel light-headed as fuck due to the blood thinners. There wasn't many young people in hospital with the virus, I was only in there due to the blood clots in my lungs. The 'younger' people tended to be fat, conversely I saw very old people with the virus that appeared to be dealing with it okay, their main issues were the complete inability to care for themselves such as incontinence, feeding, etc but that's probably their general level of independence. Fortunately I did not get close to the ICU, so can't comment on the demographic in there. There appeared to be plenty PPE available for staff and enough beds but this is just the tip of the iceberg.
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    This happened earlier this morning, our daughter finally joined us. Mrs Juniper was in labour for 48 bloody hours without hardly any pain relief for 43 of them. Shes an absolute beast that girl.
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    How many seasons have City been banned from the Champions League for, Pep?
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    So what you're basically saying is they are f**ked? (Hi all by the way. Been lurking for years but recently bought a half season ticket).
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    They've been selling their best players for years to keep their head above water. Once that well ran dry they end up losing £120m, have a £350m owner loan and creatively gained £30m for empty space from Uncle Uzzy to keep them from being done under the premiership sustainability rules. (Nobody will investigate that of course) Paying off multiple managers and staff and buying shit players on high wages doesn't help either. Moshiri only took the bait from BGB because of the promise of a free new stadium and Chippy Tits using a loophole to get cheap government loans, now though it's damage limitation. His absence last night at the AGM was telling no matter what excuses they make to try to explain it. He hasn't even got a decent exit strategy now because anyone fool enough to consider buying that joke of a club would also have to pay him back the £350m he's loaned to them. Add to their woes the spiralling cost of a stadium build, I mean without a stadium to pay for they are in the shit imagine if they also had to service a £500-600m debt. Ideally they need to forget about us, scrap a new stadium plan (again) and do what they can to expand Goodison. Then if and when they break into the top 4, and consistently perform at that level... well then consider a new stadium. The truth is they're a mid table shit club that nobody outside of their little bubble gives a shit about. If they were located anywhere else in the country they wouldn't be on our radar. We only take notice of them because they keep trying to grab our attention with lies and bitterness and a lot of us have to talk to them every single day. The most famous thing about them is us.