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    I don't know yet but I'm made up: just discharged from hospital after 3 months of chemo and feeling a bit sickly; but relieved another cycle of treatment wasn't booked in, as it could have run up to the game. Three weeks now to get fighting fit to get to a pub and be able to enjoy it. Allez Allez Allez!
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    Howya lads. I’m 7lbs 2oz’s and brand spanking new today. I’m a boy too. Life is feckin mad
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    Delighted for you. I was diagnosed in November with a tumour in my tongue. Had surgery to take the bastard out within 18 days. Started radiotherapy and chemotherapy in March. The fucking pain in my mouth has been horrific. On morphine for last 6 months but trying to wean off now as the pain decreases but that is causing me to be so fucked tired. More than half my tongue is from a skin graft of my thigh - 29 stitches and is still a fair bit swollen resulting in it chafing against my teeth while asleep. Its improving all the time but it is fucking slow. Meeting my surgeon on 31st May. I'm hoping he gives me good news and I can have a double celebration on the 1st June. By the way, the season Liverpool have had has made a sick, tired and sore man very happy this past 6 months and I can't believe fans of any other club can laugh at us at the moment. We are the lucky ones. That being said, I'd be gutted if we don't win in Madrid.
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    Text my mate, who’s a massive blue and a season ticket holder, to tell him our local is charging just £2.50 a pint for all draught beers tonight, so he’s on his way over for a night on the ale. Didn’t mention that they’re showing the Istanbul CL final from 2005 in it’s entirety. He’s gonna go ape shit when he finds out.
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    Some of you have built a no wIn situation in your own minds about last night. Had City won in a last gasp fashion you’d be banging on about them being fired up by the win and Spurs deflated and likely to be smashed on Saturday. Because it’s the opposite you’re building a narrative that City will be hell bent on revenge. Of course, given how the loss to City knocked us in January, and the way they lost last night, it may give their confidence a bad knock and they may be emotionally drained. I know you want to protect yourselves against hurt, but the truth is none of us know how it will play out. We can’t control what City do, so my personal view is let’s concentrate on ourselves and the chips will fall where they may, and we should enjoy us for what we are doing. I beseech you, good burghers of the FF - come along for the ride.
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    Three years in and I've just picked up Leeds CAMRA Pub of the Month which is a fairly big deal for us.
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    Credit to Suarez, he was true to his word. He didn't celebrate at Anfield.
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    Just stopped hyperventilating. Fuckers for putting me through this. My Gran passed away today so this one is bittersweet and beautiful. Redmen forever.
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    Just done me and the mrs a cooked breakfast for tea, been on the allotment all day and was starving. Mrs asked why I was taking a photo, told her it was so I could be abused by strange men off the internet. No conker & car keys though and mug of tea and HP sauce already on the table. Here you go...
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    Love to each and every one of you for continuing to support the site, be it financially or just reading and posting. Means the world to me, it really does.
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    Don't get excited, I'm not returning just yet. Having way too much fun away from the web. I'd still like to wish each and every one of you a merry Christmas and all the best for 2019. Catch you next December.............unless we win a trophy/league....Tory bastards get voted out......Brexit is binned...... Take care all, remember that your life is way more important than others opinions. Just be true to your beliefs but be fair towards others. John, Mike, Shep.......XXXX
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    No card, no present. Nine years I was there. Fucking cunts. Couldn't be happier to be out of there.
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    They should do a Conspiracy version of We Didn’t Start The Fire. Clive Thomas, and Istanbul, Collina’s pockets full, UEFA, FA and Marc Clattenburg.. Kopites sacrificing kids, very high transfer bids, jealous of our imaginary ground, more conspiracies we’ve found. We would have won In Europe, but were always bitter and our team is shitter. We would have won in Europe, but the Redshite stopped us. We go on and on and on.....
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    I know most of us car owners are responsible ,but this is a warning to be careful about drinking and driving as we approach the new year. Last night I was out in town with a few mates One thing led to another and I had way too many red wines topped off with a few jaegerbombs, Not a good idea! Knowing I was well over the limit,I did something I've never done before...I left my car in town and decided to take a bus home. Sure enough,I passed a police check point where they were pulling over drivers and performing breathalyser tests,but because I was on a bus they just waved it past.I arrived home safely without incident which was a real surprise. I've never driven a bus before and I'm fucked if I know where I got it from or what I'm going to do with it. Happy new year to you all.!
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    My little girl has arranged for her friend to come round for tea tonight. This kid was born in America and moved here a couple of years ago. Her mum has now fucked off back to America, leaving the kid with her nan and grandad. We arranged this play date last Wednesday. The grandad said at the time “Yeah, sure, we’ve got no plans for Monday” My missus got to the school this morning and the girl came running over shouting about it being her birthday today. Now if it was my kid/granddaughter I’d want to do something to celebrate her birthday. She’s only little. Mrs Turdseye asked if he wanted to rearrange and he said no. Then when they were discussing what time he’d come and pick her up, he suggested 9pm because he had to drive into our town for something else at that time anyway. Erm, no, Turdsette is five, she’s got a 7:30 bedtime on school nights. So he said he’d come pick her up at 7 instead. How fucking callous is that? The kid’s got no mum or dad around and on her 6th birthday instead of doing something/treating her, the grandad wanted to drop her off at school in the morning and not see her until 9pm because that was a convenient time for him to drive the 15 minutes each way it would take to pick her up. Snide as fuck. Pissed me right off, it has. Now we’ve had to buy a last minute card, present, cake, etc so at least the kid has some kind of birthday.
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    People's club, cuckoo clock, Fake new ground at Bramley dock. Loads of boos, throwing kids, Lonsdale slip ons for the lids. Dixie Dean, no things red, Wiping snot on womens heads. Got loads of money, Reds will spew, Turned the Liver Buildings blue. We didn't win in Europe etc
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    Not making them work for it what fucking planet is he on. This is our highest points tally at this point in our history and we've won it 18 fucking times the stupid entitled lottery bastard.
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    No way I wasn't going to make a post after that. Origi and Wijnaldum showing Messi and that twat Suarez how to find the net....hahaha, couldn't make that up!!! Last week my youngest lad (12) went to bed crying. I had to comfort him for the best part of an hour and pass on my fatherly skills. Tonight he was hyper as Stig with 5 pussies hovering over his head and I was the one with tears in my eyes. All the best reds, hopefully my next post will be Sunday.....or the CL final. YNWA!!!!!! My tip in a game myself and the lads play was 4-0, albeit with more hope than heart at the time. Fuck it, I'm pinching a bottle of wine from the wife's guest cupboard stash.
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    James Pearce @JamesPearceEcho Liverpool FC and Klopp are happy to let Captain Turdseye go in this window without a replacement coming in. He is surplus to requirements. 10.04 am • 6 Jan 2019 • Twitter for iPhone
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    All done. Feeling, sad, proud, touched and chuffed, all in equal measure with today. Met some great people who, sadly for them, have been dealt a shit hand by life and one refugee lad from Afghanistan, who was so thankful, it almost brought a tear to this swinging brick of a blokes, eye. The lads been here just over a month and no one will talk to him where his bedsit is, as he's 'foreign'. Gave the kid a lift home and he told me that this is the most conversation he's had in the entire month he's been here and how he enjoyed the music, the food but most of all, the company. Me and Mrs Butty have both agreed we will be doing this again next year. Photies of the small hall we helped set up and my trifle taking pride of place on the dessert table. It went down a treat, so chuffed with that, even more so as the Afghan lad had never had trifle before and he loved it. The most fulfilling and rewarding Christmases Ive ever had. Now to cook mine.