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    Love all this shite about their footy 'values' They like to paint themselves as having done things the right way like Liverpool have but it's pure bullshit. They pioneered everything that's wrong with the modern game, anti-football commercialism at its worst with a history that's bought and paid for and embellished with PR spin. 'We don't buy titles like Chelsea do' except they've been outbidding clubs for players my entire adult life. We flapped around needing a centre back for years then they lose the title to arsenal and - bang - break the world transfer record for Stam. They've broken more transfer records than I can count. 'Oh we play good football' bollocks. When they had Yorke and Cole they had a purple patch of good footy but the cantona era saw them grinding out results. They became synonymous with 1-nil wins and late winners. 'We've got a long tradition of success'. Bollocks, you've got a long tradition of PR and spin. Merchandising players like Best and calling yourselves the biggest club in the world while you were winning absolutely fuck all. They had no bootroom tradition so in typical Manc fashion they tried to buy one with Moyes and Giggseh but they were both total shite. Our fans have our songs sung all over Europe, mancs get their heads kicked in all over Europe. First club to remove football club from its crest for marketing reasons. Perpetual spenders of big money, its main era of success built in a vacuum created by our own failures, and orchestrated by a man whose main drive in doing so was jealousy of Liverpool football club. They're a shadow of Liverpool football club, we're everything they want to be but can never be. The Paul Potts to our Pavarotti, the Tommy Gunn to our Rocky Balboa, the Paul Ross to our Johnathan. They're not a football club they're showbiz, z list, yesterday's man. Fuck you mancs, you lumbering sorry sack of shit.
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    My little girl has arranged for her friend to come round for tea tonight. This kid was born in America and moved here a couple of years ago. Her mum has now fucked off back to America, leaving the kid with her nan and grandad. We arranged this play date last Wednesday. The grandad said at the time “Yeah, sure, we’ve got no plans for Monday” My missus got to the school this morning and the girl came running over shouting about it being her birthday today. Now if it was my kid/granddaughter I’d want to do something to celebrate her birthday. She’s only little. Mrs Turdseye asked if he wanted to rearrange and he said no. Then when they were discussing what time he’d come and pick her up, he suggested 9pm because he had to drive into our town for something else at that time anyway. Erm, no, Turdsette is five, she’s got a 7:30 bedtime on school nights. So he said he’d come pick her up at 7 instead. How fucking callous is that? The kid’s got no mum or dad around and on her 6th birthday instead of doing something/treating her, the grandad wanted to drop her off at school in the morning and not see her until 9pm because that was a convenient time for him to drive the 15 minutes each way it would take to pick her up. Snide as fuck. Pissed me right off, it has. Now we’ve had to buy a last minute card, present, cake, etc so at least the kid has some kind of birthday.
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    I hardly ever post anymore since my daughter died, I don't know if it's that the reason I don't post much anymore but I'm more comfortable lurking I suppose. When she died 4 years ago, I was destroyed and part of me still is. I'll never get over it. There's things that I have to deal with over the last few years, that I think have stopped me grieving for her in a way that I'd like to. In many ways I've become numb to so much. I seem to be on autopilot most of the time and out of the blue, I'm floored and can barely pick my head up off the floor. For most of the time I function like everyone else, I go to work and do what other people do, but I don't get anywhere near the enjoyment out of life that I used to. And I accept that as I know why. My wife and I set up a charity, Love, Jasmine, 2 years ago in her memory and I know many of you sponsored Dougie Doins on his sponsored bike ride last year when he raised money for us - thank you!. We support other families who have gone through/going through what we are and the way people deal with it is as unique as the child they've lost. There's no right or wrong way to deal with grief. You have to find your own way. For some counselling works, for others it doesn't. Some prefer the company of others who have experienced something similar and peer support can really help with isolation. One of things that we've tried to do with the charity is give families different choices. We don't just say here's counselling and go to the GP and get medication. We provide self-care strategies such Yoga, meditation and complimentary therapies and these are available to kids and adults alike. There's counselling for those that want to try that as well as support groups and we also provide transport for families to get them to appointments, if they can't get themselves to us. Last year, we asked families what would help and so many came back to us and said respite breaks, so we bought a caravan and we now send families for respite breaks as well. I didn't mean this to sound like an advert for the charity, I guess I'm just trying to say grief is different for everyone. I see it every day in my own life at home and with the people that we work with each day.
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    I lost my brother who was also my best mate to cancer in March 2016, 9 months later my mum died of pneumonia, this was while I was going through a messy and prolonged divorce where I lost my house and had to take redundancy from a well paid job to get rid of the debts my ex wife left me with, but the death of my brother was the thing that hit me the hardest, it completely floored me and devastated me, he was like a lion, never once complained about what he was going through, never wished it on anyone else, and was more worried about other people than himself, it broke me having to go and see him while he was dying but I put on a brave face, hid the tears and went in cracking jokes and having a laugh with him, he talked about dying and it fucking almost crucified me when he was talking about it, but i think it was something he had to do, so he never saw me break, he was a Man City fan, since the early 70s when we were kids and with me being Liverpool there was plenty of banter, he died the week after we played City in the league cup final, that was the last game we ever watched together, he was drifting in and out of consciousness due to the drugs but still celebrated when City scored, before he died I wrote him a letter telling him how much I loved him and when it was his time to go he had to say hello to Elvis, John Lennon and Bruce Lee from me, and he said he would but I had to tell him the City scores whenever I went to his grave, which I do. The after affect is awful , like you're drowning and just get your breath back and another wave of grief crashes into you, I have no idea how I got through it, there's books that I read in the weeks and months after, and films I watched that I have no recollection of, I should have had counselling but I had no idea that it existed, time heals but every so often a song or a memory sneaks up and slaps you in the face, I must be made of stern stuff as I know of a couple of people that have committed suicide in my town just cos they split up from their wives/girlfriends.
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    Liverpool supporters these last 24 hours:
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    My wife and I lost the younger of our twin boys shortly before their 1st birthday. 22 years ago on the 27th of this month. I had just turned 25 and the Mrs was 21. It changed both of us so profoundly that I doubt we know who either of us might have been. Probably amazing that we are still together. Guess love makes us stronger hey.
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    What's The Story? Closet tory.
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    Because it contains the letters R, E and D.
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    Can I tell you the story of a rich boy. Who went far away from his home. To find some food pretty ugly. Usually served in an old folks home. What he offered up caused division. Was discussed call over the land. Where the beans were there in their thousands. And tomatoes were normally canned. Now the brekkie it started next morning. There was an egg that looked like the sun. I remember adopted Scouser arDja. Who paid too much just for fun. As he sat in the cafe crying crying. With red sauce running out on his egg. As he sat in cafe crying crying. He ordered another round of bread. Ooh he is a Liverpudlian. Sometimes sits on the Spion Kop. He loves some sausage. And some bacon too. And he’s laughed at quite a lot. He goes to breakfast wearing trainees. That we don’t like a lot.
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    City's owners effectively pressed the cheat button in that they've sewn every facet of football and everything linked to football right up on the premise that everything is for sale in one way or another and therefore if you chuck enough money at it eventually you get your way. I read in the football leaks that part of their FFP dodge was basically saying to UEFA "we can afford more high-priced lawyers than you can and we'll just keep throwing money at them on a point of principle rather than climb down and follow your rules or even comprimise" - eventually Infantino and his ilk can't be arsed standing up for pricniples any longer (or more realistically get enough scraps in their trough) and the whole thing goes away. This boot on the face of footballing history juggernaut that's emerging under Saint fucking Pep, Protector of the Spirit of the Game and Shiny Headed Lord of Football is the end game of it. It's pretty obvious that they're trying to equate Manchester City with Brand Abu Dhabi: if there was a way they could have paid to establish a PL team called Abu Dhabi FC that could be absorbed into the PL with no sniggering in the back then they would have done; there wasn't so they've done the next best thing and appropriated a no-mark club and claimed all the subsequent success: everyone knows that City were a tinpot club until they came along so it's accepted that this is their success (if they'd have bought us or Manchester United that would be a more difficult distinction to make). They're going to make sure they're hyper successful and spare no expense in the process in a vainglorious attempt to show the world just how superior Abu Dhabi is (and stop looking at the backgrounds of the individuals involved). It's why their fans are the most sterile set of rivalry-hunters in the country: they're desperate for some sort of relevance given that they know they've witnessed a white-collar hijacking of their football club, and no amount of uber-manc stadium announcers and glossy PR about Phil fucking Foden and his glittering future in a sky blue shirt is going to change it.
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    I was a bit torn during the fight if i’m being totally honest. Half of me wanted Bellew to get KO’d by a left hook (just like he did) and the other half wanted him to get sparked out by an uppercut.
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    Thanks everyone, for your concern and for your stories of your own losses and of how you've each managed your own grief. I should say that I'm sound btw, haven't suffered any loss or bereavement recently, but I did watch a film about loss the other night, and that prompted my post. The film was Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones, and it really struck me about how in grief, how there are no rules, no right or wrong, how grieving is such an intensely personal and individual thing. My nan dies in the June of 1999 and it hit me like a ton of bricks. After both my mother and my dad had (for different reasons) fucked off and left both me and my younger brother, it was my elderly maternal grandmother whooo gladly filled the vacuum and stepped in to bring us both up. Had she not done so, then we would have both been shipped off to some children's home. As I watched that film though, my grief for my nan really struck me. I have missed her for every single day of the past 20 years, but rarely if ever have I ever spoken of my grief, my pain and sorrow to anyone. This cannot be healthy. Perhaps I should and maybe it's important for me to do so. Maybe this thread is the beginning of my catharsis and of a recovery of sorts. In many respects I'm a very typical fella; I drink too much, bottle stuff up, repress my feelings, live in denial, put a brave face on, soldier on, and generally be an arsehole. After 20 odd years, maybe it's time to grasp thhe nettle, man up and sort my shit out? Maybe. Thanks to eveyone who's taken the time to reply to my OP, many of your posts have been both touching and moving. Much love back at ya.
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    I’ve seen a lot of praise going to fans, especially coming from abroad, for being loud and sing throughout the match – no matter what. Great support they say. It’s bullshit! Crowd singing “Liverpool – Liverpool” seconds after PSG equalizes when clock’s running out is support. Crowd going “oh Andy Andy” when he finds the energy to make a 60 yard sprint late in a match is support. Cheering as though we’ve scored when Milner tackles Neymar is support. It’s all interacting with play and players, encouraging them to go on and take that one extra step. Banging drums and sing the same song, same sound level, on and on and on and on, whether it’s a boring stale mate or and exiting show of brilliance in front of them? Well that’s simply not support, just boring. Anyone can do that, you don’t even have to see the game, let alone interact with it.
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    I'll go for best 5 film run instead, which belongs to John Cazale. This is his entire movie career before he died of cancer at 42: The Godfather The Conversation The Godfather Part II Dog Day Afternoon The Deer Hunter
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    If you love 4-4-2 so much why don't you marry it?