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    Friends and Comrades, I bring good news during these dismal times. On Tuesday, KMD7 (Declan) who is known to all of us after his many years of service, some of us better than others, had a life saving Kidney transplant in a hospital in Dublin. He hadn't wanted to say anything, or want me to say anything, but he has been ill for a long time now. Not only was the operation a success (fingers crossed for the long term), but better and more amazing than that, the donor of the Kidney was his wife Mary. She has been an absolute superstar, stood by her man and literally saved his life. She had her operation on Tuesday morning, Declan had his in the afternoon/evening and both have come through as well as could possibly be expected. I did say to him a while ago that it could be worse, he could be getting one of my Kidneys and I wouldn't recommend that to anybody. He is groggy and sore as you would expect and in good spirits. He is likely to be in Hospital until this time next week, depending on progress. Mary is due home this weekend, again, all being well. I'm sure you would like to wish Dec and Mary all the very best for a speedy recovery. Dec has been part of the furniture here for longer than the furniture. I thought it might be a nice gesture, in true TLW fashion to send Mary some flowers for her return home. I'm reliably informed that sending flowers to Declan is a bad idea as he will eat them. Being a dunce, I have no idea how we do a donation, a gift or whatever, so our lovely social secretary @Champ has kindly offered her expertise in this matter, so if anyone wanted to chip in, it would be a wonderful gesture and most appreciated. EDIT: You can send donations via paypal to cath.platts@sky.com Failing that, send @Champ a PM and she will give you details for a bank transfer.
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    You beautiful, beautiful people. Bit overwhelmed here reading this tbh. It's extremely humbling and difficult to process. I've been posting here for nearly a decade now and it's been a haven, getting me through some tough tines,a lot of which has been spent battling one type of ailment or another. I love the forums and have befriended some lovely folk on it. It's truly a special place. The good news is that the kidney my wife so kindly donated is to date, working perfectly. A super kidney as my surgeon Mr Robertson called it. But then again my Mary has always been Superwoman to me so not altogether surprising. The greatest human being Ive ever met and has literally saved my life and endured the pain of the Op in her uniquely calm manner. The procedure is a lot harder on the donor than the recipient but not one complaint from her. Amazing lady This will have a dramatic impact on my health and life so really looking forward to getting on with it once we get over this recovery period. Much thanks to ToxtethOGrady for starting the thread. Love you guys. Received this today from you all. We love it. Dec and Mary Xxx PS. CHAMPIONS
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    Just had a call from the hospital and it's some good news, my ma is fighting back, she better than yesterday when they said she couldn't eat, drink or speak, she's still confused due to the bowel infection but she's talking in sentences . All her veins had collapsed but they've finally managed to get a drip into her for the first time in around 5 days and they're giving her intravenous antibiotics trying to fight the pneumonia. Yesterday they said that my mother's left lung had been completely filled with infection. The bad news is that those antibiotics will kill the good enzymes in my mam's bowel and enable the CDIF infection to run wild, but given the covid implications it's far more urgent that my mam's lungs are as clear as possible. The CDIF bowel infection will have to be attacked later. Because of the delirium caused by that CDUF infection my mam has been spitting out the steroidal medication though. She's also managed to eat half a bowel of porridge. I was told not to get my hopes up though because it's quite common that when a patient hits rock bottom that they suddenly perk up and improve only to go back downhill again quickly thereafter. All we can do is pray / keep our fingers crossed. I was also told that many younger people have died with the level of covid infection which my mam currently has and she has confounded doctors thus far, but she is still a long way from being out of the woods.
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    He was mates with our local butcher in Huyton when I was growing up. I was in there with my mum one day, I was about 7 and remember just standing there while Ray was behind the counter talking. He came out and started talking to me but I was dead shy. Next time we went in Ronnie (the butcher) said Clem had been back and left a present for me. He’d bought me an autograph book and the first two pages were filled with all the autographs of the 1971/72 first team squad. One of my most treasured possessions. Hope it works out for you Clem.
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    My mum passed away the early hours of this morning. She isn’t in any pain now. Her house has been a circus for days but last night she had us close family round and then we said our goodbyes and left her husband with her. I don’t know how I feel at all. It hasn’t sunk in one bit. I’ve just been doing normal stuff since I got the call at half 4. Terrified if it’s some sort of delayed grief but I’m just relieved she is out of pain.
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    We hope we find you and Mary recovering well and being properly looked after. As you know by now, Toxteth o’Grady organised a collection on your behalf and I have just forwarded £450 to your PayPal account which we hope you will be able to put to good use. Or bad use. Whatever you want. With love and best wishes from all your friends and well wishers on the forum. YWNA
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    At 3:28am this morning my beautiful little Ma passed away. I was at her bedside. I am broken beyond repair. No more suffering, no more struggling, no more pain. Rest In Peace my little mother, you leave a hole in me which can never be refilled. x
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    What a shit illness. It really does make you go through the ringer. My dad has flipped between looking like he was getting better and then getting poorly again. They stuck him on an intubator last week to do his breathing for him. I come to terms with that being it for him. Was gutted that he was in an induced coma and just wanted him to go out able to dream weirdly. Was gutted that you werent able to dream in this induced coma and thought, from his perspective anyway, that was his life done. Then they woke him up and was doing well and was made up for him. The nurses said he was doing better but then they said today that they cannot keep giving him oxygen indefinitely and may have to stop. Thinking about a tracheotomy for him to clear mucus and making a decision tomorrow. Apparently he is up in the bed now giving the nurses the thumbs up and that but they dunno if they can do anything. Heart breaking that he seems to be trying to convince them he is ok. He must be terified. Part of me wishes he stayed in the coma now. Absolutely shite illness.
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    10 weeks and countless hospital appointment later we finally felt well enough to have a small break so we rented a house in the most northerly part of Ireland near Malin in Donegal (thanks to the wonderful contribution from the beautiful people of Tlw) and have been touring the beautiful coast line. .
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    Same as it ever was - 7 games to go in the league and Liverpool have nothing to play for. Pathetic.
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    Hanging in there but nearly died in the early hours when my oxygen saturation plummeted to 33, only the ventilator and a great nurse brought me back. I've had a good day, dropped oxygen levels slightly on the ventilator because my saturation level has been stable. Long way to go yet though.
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    Good news. Spoke to the Doctor and the cancer had not spread as far as they had thought, the tissue was inflamed not cancerous. The cancer has been downgraded from 3 to 2 and she may not need Chemotherapy but will have Radiotherapy. Thanks again for all the kind words people. Love you all.
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    I've quit. Bit of a wrench after nearly 5 years and a couple of CAMRA awards but given that the bar is small I wouldn't get more than 10 people in it with the reduced footfall and social distancing. I used to take over 6 grand a week. I was paid a weekly retainer plus 20% of turnover. I'd be amazed if it takes a third of that now. Since lockdown I've been delivering 5l containers of real ale to peoples houses all over Leeds and it's been incredibly busy. I've really enjoyed having evenings and weekends to myself for the first time in years too. The delivery setup has gone to the next level. I've set up a company called The Yorkshire Ale Man. I'm having a web site built, I've got some premises and I'm moving on to metal 5l mini casks which I'll be sending out with DHL nationwide. As they say, one door closes and another opens but this was my own decision. I want nothing to do with the shitfest that pubs are going to have to deal with. More hassle than it's worth and I reckon we'll see big localised spikes in infections. I still have the app on my phone with which I can access the security cameras in the bar. I was more than a bit stunned on saturday to see an ICU nurse who I know very well and who's been telling everyone there's gonna be another spike, sat drinking in there with her husband.
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    If nothing else, it’s impressive that he’s still finding new excuses to miss international friendlies.
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    My oxygen consumption rates / the amount of oxygen the ventilator is usi g to pump into my lungs, just like this very second, have been getting constantly dialled back because my body is accepting and holding onto oxygen molecular much better and my O2 saturation is holding. Feeling much stronger, still gonna be several days though, touch wood.
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    I got ambulanced nto hospital, full breathing gear, I'm really shitting myself
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    Just heard from my lad. Both him and his partner are much better today, still a bit breathless if they try to do too much, but better and improving all the time.Sent My Grandson seems to have flown right through it after the initial panic. He has hurdle after hurdle in front of him but he just carries on doing things they say he would have difficulty doing. A real little fighter. This being a huge relief is an understatement. Thank you all for your concern and best wishes. As I said in an earlier post, it was very much appreciated. This place and the people in it are just brilliant.
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    May as well just stop watching the Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup and Europa league while you're at it.
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    I fucking hate this thread. I come on it to see if any of us who I love and respect are directly suffering. For years I've squinted before clicking on it. This forum has so many truly brilliant decent people and after our Australian shit-stirring whirlwind went I always pray that one day we won't see another one gone. I Lived away for so long, I didn't really see her in my 20's. My mum rang me about 7 weeks ago , she went for a routine check and they found a lump in her lung. She rang me and couldn't get her words out and I assumed she was going to say she had coronavirus but she got it out, It was a lump. She went for tests etc. The day she went in for results I couldn't get hold of her so I rang her fella (I hate calling him that because they have been together 26 years) and he was crying. The lump in her lung they didn't know but she has got bowel cancer. Had an operation 3 weeks ago. Colostomy bag fitted etc. She had it day before we won the league. I took flowers, lucozade, fruit etc to her fella that afternoon because they couldn't have visitors and he was only allowed to see her outside. The doctors said they have never seen anyone recover quicker from that because as soon as she came round she was waling outside for a smoke. My mums always been a smoker (to her detriment) but you can't stop her. She had a week and a bit in there and was allowed home. Had a bit of a turn, went back in and the twat has spread to her brain. In 4 places. She was been with her fella 26 years since she left my dad (tough times but me and our kid stayed with my dad) and they have booked in a wedding. Only a registry office thing but they gave the bands in (whatever the fuck that means) on Thursday. My little brother (28) his girlfriend is due to give both in October. Now as strong as I can be. And despite my gobshite ways on here sometimes I'm one resilient cunt, I seem to be the only one who has accepted reality. Great I'm sure she will make the wedding. I just want her to get to see the baby. Anything after that is a bonus. My mum hates any sport except Wimbledon. I hate that she couldn't see it this year but one of her favourite ever moments in her life was watching the love of her life Goran Ivanisevic win it. Its easy to say "oh god they don't deserve it why does this happen to good people" etc My mum broke my heart. She left me and my brother in 96. She then did a few things that broke our hearts more to the point where I didn't care that she didn't turn up to my passing out parade when I was 17 in the navy. As years have passed , She has tried. And tried, and tried. A few years ago I was at my lowest and it took my mum out of everyone in my life to snap and say "I'm sick of giving you sympathy fucking grow up". If she hadn't said those words I reckon I would be dead myself. All that feeling sorry for yourself bollocks. Well anyway, my mum hasn't got long to live no-matter how any of my family etc keeps saying 'she will recover". Its fucking shit. I'm in the shower or lay in bed trying to get to sleep wondering what the fuck I'm meant to say at the funeral. Its only me and our Liam and he is hopeless at being charismatic and I am just empty. Do I wing it? Or try and write something down. I never thought this disease would harm my life. It took my Grandad 3 years ago. Now its taking my mum. She isn't dead yet I know. Sorry I've carried on typing here like a twat. Anyone of you who have had this bastard in your life, I'm fully behind us twatting it everywhere. xxxx
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