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    Divock Origi proved once again that he is a Derby specialist after grabbing a double against Everton in Liverpool’s 5-2 win over Everton at Anfield on Wednesday evening.Jürgen Klopp juggled his pack to great effect giving rare starts to the Belgian, Xherdan Shaqiri and Adam Lallana as Roberto Firmino, Jordan Henderson and Mo Salah watched on from the subs benchOrigi looked sharp from kickoff and was the beneficiary of some wonderful play further up the pitch from Sadio Mane and Dejan Lovren to tuck his chances away with aplomb, while Mane and Shaqiri also piled on the misery for the beleaguered Blues in the first 45 minutes.The four goals were the most scored by a Liverpool team in the first half of a Derby since 1935, and the emphatic victory saw a club record broken for most games unbeaten in the top-flight (32).With his two goals on Wednesday, Origi has now scored five times in just six appearances against this particular opponent for the Reds. The Official site ( via Amazon Prime) reported Origi as saying:“ It's a special atmosphere, a special game. I think as a team we just enjoy it.“There were a lot of goals today and we showed that we really enjoyed to play for Liverpool." Origi was delighted that he was given the opportunity by his manager.“The manager showed us trust and we just tried to repay it as much as possible and get the three points.“We know it's important for our season. It's an important game, it's special, you can hear it. I'm so happy. "The chief nemesis of Everton gave a description of both goals, paying full tribute to his teammates."I think the first was important just to break the game open."I think second one, I enjoyed that."It was a great pass from Sadio for the first and [then] a wonderful ball from Dejan.“We used the spacing well, that's one of our weapons in going in behind and then we just tried to do it. “It was wonderful service and that was good today."
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    Jürgen Klopp says that the depth of Liverpool’s squad was clearly illustrated after their emphatic 5-2 victory over Everton on Wednesday evening.The manager made five changes from the team that beat Brighton on the weekend with the likes of Mo Salah, Roberto Firmino and captain Jordan Henderson all rested while Alisson was suspended.Players like Divock Origi, Adam Lallana and Xherdan Shaqiri were given the opportunity to shine in one of the standout fixtures on the Premier League calendar.And it is fair to say that the fringe players did not let him down with Origi grabbing a double and Shaqiri scoring his first goal for the club in nearly a year.Sky Sports reported a delighted Klopp as saying:“ There were a lot of great football moments in that game.“ We made five changes. I speak a lot about the quality in the squad, so I have to show it from time to time.“It’s really important and gives us the feeling that we can do it more often – and we will do it more often.“ You give the responsibility to the boys and they have to show that they can perform and what they're made of, which is incredible.“ Divock's goal, Sadio's passes, Shaq's everything, Adam Lallana everywhere and he had so many really really good moments. "They are fantastic footballers. "I said before the season that there is no one in the squad who is not an outstanding footballer." Klopp said he was thrilled with the first half performance in particular, but wasn’t happy when his players switched off allowing Richarlison to score on the stroke of half time.“From time to time it was a bit rusty in defending because they were really direct."It was all good until 4-1, but the 4-2 I didn't like so much. "But we have to learn and have to improve and that's what we will do."
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    It is the fixture that divides the city but it is fair to say the gap between Liverpool and Everton has not been this large for many a year. The Toffees come to Anfield in 17th place with a manager in crisis and a fanbase fearing relegation if things do not improve quickly. For this Opposition View, TLW tried something a little unique. Instead of an individual answering the questions, we thought it would be worthwhile to gauge the opinion of a range of Blues supporters from the Everton FC fan forum. What you see is brutal honesty and quite a fascinating insight into what has gone wrong for our neighbours this season. In your opinion, what are the main reasons behind Everton’s inconsistent form over the past 18 months? Rob Preece: Poor signings and management. An over reliance to stick with a system that doesn’t work. Zonal marking. No striker of any great note and a lack of creativity from midfield. David Holroyd: Look at the money Liverpool spent on Salah and Mane. We got Gylfi for almost same price. We should be looking for a better manager than Silva. Benitez would be a better choice, don't be afraid because of what he said in the past let him see for himself. Andy Kay: 30 years of mismanagement from the start of the Premier League era. Wasted money, the stadium, merchandise, kits, players and directors who don't care for the club.... We've become a laughing stock while Liverpool have embarrassed us in every way possible. We are Espanyol, Torino and 1860 Munich rolled into one. Once the pride of Merseyside is now a shambles. Elaine Dutton: A pick and mix squad of players brought in by Koeman, Allardyce and Silva to play specific roles and as each new manager comes in with his own style we have players who don't fit in to that way of playing. There is no heart to the team with Jags, Baines, Coleman, Gueye and Lukaku no longer at the club or past their prime Why do you think Marco Silva has struggled so much to get the best of his squad? Matthew Thompson: Not replacing Zouma and Gueye and also having injured midfielder (Jean Philippe) Gbamin out for 2/3 months, Gomes for likely the rest of season and not once being able to play his strongest 11. He also wanted a left footed right-winger. We all knew before the season started that we were short at the back and that has started to become too much of a gamble. We have a good crop of players but we lack that finishing touch. Dan Lawrence: Square pegs and round holes. He's stubborn the way he wants to play and wedges players into formation when main players are unavailable. Also I don’t think he knows his best 11 and the zonal marking doesn’t work but he still insists on using it. He’s a nice guy but as a result we are too nice on the pitch. Everton have looked to be big players in the transfer market of late bringing in skilled players like Richarlison and Gylfi Sigurdsson. But do you believe you have lost some of that grit and graft that was part of your DNA under David Moyes? Mark Hayes: The initial downfall was appointing Martinez. I know there will be a lot that disagree because they have fell for the Spanish stains’ bullshit and seem to forget the state the team were in when he left, but here's a reminder... a team that were so unfit because of his training ideas, that they struggled to even see out a game. A team that couldn't defend because Brown shoes didn't think defence was that important and training to defend set-pieces wasn't even a consideration. Finishing 5th with what was Moyes' team (apart from a young hungry Lukaku) was a one off and we all saw the real Martinez team the following two seasons. Unfortunately the club did not learn by their mistake and carried on making them with Koeman and now Silva. Mark Mellor: Unfortunately yes, for me passion is as important as talent? Look at Norwich and Sheffield U, on paper we should be better because we have a more expensive team but they both play as a team and are really up for it? We need more of what they have? Commitment!! Which player(s) have impressed you this season and who needs to raise their performance? Jon McCarthy: (Djibril) Sidibe has been a decent signing, Bernard has done well when fit, but as for the rest of the team.... shambles. Gylfi hasn't shown even a glimpse of the 'talent' he has. Anthony Gray: Mina has surprised me as i didn't think he was any good but he's actually not that bad... Bernard, Gomes, Sidibe all done ok.... Completely in shock over Digne, where’s he gone?? Siggi has always been defended by me, but now there's no argument for me to defend him. He's too slow and does not look interested. Pickford is just a little fat prick who thinks he's class when he is far from it. Mark Killey: Not one of our players would get into a normal top 6 team and that just shows who has impressed. We have a squad who play average to poor football week in week out. Silva was never the man for the job, but with that team off mercenaries I can't see anyone getting us out off this shite where in now. What would be your ultimate Footballing nightmare. Relegation or Liverpool winning the Premier League title? Mark Quinn: Not being bottom 3 is the priority of course. It's sad when the obsession with the other lot blurs our own priorities. Kenny Almond : Bottom 3 100%! Don't get all these fans who want us to lose games so it helps others who are challenging. I want us to win every game we play! As much as I hate the red shite we seem to be more bothered about them. At the end of the day whatever team manages ends on top after 38 games wins the league and probably deserve it. We need Silva out and kick on up the table at this point. I would take a mid table finish and only Everton matter to me. Alan James Martyn: Let's be positive; it's not over until the final whistle. The Reds haven't won yet and we ain't down. We are true blues and have more home grown fans then them. Who is someone that you believe can take the game to Liverpool and conversely who do you need to contain? Kyle Marsh: Our wingers against their fullbacks. They're both good going forward but not great defensively. Dan Malone: Five at the back. Start Kean. Robert Cruikshank: Everything comes from Trent and Robertson. Nullify them, that gives us a chance. Do you have a score prediction for this fixture? Mike Warren: We either going to get battered or lose by 1 absolute stinker of a decision. Hope they surprise me with a win though. Wes Hershberger: 2-2 draw, Moise Kean equalizer on 92’ Graham Weedall: My heart is saying 1-2. But my head is saying 3-0.
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    We all know that Virgil Van Dijk is as graceful as they come on the pitch, but he has produced similar etiquette when it comes to social media.As widely predicted, Lionel Messi won his sixth Ballon d’or award in Paris on Monday night with Van Dijk coming in as runner up ahead of Cristiano Ronaldo.It is only the third time in the last twelve years that Messi and Ronaldo have not finished 1/2 in the award.Before the event, a reporter said to Virgil, “Cristiano wont be here tonight so that is one less rival to worry about.”In a off-the cuff response, Van Dijk then said “Was Cristiano Ronaldo really a rival.”Ever the provocateur, the morning show host Piers Morgan piped up to say on Twitter,“No., Cristiano is a far greater player, you’re not in his league."While many would have bitten back in savage fashion, Van Dijk to his great credit did not feed the troll and responded:“ Hi Piers, If you don’t jump on the social media bandwagon and would listen to the whole interview then you would know I made a joke, and only got respect for those 2." The talismanic Dutchman was just as gracious after the event as the Official site reported:"You need to respect greatness. I was close, but there was just someone a little bit better. “I’m very proud of what I achieved last year, with Liverpool and Holland. Hopefully we can do it again this year.“I never thought I would be up for a Ballon d’Or until I was actually nominated. "It says a lot about how my career has been, it has never been easy. I came late but I never gave up on my dreams. I had to work very hard every step of the way.“Where I am right now is something I’m very proud of. To be here makes me very proud and makes me want to work even harder and hopefully be here next year again.”Van Dijk becomes only the third Liverpool player to finish in the top two of the award along with Kenny Dalglish (second in 1983) and Michael Owen who claimed the top gong in 2001.Liverpool were deservedly well represented in the top 10 with Sadio Mane (4th), Mo Salah(5th) and Alisson (7th).Roberto Firmino finished 17th, Trent Alexander-Arnold was just behind him in 19th while Gini Wijnaldum came in at 26th.The Brazilian gloveman was also awarded the Yachine Trophy for the best goalkeeper award in World Football voted by France Football magazine.It adds to his bulging haul of honours which includes the Champions League Goalkeeper of the season and Best FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper award. Allison was humbled by the honour as reported by the Official site.“It’s a great honour to be here with those great players, men and women.“I just want to thank my family, my wife, who support me everywhere I go. To my parents, they are in Brazil – I think watching me! And to God. “ It is a great honour he is giving me in 2019, winning the Champions League and winning some individual awards.“I don’t feel lucky, I feel blessed and grateful. I also want to say thank you to my teammates, to all the Liverpool staff. Thank you very much.”