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    We built 3 stadiums, at least. Four maybe. We only left Anfield because it was too small. Our new stadium is going to be a 50,00 seater. Well, 60,000 actually. And it will have its own jetty for luxury cruise liners to come and visit. It's opening next season. Well, this season, really. And it will host concerts by all the biggest stars. Sting. Sade. Prince. They've all confirmed. I've got my tickets already. I'm mates with Uncle Uzzy, see. The Redshites heads have all fell off. Not that you ever see them, because they all live in Norway. There used to be about 10 of them in Liverpool, but I twatted 8 of them and put the other 5 on a bus to Preston. Uncle Uzzy told me we're going to win the transfer window again this year. He invited me onto his yacht and there was a party there with Lionel Messy, Gillian MmmBop, Alf Inge Haaland, Andros Townsend, the lot. They're all signing. We're definitely winning the Champions League this year. If we don't, it's a UEFA conspiracy. Powers that be, y'see. Bastards.
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    I'm not a fan of that 'heart' hand gesture that a lot of athletes have started doing. Not sure why, just looks insincere and annoying.
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    Back in the early 90's, probably around the time of space jam coming out I asked my parents for a basketball and net food my birthday. The day arrived, and as expected, the ball and net where there, my oul boy screwed it onto the back of the house and yours truly started bouncing that ball at the first opportunity. I'd say I was only doing for ten minutes, when my mam storms out and takes the ball off me and just says, "not a fucking hope you're bouncing that thing again" My dad was forced to take the net down that night and I never saw the ball again. I have to admit, I can't blame her one bit. Some cunt kids across the road from me played basketball two doors up from me all last summer. Boom, boom boom fucking boom. The nice was excruciating..... Thankfully, the house they where renting was sold and the kids fucked off. Jesus the noise was terrible. No wonder the Americans go around shooting each other, they're probably driven demented by all those poxy basketballs
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    Still got the picture on my phone from the M&M shop in London that I took for Tony. They sell M&M spoons! Presumably to use while you sit down to eat the M&M’s that your kids insist on having even though the bastards are charging £11 each for a medium sized cup. Moanero has basically revolutionised the entire chocolate industry with his fucked up ideas and then he has the brass neck to come on her and moan about them.
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    This is going to be my last post on this for a bit, now I've had a moment to calm down. I don't like being needled all day in various threads on both GF and FF, and yes it is my fault for snapping and being stupid enough to bite. I am not Israeli, or a spokesperson for Israel, and if they're funding people to defend them in public, then I've not seen a single shiny shekel of it. If someone ever does wrong, then it is what it is, and I won't defend wrongdoing no matter who does it. Just don't expect me to always share the same priorities or see things the same way you do, whatever the issue is, whoever you happen to be and whichever standpoint you're coming from. If someone writes something you think is wrong, that doesn't mean they're lying, and if someone's tone is irreverent, that doesn't mean a lack of class, and in either case, they're probably not racist. I just want an easy life, it's not too much to ask.
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    Sterling can fuck off. Wouldn't want that cunt back here.
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    This sums up FSG though for me. We were top of the league going in to the January transfer window, but in desperate need of a centre back. If we had a deal wrapped up and a player ready to come in at the start of the window, it would have given the hole team a lift, restored Fabinho back to midfield and we would have challenged for the title at least. We decided to rest on our laurels though, assuming that top four was in the bag. We are in danger of turning in to Arsenal under Wenger. This constant bare minimum attitude is going to start to hurt us sooner rather than later.
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    ‘Gizza Neuhaus. Go on, gizza Neuhaus. I can play him. I can play him in midfield, just like you Monchengladbach lot do. Go on, gizza Neuhaus. Gizz him. Gizz him. Gizz him.”
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    The mixed team relay Triathlon was amazing!
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    I wish I could run my PB or even SB every time I went for a run irrespective of whether it's boiling hot, hummid, blowing a hoolie or pissing it down!
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    Varane's won like 10 major trophies. He's clearly better than Van Dijk.
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    FSG but FSG adding a bit more cash now and then when it's needed. We have plenty of quiet windows we should have some big ones too if it calls for it. I know it is a business but first more than anything it's elite level sport and we are an elite level club if you just want a business to keep your cash safe and hopefully make interest then fuck off and buy the post office or something, you buy one of the most famous football clubs in the most watched league in the world you've entered a different kind of business at the very least don't blow smoke up our arses. We should be able to sign players without the constant analysing. We don't need to make the books balance every transfer window (FFP doesn't require that). If we signed an 80 million pound player tomorrow half our fans would be shitting about the financial impact rather than the improvement to the team. As anti FSG as this sounds I really am not, they're good owners who have done a superb job by at last employing the right people but first and foremost we are a footballing institution and these days it feels like the most important thing to fans is the owners money being safe and risk averse to loss. You own LFC don't stand idle while others improve, seek to be the best there is no reason Liverpools revenues can't go on to match uniteds but that will only come with prolonged success not a flash in the pan and then its job done for another 30 years. I am pro fsg but I'm gutted at the thought we are making Klopps job harder than it needs to be and we won't make the most of his last few years here, he's not going to build another team, we need to evolve it while he's here, so the next person doesn't have to do what we've done for the last 30 years before him. The post sounds panicky but I'm not I'm chill I just want us to do a bit more and not look back with regret like last January for example, doing the minimum we could get away with cost us a title challenge in my opinion. So after all that bollocks. FSG are good owners I just want us to be billy big bollocks now and then because we are Liverpool a giant and I am a cake and eat it type of person. Plus the window is still open for a while and I'm fairly certain we will do business.
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    Ha ha. They are sad fuckers. Can remember we played Leeds in some FA Cup in the mid nineties. My brothers made is a ridiculously bitter twat and decided to come around to watch it. I saw him at Anfield once run down 10 flights of stairs to shout something at Steven Gerrard taking a corner. Anyway, everytime Leeds got near the 18 yard box he'd get up out of his seat and jump around shouting "go on, go on shoot". Got to half time without reacting and my Dad put his cup of tea down and said "right you, out now you bitter prick". Grabbed him by his arm, marched him out the room and pushed him out the front door, he told him never to come back. Saw him outside almost crying.
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    Was in same ITU as me in Royal Hallamshire. Tony Bland next to me, and Andrew a few beds along. I have no memory of it obviously as I was in a coma. Rest easy Andrew. How I survived fuck knows. Very sad day. Again. another one.
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    My new favourite prog band. ‘Meer’ from Norway. An 8 piece ‘collective’ prog band. Massive Themes, outstanding vocals and riffs to die for. 2 albums of prog delight.
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    I didn't advocate buying Varane or any other French player. Especially on £400,000 a week. I just said he's better than Gomez. Which every non-biased observer of football in the world would recognise.
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    The scary thing is that she will think she was in the right and everyone else was in the wrong. Zero self-awareness = absolute cunt
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    Away in the Lake District and some woman caused murder in a cafe at one of the forest visitor centres. My and the brother in law are queuing in this cafe for two coffees, it's midday so it is busy and there is a posh sounding woman two in front of us in the queue, she must have been queuing for about 10 minutes until she gets to the front to give her order and she appears to be ordering for a big group, she has a young girl with her and starts sending her pit side to ask what so and so wants, and can she nip back out and ask Sue if she wants sugar in her tea, etc etc. I'm shaking my head, why not get that shit together whilst queuing, the guy in front of me looks equally pissed off. Anyway after about another 10 minutes this womans order is fulfilled and she comes to pay, oh guess what, she's left her card with her husband who is outside somewhere, young girl gets sent back out to get it, woman then pays and leaves the shop. Guy in front of us gets to the young lady taking orders and just about to start when woman come back in the shop, barges to the front and tells the girl behind the counter that she forgot two orders and could she order them now. This chap in front tells her quite abruptly that she needs to get to the back of the queue and she's got a face on her like a smacked arse and arguing that she only wants two extra coffees, my brother in law shouts "so do we love and we have had to stand here for 20 minutes whilst you were dithering your way through your order, get back in line". Again she protests but the waiting queue were getting more vocal, telling her to get back in line until she stormed out saying she would take her business elsewhere, cue her leaving the shop to cheers and laughing from us and the rest of the queuing customers. When we finally left the shop she was still in the picnic area in her group, still ranting off to one of her friends.
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    Did that to any of our moggies and I'd have killed the cunt.
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    When you're in the passenger seat and the driver's parking, you take your seat belt off and they feel the need to say 'just hang on a minute', oh ok I was going to get out whilst the car is moving like I always do, but on this occasion I'll wait.
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    As tradition dictates, the Liverpool fans gather in summer months, to invoke the football Gods to somehow transform Keita into a functioning footballer or fuck him off. Their calls will go unanswered.
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