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    I wouldn’t blame him for getting fed up. I wouldn’t stick around in this shithole of a country if I was him. Having to deal with Gobshites like Des Kelly with his loaded questions while he was offering solutions to major problems that won’t go away while his fellow managers turned their backs on him. The mans the most educated caring manager I’ve ever heard speak in public. Always on the side of the underdog in life and gets ridiculed for his actions on the touch line instead. Then dragging a club that were a joke into the best team in the world and having to beg for scraps every summer must be soul destroying. His speech about Ole getting brilliant support from his board the other day was telling to me. These owners will have made fortunes on the back of this pandemic. Pony the fuck up you minges or we lose him to rebuild Madrid and enjoy the sunshine.
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    I know Origi missed that chance, but I thought he was playing okay. He was a physical threat and at least he was shooting. It's not like Firmino would have put that chance away. Think it was harsh on Origi and no good for his confidence constantly being dropped/played/dragged off/thrown on.
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    No Liverpool fan should ever turn on Klopp. He's the best thing that's happened to this club for decades.
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    Take the fight to PM as I want go to bed and don't want to have to be worrying about what you two are posting on here through the night.
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    Barnes, who had been booked, gets I volved with Fab on HT. Obviously only Fab booked. Barnes deliberate handball to stop our attack. Matip deliberate handball to stop their attack. Only one booked and it wasn't Barnes. Mane gets a shot off, then taken out. Barnes gets a shot off, then instigates contact. Only one given as a penalty It has gotten to the point were when we are only slightly fucked over we think the ref had a decent game. We just accept that any team at Anfield will be able to time waste without consequences, but we delay a goalkick for 10 seconds and get a booking. Pope finally got warned after 70 mins, then his next three kicks took at least 45 seconds, given up counting after that. No punishment, not even a token 93rd minute booking.
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    I have no idea what Klopp thinks of this. I would play a strong team, arrest this slump and knock these loud cunts out of the cup. Call me mental but I still think we will be there for the title come May. Teams go through bad patches. This is our. Last night is the deck because we can only get better now. Losing this is unthinkable. Alisson Milner Matip Fabinho Robertson Henderson Jones Thiago Salah Minimino Mane I doubt we will see anything like that tough tbh.
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    My parents (81 & 83) finally got their jabs last week, they got the Pfizer one but haven’t got a date for a second jab. I got a jab as I’m NHS staff and have just got a second date, exactly 12 weeks to the day. Round here it seems to be a bit of a lottery based on your GP rather than your actual address. My parents have an 80 plus neighbour who is at a different GP and hasn’t heard a thing yet.
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    I haven't really looked at other teams schedule recently and therefore don't know how hard or soft any of the others have it from here but am I the only one thinking that given the circumstances 6 pts off the top at the halfway mark isn't the end of the title race for us? We're dreadfully out of form and it needs sorting but there's plenty of football left to be played and we still have the CL too look play for. Playing United in the FA Cup is trash but it gives us a reason not to bin it off completely as well.
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    Hell be gone in the summer imo. Hes worked miracles and these cunts still think they know best. Stick to rounders you bunch of no mark cunts and get out our club.
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    I think when you look back on it, we've been bordering on shite since last March. Things have gone wrong this season in multiple ways, but this is a long term trend. Honestly probably should have seen it coming.
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    Really feel for the boys tonight, they tried hard all night but nothing came off for them. Even if we'd been given 3 pens tonight, you get the feeling we wouldnt have scored 1. Divock should have scored, no doubt about it but even when Mo and Bobby came on, what difference did it make? The link up between them and Sadio was non existent. This team really looks like it's run its course to me. Gini's faffing about over money supposedly. Mo, Sadio and Bobby dont look anything like a striking partnership, if you can have 3 in a partnership. They dont look on the same wave length any more irrespective whether you think they dont get on. Their movement doesnt look anything like you'd expect forwards to be. Sadio just lofts aimless balls into the box, when was the last time he beat anyone dribbling into the box? Bobby's nowhere and Mo goes down a blind alley. I hate being critical of them after all they have achieved for us but they look done. They look like 3 individuals in a team. Maybe they each think if they score it will get the others scoring but that looks a forlorn hope to me right now. All 3 of them look as if they couldnt hit a cow's arse with a banjo even if the cow's arse was 6 inches in front of them. People will be critical of Div tonight with some justification after the home run has gone but, we just weren't scoring. The only thing about long runs is they come to an end. All the fawning by sky over Burnley can fuck off as well. It's not like they played magnificently or created loads of chances. It was a pen that was the difference and I look forward to Mo being given pens when he catches the keeper's leg like that but we all know neither he or any of our players are getting that. Alli doesnt make contact with Barnes, Barnes catches him. Maybe a pen according to the letter of the law but will we get that? There was fucking uproar when Mo was given a pen after the West Ham player kicked his foot so Im not holding my breath. Jurgen needs goals and quickly. Trouble is you cannot see where they are going to come from with the front 3 and Div firing more blanks than a munitions starved Army infantryman. It's just lob an aimless ball into the box or, Trent just slam his cross into the first man. Why the fuck is he taking free kicks when most of them are finding the first defender or row Z? Talking of his crosses, how many has he just lofted into the keeper's arms this season? We had chances in front of goal even after Div's miss and still couldnt find the net. I dont know about signing a centre back, I think we need a forward or two.
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    Not replacing our centre-halves is costing us twice. Its' costing us in midfield and in defence.
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    I’ve said it’s shit at the moment. But we’re not fighting off relegation and are still in two cups. If not immediately turning on the players and manager who brought home the PL after 30 years, and trying to support them through the bad times, makes me a pariah on match threads, so be it,
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    I think in Scotland they are really trying to target the care homes due to the stick Nicola got first time round for that, I hope your dad gets it soon. My folks haven't heard yet while my aunt in the North West had it today. I'm sorry to hear people have relatives and friends in hospital I hope they get better. We managed to vaccinate 700+ yesterday including a decent chunk of the high risk renal patients. We had load of community care workers too the relief was palpable on some peoples faces. Ended up working 19 hours yesterday with that and the national data updates for the patient group I'm involved with. To be fair yesterday while busy was infinitely better than the day beforehand when we scrapping the barrel running around the hospital trying to get the scared and the refuseniks from the staff to have theirs. It's mad how group think works, I was on one step down ward where two of the nursing staff are ardent antivaxxers* and it's just spread to the rest of them, I and a SpR went to each of them individually managed to get one domestic cleaner, one nurse and one caterer to come. There was a HCA (healthcare assistant) who I spoke to who said she didn't want it as she wanted to see how the other staff felt afterwards, we were standing all of 2 meters away from a woman of her age who had just been moved from ICU and was on oxygen support, baffling... the forces personnel who were there at the time couldn't get their head around it I think the general disinformation in the population is having a deleterious impact on the staff given comments I've heard (even regarding family members). I challenged a couple of lads on the bus this morning about it when they were gassing loudly about not getting the lockdowns (of course with their masks around their chins). One of them said "they show us bodies all the time on the news of war zones why don't they show us what's happening". *The stuff they were quoting at me was the usual shite in the population, but the thing they kept returning to was they didn't 'believe' in the vaccines, I'm not really sure where you can go at that point other than to leave the door open i.e. that they can speak to the lead pharmacist/ ID/ microbiology consultants.
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    Why don’t they give the free kicks to someone else?
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    3 weeks on the Pfizer which is being given to everyone I know in the north west who've had the vaccine (up to the end of last week).
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    Susan penhaligan. Had a poster of the movie "the land that time forgot" when I was a kid. Cracking knockers and blonde with brown eyes. I have a preference for that look ever since.
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    Our first mini slump in 2.5 years. Thiago and Jota are going to win us the league. American owners don't care, money trumps winning every time. They want no relegation, no transfer fees, a wage cap, control of tv rights, food delivered to seats, tv passes, adverts during var decisions etc etc . They will probably get it all eventually too.
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    Out of rep princess. Although to be fair, Mr rb14's more of a man than I'll ever be. There's a little "twitten" beyond the fence behind where this pic is taken. It's our land, but there's a little-used footpath (twitten) through it. A little viewing window in the gate means people can see in. Aaaaanyway, I was down there late Autumn, picking sloes (How the fuck does that even happen? But I was.) and a woman walked past. I made a fuss of her doggy and she was like "Is this place yours." Reason she asked was because when her boys were little, she'd lift them up to look through the little viewing window and she told me they called it "the wizard's house". Made my day that.
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    It's like the lad on here that drew The Rock has tried to do an early eighties Dan Ackroyd.