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    Apparently Wijnaldum got caught snorting coke in the bogs in Stamps bar in Moor Lane and is getting blackmailed by Pancake so wants to leave for Barcelona.
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    We need to start sponsorship deals with fire extinguisher companies, epi-pen and asthma inhaler suppliers, PPE manufacturers, etc. Also - literally nobody is "raging" at the away shirt for being "blue".
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    It’s a Comedy Central programme, I downloaded it so not sure where, or if, you can stream it over here. He plays sort of a fictionalised version of himself and goes around trying to help real businesses who are struggling with marketing ideas and stuff. First episode he tries to help a frozen yoghurt place which is always empty by drumming up some controversy to attract customers by making a poo flavoured yoghurt and a pizza place by saying if they don’t deliver your order within 8 minutes you get a free pizza. However, his idea is that the free pizza is about an inch in size and they still have to pay for the one they ordered. Then he goes with the delivery driver to see how they react. Trust me, it’s fucking funny.
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    The Stooges The Velvet Underground Suicide The Byrds The 13th Floor Elevators Sly & The Family Stone Dead Kennedys Public Enemy The MC5 Sonic Youth Thee Oh Sees Mudhoney The Cramps Love The Ramones The Sonics Minutemen Television Parliament /Funkadelic Rocket From The Crypt
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    And the summer / winter transfer threads, every player related transfer thread, the Nike thread... The amount of posters just seemingly getting worked up over stuff we / they have no idea about is ridiculous. The only thing we sort of know about is what is happening on the pitch, and I think we can all agree that’s pretty fucking great.
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    Toys in the Attic & Rocks are fucking amazing albums. Their 80/90s/MTV stuff can get to fuck.
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    Eagles Lynryd Skynrd Beach Boys CCR Crosbie Stills and Nash (2/3 American) The Doors Blondie Black Flag The Descendents Dinosaur Jr Husker Du Beastie Boys Rage against the machine REM Pearl Jam Pixies Smashing Pumpkins Linkin Park Nirvana Foo Fighters Jimmy Eat World Blink 182 Queens of the Stone Age Red Hot Chili Peppers Gaslight Anthem
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    I like the fact that last year's away kit was a bit Spursy. It looked like we'd gone to the Champions League Final, made them cry and then said "Now give us your kits."
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    Almost like it was a smart move to go for the slice of shirt sales instead of... Just kidding. FSG OUT GARGGGGGLLLLEE OUT OF STOCK LESSMONNNNNEY NEVER WIN WITH THESE OWNERSSSS GARGLE GARGLE JURGEN HATES THEM HES JUST PRETENDING GARGLE. I mean, they need to put their hand in their pocket but fucking hell its all a bit much in this thread.
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    A Selby v McGill final would be kind of apt in an empty room
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    Worth reading the replies and watching this cunt get eviscerated. Can’t even spell university. And why has he capitalised it? He’s not referring to a specific institution.
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    Each to their own, but I find Man City and PSG a lot more anti-football than Atletico.
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    I never ever thought I could hate a Tory more until I watched her speech at the tory conference in the run up to the election last year. You know when you get filled with so much rage that you start crying because if you started too physically react you would do some serious damage to things? That was me watching that horrible fucking cunt. Smug , fake, lying self-serving fucking twat her. I hate her and McVey more than any of the others and thats really saying something because I would happily feed Gove, Johnson, Jenrick, Haunted Pencil, Williamson and Hancock to the crocodiles and watch them get torn to pieces, screaming for help without even feeling the slightest bit of remorse.
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    Marvelous, 9/10. True story about a guy with special needs who became Stoke's kit man, thought it was fantastic and brilliantly acted.
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    "Right lads, buckets are over there. Now get bailin'." *murmurs of discontent, apart from one lone voice* "We're getting Bale in?" *logs into GOT to post the exclusive* "Redshite heads will fall off now we're all systems go with BMD. Oh, and Gareth Bale is coming. What a statement signing from Mosh and Uncle Uzzy! This is a guy who has won it all with Real Madrid, and he knows how to batter der redshite. And he'll continue to batter der redshite in the best stadium in the world, on the banks of the royal blue Mersey! #seniorclub #nopeds COYB NSNO" Bale Sat On His Arse In Madrid Nisi Hole In My Bucket Dear Liza.