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    Is that the choice? Inequality is fine because there has been medical advancements. I know you're on the street, but at least you haven't got smallpox. I am a person who empathises with the plight of others. I personally lead a comfortable life. I don't vote for a party that benefits me most personally or my own circumstances, and never have.
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    My @aRdja 11 is slowly taking shape. 1. 2. Hoever 3. 4. Maguire 5. 6. 7. 8. Oxlade-Chaimberlain 9. Sturridge 10. 11. Traore
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    One of my bugbears with debates like this is that our culture hasn't just evolved by accident, it's been crafted that way. Sex sells, so advertising sexualises things. The lads' mag explosion, the sexualisation of pop videos, the glorification of good looking people, the ready availability of porn. It's created a culture where the be-all and end-all of a man's masculinity is the ability to 'pull'. It's given women, especially attractive women, a LOT of power in certain situations, whether it's dating or office politics. That in itself has created a lot of bitterness among men like Hades who for whatever reason, find themselves on the outside of this party looking in. Then when boorish behaviour starts to get called out, the responsibility is laid firmly at the feet of male culture, as though it evolved in isolation. What next, chastising people for being consumers? It's like when you go to the supermarket now and get guilt tripped about buying a plastic bag because it's killed a few sperm whales. I never asked for the supermarkets to make fucking plastic bags or dole them out en mass over the period of 40 fucking years. Yeah it's my fault, I killed the fucking whales.
  5. 4 points
    I enjoy debating with you Rico because in some respects you are honest. You care about you. Fair enough I respect that. You do however project your measure of happiness onto others for whom your measures mean absolutely nothing. If I said to my old fella that he is in poverty because he does not have a mobile phone, an ipad or cannot go to Amsterdam he would laugh at me. He would probably say that he retired at 60, with a payoff and a good pension. His mortgage is paid off (for all it was). His wife has never had to work a day in her life, despite him being essentially an unskilled manual worker, if a senior one. He had his dinner at the same time every night for 40 odd years. He has full life insurance for which he never paid a penny, changes his motor every 2 years if he fancies a change, has all the fishing gear he could ever wish for and the canal is 100 yards from his door. He gets pissed every day, has a telly the size of a cinema and is happy. Ipads and Amsterdam do not even register on his radar. Even if I wanted half of that it is not available to me. I went to my Nans funeral last year and we have some seriously wealthy people in our family. Without exception they were jealous of my old man. They are still working at the same age as him now the kids are in 40k debt with useless student loans. He is a normal working class scouser with no skills who can argue like fuck but not write it down. These days he would be in the gutter.
  6. 4 points
    I have one of these Obviously, the bottom button isn't fastened when I wear it.
  7. 3 points
    Perhaps Wilkinson can change its name to "Pork" in an advertising counter-offensive.
  8. 3 points
    To compensate, the next ad will heavily feature
  9. 3 points
    What risks are they then? Going out? You need to get an allotment you mate, and/or a small dog.
  10. 3 points
    Right, Bielsa is hilarious etc. Now can someone please deduct 20 points from the fuckers. We're in real danger of this horrible fucking club being in the PL again next season.
  11. 3 points
    It's a shame that their parents did!
  12. 3 points
    'Anti-bean minority in hijacking thread about one of the World's great historical leaders shocker.'
  13. 3 points
  14. 2 points
    I think he's been a lot more flexible than she has. He's put certain personal views aside and included policies in the manifesto which he personally doesn't back. Of course he has weaknesses but just compare her record to his since she became PM. Corbyn has won two leadership elections (extremely comfortably). He's seen off coup after coup from the PLP, he's forced this government into being the first ever voted in contempt of Parliament. He's forced the government into the biggest defeat in history just a few days ago and he massively over-performed at a GE compared to predictions (when, if you believed the mass media, Labour, especially left wing Labour, was to be obliterated once and for all). She's an absolute embarrassment from top to bottom.
  15. 2 points
    Obviously I haven't seen the advert and hope I never do but for me it's probably a straight choice between an advertising agency trying to change the world for the better or doing a bit of market research and finding out that most male razor blades are actually bought during a weekly shop by their birds.
  16. 2 points
    2 and a half years she has excluded everyone, including her cabinet and her plethora of Brexit Ministers from any discussion about red lines and diplomacy. She tried every trick in the book to minimise Parliaments input into the process so much so that she was found to be in legal contempt. Her policy was defeated by the biggest majority in parliamentary history and she then has the temerity to accuse JC of being uncooperative for saying the no deal option needs to go. Shambles is to light it is verging on criminal neglect.
  17. 2 points
    He's not there yet. Tell you what though, he's got all the tools.
  18. 2 points
    He’s done well then, he had nothing 2 posts ago.
  19. 2 points
    This is my idea for an Always Ultra advert. The camera slowly pans across a dark city street, music is pumping from a nearby club. A young twenty something girl is on the floor, she's pissed herself, her mates are trying to pick this drunken mess off the pavement and carry her into a taxi. They are hurling abuse at the nightclub doormen. One of them postures up - as if to fight them, another hits a passing taxi with her purse for not stopping. Then it pans to another club. A group of women are fighting with another woman, the woman's hair is being pulled and she's being kicked repeatedly. A man jumps in trying to stop the fight and is hit over the head with a high heel shoe. Now it's a young woman sitting in halls of residence in uni, crying, mascara is running down her face. She's writing her thesis on toxic masculinity. A montage sequence plays in the background of all the men she's slept with in the last year by swiping right on tinder. It pans to the men in a sexual health clinic being told they have knob rot, head in their hands. All the while this is interspersed with clips of Aileen Wournos being interviewed in prison. Then the coup de gras is that video of the woman making 'pop knob in fanny' gestures to her friend outside the club, before taking the man back to her room, sleeping with him, and then accusing him of rape the next day. The advert ends on the mans face as he's being acquitted of a crime he didn't commit. Always Ultra - Protects and moves with you
  20. 2 points
    Known as the soccer kid of the future by excelling in the field of ball kicking, the Hoever meister can also dribble so much he rivals the chin of Mongo. Left foot kick, right foot kick, Hazar what's next a HEADER? A prospect of the Ajax soccer school in the Euro EPL, he gets good grades in the art of tackles, smiles and kick ups but not downs. He now plays for the tremendous red team of Merseyside soccer Liverpool. But he is young, too young and this is his biggest weakness, something that will likely improve with age.
  21. 1 point
    Sorry, been off sick. I need to review the Raw Power album. Anyway going to go for something I doubt anyone has heard of but I loved these guys and thought they would be the next big thing back in the early 90's certainly where Im from. They have the stereotypical rock story... should have made it, got shafted by the record company and manager , tried to break America etc etc. Picking them as they are a band I have yearned to see since I first heard them. They broke up mid 90's but are playing the album in full at a local gig in a few weeks and I finally get to see them. The band are called Lir The album is called Magico Magico Don't know how to embed the stuff but its on Spotify For anyone who likes good music documentaries then this is about their story and is well worth a watch https://vimeo.com/user24171580/goodcakebadcake Don't know how many of you are musicians but for those that are, you will definitely enjoy this band. Some quality playing and progressive stuff with this band.
  22. 1 point
    What was said, by Hades, is that Western women are in no way oppressed. This, presumably, means that they all get fairly paid, have all their specific medical needs fully met, have equal chances of progressing to senior roles in their careers, get equal treatment under the judicial system, only take on half the workload in the home and an equal share of child-rearing responsibilities, that they don’t bear the majority of domestic abuse and that any women who are raped or sexually assaulted probably secretly want it. According to Hades (or whichever far-right weirdoes he has whispering in his ear these days) anybody who denies the existence of that egalitarian nirvana is a cunt.
  23. 1 point
    Yes, dear. It's white, western, heterosexual men who are the real victims.
  24. 1 point
    It can but it can also mean fiasco and disappointment. In terms of cream it means whipped.
  25. 1 point
    People read far too much into and get far too fucking offended by everything these days.