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    First half, we were excellent and strangled the life out of them. Second half was almost embarrassing, how easy it was before the subs. No idea what Klopp was thinking. Bobby should have been off first, and why no Shaqiri or Origi? Lallana and Ox up top is a joke, and it let Arsenal off the hook. Thought Henderson and Matip were brilliant, and VVD took the piss out of them at times. We're looking like we mean serious business again this season.
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    He needs a song. Maybe something to the tune of The First Noel Joel, Joel Joel, Joel A cross between Maldini And a gazelle
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    Daniel James has made 3 Premier League appearances for United, yet already has more yellow cards for simulation than “serial diver” Mo Salah has in 2 whole seasons
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    He is a sulky bastard on the pitch, but the bit about speaking Portuguese at home with his family is fucking nonsense. Wait till he finds out Milner insists his kids converse with him in Spanish.
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    Just got home and put IPTV on and caught the hilarious highlights. I honestly thought I was watching mutv the way the commentators reacted. Only realised it was sky when the programme ended. I'm fucking loving their collapse into mediocrity. Long may it continue. Fucking scum.
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    Fuck Fantasy Football. Get it in a separate forum. As interesting as Stig's drafts.
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    Think ole will be there next season. While he wasn't a great player like Keane or Scholes, he seems like a decent man and is a throwback to better days, just like a 70s/80s legend would have been for us in the 90s. Their hardcore support won't turn on him quickly and will blame the team more easily. Was talking to a Manc i know who has a good head on his shoulder. His opinion was that Ole is their Roy Evans. A decent man who is determined to bring the glory days back but is too nice. His point was that Fergie was a cunt but a winning cunt just like our 70s and 80s managers and teams were so ruthless but that Ole thinks talking about 99' will get Pogba et al onside. He reckons they will come 8th or 9th. Rightly said Goblin is trying to be too nice to everyone but their team need someone like Simeone to knock them into shape. The problem with United is that they have lost the winning culture. Players like Rashford (and Greenwood) are coming in to a dysfunctional dressing room rather than one where alpha male winners like Keane set the tone. They end up with bad habits. The pressure from the fans is toxic. It's beautiful to watch.
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    Two thousand years ago? Were you speaking to Jesus?
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    I waited my whole life waiting for them to turn shit. Still amazes me at how mediocre they turned overnight- puts a nice smile on my face. long may it continue.
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    Well here's a home made one today. I was home alone for breakfast, so tried to make something that will get me the other side of the match. It was too much for me, I couldn't finish it and couldn't fit my beans on the plate. 2 bacon 2 Ulster fry 2 black pud 1 white pud 2 pork and pepper sausage 2 tomato sausage 2 eggs 2 home made hash brown 1 fried slice It was fucking lovely though, just a shame I couldn't finish it.
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    Typical everton they decided to throw a huge some of cash (loans) to move forward, just at the time the market went crazy and player prices went through the roof. What they ended up doing was paying almost double for the same shit they normally buy but with a mindset that the players bought were twice as good. While at the same time rubbing their hands together that they could sell players for crazy sums. Everton logic.
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    Arsenal did well to avoid the drubbings of the past 2 seasons. Going forward they are extremely dangerous but at the back they look clumsier than any collection of slapdicks we've cobbled together over the years. And then they went ahead and added Sideshow Bob to that. Cracking goal from Mo to finish the contest, and another valuable attacking contribution from Big Bird. He's done nothing wrong to lose the shirt so he should play again next weekend. Sometimes we can look prosaic in midfield and not altogether switched on defensively, but we've developed a habit of grinding it out before stepping on the gas again. Most opponents simply cannot cope with such a change of tempo come the hour mark. "Mentality monsters" as Klopp calls it. We're 3 from 3 with 9 points, and averaging 3 goals a game. It's sloppiness on our part that means we've yet to register a clean sheet this season even though we have pretty much the same personnel as last season (Adrian the one exception). Last season, we won something like 6 of our first 7 games but the performances were quite similar to this season so far. I think Klopp and his coaches have decided that the formula for the first 10 games is to prioritise points over performances to give us a platform to become more expansive and controlling in our following games. It's a better approach than hell-for-leather for the first two thirds of the season before running out of gas at the business end. It's even more imperative now that we're using the same squad with several key player barely having had a proper rest for the past couple of years.
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    Thank fuck Andy cleared that up. People might have been forgiven thinking he stayed at Epsteins gaff for sex and frolics.
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    Imagine how many times a day Phil the Greek thinks about having him put down.
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    Kenobi series indeed also announced last night. Set closer to Revenge of the Sith than A New Hope. Filming starts next year.
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    To be fair you can't blame Holloway I blame that fucking parked bus
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    We're not even talking about Corbynism: the interim Government wouldn't be able to implement any of Labour’s manifesto; they'd just stick around long enough to do everything that the "Bollocks to Brexit" crowd say they want. Somehow, that's not acceptable to those twats.
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    “The first trophy and it's the Champions League. With Liverpool! The Champions League. Something special. “It's the start. It's the first competition. We will go next season for the Premier League. This season was the first season we were really fighting for the Premier League, last season we were basically fighting for the Champions League and the year before the Europa League. “We lost the Premier League with one point against Man City, which was well deserved. “The average age of 26/27 so we still have young players. It is good experience for us to win the trophy now and also last season we learned a lot. “As you can see we were more calm, scored a second goal after 86 or 87 minutes and we were patient in the game.” With James Milner starting on the bench, Salah took on the penalty duties – a responsibility he is accustomed to under severe pressure. “I prepared myself before the game. I scored a penalty to send Egypt to the World Cup after 28 years in the last minute, so that (in the final) was easier,” said Salah. “It's great. The final of the Champions League, take a penalty, show the courage and to win the trophy.” Salah rarely grants interviews but he has kept two promises in his two years at Anfield, engaging with reporters after his 40thgoal last season and keeping a vow to do so in the event of Liverpool winning the competition. He also requested kind words be offered to the defeated opponents as he empathised with Spurs’ players. “I don't want to take anything away from Tottenham,” he said. “They were great today, a good team and deserved to be in the final. They had an unbelievable competition. What I can say to them is, 'Sorry, and good luck in the future'.” https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/06/02/mohamed-salah-reveals-prepared-champions-league-victory-studying/
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