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    This fixture was our very last home game of last season. It was an entertaining affair that resulted in a 5-3 win. We led 3-1 at the break thanks to a long-range bullet from Naby, a textbook free kick from Trent and a close range volley from Gini after Chelsea failed to clear a corner. Giroud pulled on back. We were much the better side in the first half but the second half was more even. Bobby finally scored a league goal at Anfield with a powerful header from a great Trent cross, but Chelsea got two goals back through Abraham and Pulisic to make things edgy. Ox finally put the game to bed, finishing off a move after Robbo bombed down the left. One memorable aspect of the game was Frank Lampard arrogantly going off on Klopp like a jumped-up twat. The irony of him suggesting that Klopp was "giving it the big 'un" when Klopp has actually won things before was one thing. Making those claims when as a player, Lampard won loads of trophies under a manager who epitomises "giving it the big 'un" in something else - a total lack of self-awareness. The most memorable thing about that game was Hendo and the players FINALLY getting their hands on the coveted Premier League trophy. No fans in the ground but the club (and Sky!) went all out to make a real occasion of it. Pyrotechnics in the Kop, the Hendo shuffle and a hearty rendition of YNWA once they all went back out onto the pitch. Champions of England! In 2011/12, the fixture was also our final home league game of the season. It had been a wretched season attacking-wise as the team set some sort of record for hitting the woodwork, only drawing games we'd comfortably dominated. After a while, it seemed to get to the players mentally too. We'd been defensively OK for the most part, but then started making regular silly errors to concede goals. Our profligacy at the other end (thanks to a combination of the aforementioned hitting of the woodwork, every opposing goalkeeper having a worldy and simple woeful finishing) saw us drop points practically every week. We ended up finishing in 8th, behind the Shite. The Chelsea game came just days after they beat us in the FA Cup final. In that game, we'd done what we always seem to do at the new Wembley, not turning up at the start, ending up trailing before rallying and making a game of it before ultimately falling short. We nearly made a real mess of things in our League Cup final a couple of months earlier, scraping a shoot-out win over second-tier Cardiff. In this league game, Chelsea went with a largely second-string line-up that featured Torres up front. We found our shooting boots, winning 4-1 thanks to an opening own goal from Essien after a great run down the right from Suarez, followed by Hendo running through the middle to roll on into the far corner, and then Agger finishing after Carroll had had an effort saved following a corner. Ramires pulled one back in the second half but Shelvey scored late on, firing into an open goal from 40 yards after the Chelsea keeper Ross Turnbull had made a hash of a clearance. In that first half, we still managed to hit the woodwork when Stewart Downing was handed the responsibility of scoring from the spot. That he missed it meant he'd failed to score in the league all season. It summed him and us up, as we were adept at not taking chances that we created. In the charts, Carly Rae Jepsen spent 4 weeks at the top with her bubblegum pop hit 'Call Me Maybe'. There have been FAR worse songs than that make their way to number one. We go into this fixture on our worst run of home form for donkeys years. We haven't won at Anfield at all in 2021, a far cry from not so long ago when we were only dropping a couple of points at Anfield in a season. Chelsea have changed managers, bringing in the more tactically astute Thomas Tuchel to replace the naive Lampard so they've become a bit more resilient and less gung-ho. We have a good record at Anfield against Tuchel though, winning in the last minute on both occasions thanks to goals from Degby against Dortmund, and Bobby against PSG. We have what it takes to win, but we must start showing it and get the league season back on the rails. No if, buts or calling it maybes, just get the job done and get all the points, even if it takes some more last minute dramatics.
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    Are you doing this stuff on government time Frode?
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    Everyone know we have struggled big time at CB this season, but its difficult to fully understand it before you see it infront of you. I’ve put together a spreadsheet just to show how bad its been in all its glory. We started the season with three CB’s and Fabinho was going to be our 4th choice. Our best CB pairing, Van Dijk - Matip, have just played together once all season, away to the bitters when Van Dijk got his injury. Van Dijk - Matip 1 game together Van Dijk - Gomez 3 games together Matip - Gomez 1 game together. Just twice have we seen three games in a row with the same CB pair. Gomez and Fabinho against Ajax, Sheff Utd and FC Midtjylland, and Henderson and Kabak against Leicester, RB Leipzig and Everton. These numbers are truly shocking when we actually look into it, on top of that we have had to change our goalkeeper more than normal as well because of injuries and other circumstances. Our most used player at CB this season is a midfielder. Fabinho 21 games Matip 11 games Gomez 10 games But the worst stat of all, is the fact we have started with 17 different CB pairings in 38 games so far this season. As if that was not bad enough, there will probably be more.
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    He means anybody who is not albino white all year round like Scottish people.
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    Even funnier when you know his female secretary is now being nailed by the Deputy Mayor.
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    'Should be' roughly translates as 'at least another fortnight.'
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    Fixed the bath taps today. Turned water off from mains, unscrewed grub screws, lifted the taps, took cartridges to one, two, three, four DIY stores for correct ones. Chewed the fat with an old boy who used to be a plumber, using phrases like "just needed a nudge to get the bastards out" when discussing spanner use to a nod of approval, took new parts home, fitted, water back on and tested. Then took a video and shared it with everyone I know. £12 all in. Pretty much a qualified tradesman now.
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    Had my vaccine last Saturday then got home to watch the derby. Cnt remember much after it, just woke up in a park with ripped jeans.
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    Pan Am. Margot Robbie in an Air stewardess outfit I repeat Margot Robbie in an Air stewardess outfit 11/10
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    Can you put that in excel format please.
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    I’m supposed to have a week winter holiday now, so I can bring some joy to everyones life with some useful stats instead of working.
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    That's two decisions go against them in the last few weeks and each time they've managed to get massive media coverage about how hard done by they are. They know exactly what they're doing. Meanwhile everybody else is just expected to accept the suck up all the bad decisions.
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    They are usually a step away from the glue factory anyway when they have finished on the flat and are often sold on to syndicates and small owners as they have no value at stud. Off come their bollocks and they are tried over jumps. I'm shocked people dont think these horses are viewed as simply pieces of meat by everybody within the sport except punters with romantic visions of horses 'galloping around open fields' rather than 'thrown into vats of glue and tins of pedigree chum.'
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    I thought it looked more like a 442 tonight with Salah and Jones the 2 wide midfielders. Salah stayed on the touchline which allowed Trent to be facing the game and play closer to the CBs. On the other side we did the opposite with Jones tucking in and Robertson staying wide. Maybe because we need bodies around Phillips due to his lack of pace. Mané definitely played up front ahead of Firmino though - until we got the 2nd when we reverted to 433.
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    The day you can spell sourdough, much less make one, will be a high water mark in your culinary career.
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    After 10 years of contracting, i returned to a perm job a couple of months back. I had my first 121 in years, where my boss told me about the need to build my brand. Its had me scouring the internet for another contract job since.
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    “Alright my lovers?” In a West Country accent is also good. The CEO at my missus’ work has recently read a management consulting article which used the analogy that the company is like a disco, and leaders need to sometimes leave the dance floor and spend time on the balcony, watching the action from on high. Then decided that it was so good they shared it with the whole staff. So now all the exec team are saying things like “I can’t fit that in, as I’ve scheduled some balcony time on Wednesday afternoon”. And the lame middle managers are all making “hilarious” jokes about each other’s disco dancing skills and calling people glitterballs when they’ve done something good.
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    All of Code’s names. The right arm is full as well.
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    We get our bonus at the end of February so everyone was looking at their payslips this morning, I had a quick look at mine to see how much I'd been taxed on it (it's usually only a couple of hundred quid anyway) only to find there was nothing about any bonus. I had a bit of a rough year last year, some of it of my own making, some of it not really my fault at all & knew from speaking with my manager that I had to have a better year in 2021 but neither him nor his manager (who I had a meeting with yesterday) thought to tell me that I wasn't getting a bonus. Cowardly fucking cunts. That is the last time I'll bother working my bollocks off for them that's for sure.
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    Class. My uncle was at the match in the 70s minding his own business outside the ground and some west ham fan came up and smacked him for no reason. My uncle was an amateur boxer at the time so knocked shit out of him, he was crying on the floor by the end of it and his own mates were laughing at him.