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    Google the word woe, amusing result
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    My 14 year old lad has just done his first video so I thought I’d share it with you lot as I’m made up for him. Didn’t know where else to put it but this seemed like a decent speck.
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    Home. Totally made up.Thanks to all for the support and well wishes X
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    woe [wəʊ] NOUN literary great sorrow or distress (often used hyperbolically). "the Everton tale of woe continued"
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    But you'd have to be severely deficient to get much effect from a vitamin or mineral supplement, to the point where you'd likely have been hospitalised through malnutrition anyway. This idea that taking a pill can 'boost' your immune system is just as much woo as these detox regimes promoted by Vorderman and the like. The best boost you can get for your immune system is a vaccine.
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    Wow Gladys Knight & The Pips
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    Is it, though? Are you quite sure you're not just a lying bellwhiff who's pulled some more tagnuts of fiction out of his stupid little ringpiece?
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    Without derailing the thread the comparison with how the media report this 'loveable buffoon'inage and the utter savaging Corbyn got is off the scale. Johnsons endless list of private and public fuck ups,gaffes and disasters are just brushed under the carpet.
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    I'm more a fan of the Gabriel era stuff , but I am going to see them at the Arena and really looking forward to it. Not so much looking forward to twats who have paid £100 and then spend the whole night trudging to and from the bar past me and standing on my toes to buy plastic glasses of lager.
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    That's all fair. Phil's voice is still there, but of course a shadow of what he had previously. For me it was a great concert. Of course he can't physically do his dancing, rhythmic tambourine routine, less still play the drums. He can barely walk. Nevertheless, with the band including Daryll Stuermer, a couple of necessary backing singers, his boy Nick on drums, and the ubiquitous and awesome lighting show, it was a fitting curtain-call for Genesis. I'm so pleased I went.
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    You won't take the vaccine at a point where millions of people have died from a virus and it's been shown to work. In what world would you have taken a government prescribed supplement or upped your intake of specific vegetables and not been on here saying it's part of a social conditioning program run by Big Vitamin or the Greengrocers Lobby. Vaccines have been proven to work throughout the last century, take your vaccine kids.
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    That's one huge unflushable turd for football.
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    Definitely. I've said all along their schtick seems to be at two levels. There's the overt, altruistic level - where they build a mega football campus in a run down area and offer cheap tickets to locals. A lot of people will sneer and (rightly) point out that they haven't done it for nothing, that there's something in it for them on the PR side, but then a lot of people will (to an extent, rightly) reply "so what - it regenerates a horrible part of the city and gives something to kids etc." This "City as a force for good" thing is only part of the PR thing though. The main part of it is profile. Manchester City were a yo-yoing, irrelevant punchline until the Abu Dhabi boys came to town - now they're the biggest juggernaut in world football. It's a subliminal message that they're here to stay, that they can't be stopped and that their Midas touch elevates everything to success - so get on board or get trampled. And it's why they bought City rather than us or United - they don't want to share that story of dominance with anyone else, they want their arrival to be Year Zero so it needs to be a non-entity. For a while I thought LFC under Klopp were the best thing that could happen to them - a genuine rival to give their 'project' some proper legend and stop their achievements being shrugged at, but to be honest I think they wish we'd fuck off so they can get back to winning everything in sight. They're not interested in the long term effects of that, they just want to be seen as unstoppable. There's also the whole "£50m of signings brainwashes x thousand fans into defending your regime on social media" thing, but that's another part of the depressing tale.
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    The thing which is hard to understand is that if the plan to own Man City is subvert their reputations for being absolutely horrible cunts, behaving like horrible cunts to get their own way all the time strikes me as an odd way of going about it. Their entire operation seems to consist of "we should be able to do anything we want and if you won't let us we'll just destroy it for everyone". Unfortunately we have governing bodies in FIFA, UEFA and the FA who haven't got the balls to tell them to fuck off. If you take us out of the equation in 18/19 and 19/20 you're pretty much looking at a scenario where every year is City winning the league by about 20 points minimum almost every year. Who the fuck wants to watch that? Same with PSG in France, spending Barca/Real/Premier League money in a league full of teams with almost zero to spend (in comparison to bottom end of the Premier for instance) and acting all billy big bollocks like you've actually achieved something.
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    Spot on.he also has this 'nice guy'inage when he is a snidey little twat.Remember his comments about always picking his strongest side aimed at klopp? When the esl went tits up,klopp and Guardiola spoke out against it,he kept his mouth shut. He is comically out of his depth and tragically at some point ,the Glazer's will realise that.
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    I love how the QAnon lot are almost completely out of breath whenever they’re filming themselves talking to police. They’re obviously bricking it. Their moment has finally come and they’re falling apart with nerves. Reminds me of how I act in supermarket car parks when I get into rows with pensioners over their use of parent and child bays.
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    This is a shit idea and you are a twat.
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    Have none of them got anything better to do with their time?