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    Is that dope? Or, Richarlison, as he’s known as by his teammates.
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    Here we go, in case the last one didn't work.
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    I’d probably need to see pictures of said best mate before I could fully commit to that.
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    Some fella was on Jeremy vine on radio 2 earlier absolutely losing it that Reading had been overlooked again
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    It honestly comes down to whatever is in the hedge.
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    They really love patting themselves on the back.
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    If I never experience a avoiding relegation, I think I’ll be Ok with that…
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    They're like that mate who's only just watched The Wire, and constantly tells everyone how great it is.
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    Klopp in today's press conference: "We have enough reasons to celebrate already. Carabao Cup, FA Cup and whatever will come. We didn't have a parade two years ago when we became champion. I'm happy we can now deliver what I promised. It's just for Liverpool FC. I couldn't care less what other people think."
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    Should be ”Oh Jurgen do you know what he’s worth? Luis Diaz is the best on earth Fuck off Spurs, we got him first Luis Diaz is the best on earth”
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    The 1965 semi final defeat v Inter (based on old Pathe footage only) didn't look as bad,or corrupt? a refereeing performance as we have been led to believe.
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    It's not Benzema's physicality we need to be concerned about imo, it's Vinicius sprinting into the space vacated by Trent. That's the reason I'd pick Konate against Madrid.
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    For a 13 year old girl, he’s quite a fucking unit.
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    Can remember using my Christmas, birthday and paper round money to buy this.
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    If a bird tried to attack me I'd distract her by wafting Matalan money off vouchers, them I'd throw a daddy long legs at her while shouting 'hadoken'. No doubt I'd be vilified for it though as the shock would send her into early menopause or some shit and she'd end up on Lorraine Kelly. I'd be jailed but would don a Pat Sharp wig and have myself moved to a women's prison, them spend the next three years chasing the rest of the prisoners round the exercise yard in the style of Benny Hill.
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    I’ve no idea who Jake Paul is, but The Beano follows him, which is pretty cool. I was a Dennis the Menace fan club member.
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    That's because there's only about five, that's like saying I'm better at darts than Abu Hamza.
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    To be fair, they always look a bit rough when they're about to shed their skin.
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    Anita Baker No One In The World 1986.mp4
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    Andrew Robertson as a left back would be a good signing. Think Llorente could be a decent option as he's definitely leaving Swansea and knows where the back of the net is. That's it really. This year is not like last year when Newcastle had a few good players but were just badly managed. The teams this year are genuinely crap.
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    Wijnaldum is a good player but I doubt we need him.