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    I'm happy if it takes another 2-3 weeks once he's 100 percent. Last thing we need is if he's not fully fit on coming back and picks up a knock and is out again. He is going to be massive for us especially in some of those tough away games where he will run the show. The more I think of Richarlison's tackle the angrier I get. I mean Pickford was a wild stupid twat who went for Virgil, but I don't think he meant to do the damage he did. In fact, I think he is a stupid knobhead whose decision making as a goalkeeper is shocking. That other fucker went to take out Thiago but not just that he wanted to cause him serious harm. He really is a horrible little knobhead.
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    The worst of all the demographics are the people joyfully exclaiming 'lock down hasn't affected me at all hahaha', maybe you need to address your miserable fucking existence then.
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    I've come to the conclusion that you know absolutely fuck all about music.
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    But what did you think about the pedestrianisation of Norwich High Street though?
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    To allow 4000 fans to sit in Anfield whilst Liverpool play, it would mean an awful lot to some, so why not.
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    Matip has been sensational since his return but you just know its only a matter of time before he's injured again.
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    That's me. Without the "hahahahahaha" at the end and more of a "that's how pathetic my life is" instead. The result of having a 3 and a 1 year old with no family to help meaning myself and my wife haven't been out for dinner or an evening drink together in a little over 3 years, so all the social restrictions that lockdown caused had no impact on us. Obviously only talking socially here as my wife lost her job and I've had a big paycut.
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    If Gnasher isn’t the culmination of decades worth of PsyOp development I’d be fucking amazed.
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    Yep, the quality and volume of her work should see her into the semis at least. These are two of my favourite songs ever, not just of hers-
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    Thanks for the endorsement. I've voted correctly here.
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    He looks like a bitter. His missus looks like she loves the red cock as well. I bet you she's walked into more doors than Casper
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    He also lay on the ground feigning injury when he did him as well. horrible little prick.
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    It's impossible to imagine anyone associated with the club writing this sentence about any Liverpool game a few years ago. It's like something has changed.
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    Good to see the Lad abstaining after the voting has closed - powerful combination of apathy and protest.
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    Trump couldn't set the pieces correctly on a chess board.
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    Typical conspiracy theory- the fact there's no discernible evidence just shows how deep the conspiracy goes... Some of the Tweets from Anubis above are just extensions of the QAnon bullshit- Trump's playing 5D chess and will reveal his devastating moves any day now.
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    We moaned about them getting favourable treatment from referees and Ferguson bullying the media and FA but even the most bitter of our fans would acknowledge they were a good side who constantly evolved. The rival fans now criticise us and do anything to discredit us and come up with bizarre theories even in the face of facts. Such as VAR, Peds, the FA want us to win the league, all the other teams are shite, all our players are divers etc. They just repeat these without it having any basis or facts to back it up. Worst ones are the red Mancs who ignore their players diving everywhere and having 44 penalties in 127 games and keep going on about LiVARpool.
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    I'm wondering if they'll be more lenient on Liverpool because of the mass testing, they may well want it to look really positive and working so put us in tier 2, it's a lot more difficult to convince people of it's merit if they don't benefit from it, and rolling it out in other areas will be more difficult.
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    Melania might be getting a few ideas from this one:
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    I'm not a lawyer but it's blatantly obvious to me that Rudy is a bad grifter and is either mentally unwell or incompetent or both. He doesn't appear to know basic stuff
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    What Stig and me get up to when we're watching Pretty Woman is our business.
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