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    Very amusing. Just for the record, my ‘rich bloke’ wasn’t rich when we got together. For the first two years of our relationship I paid to keep him. We started a business and grew it together. But you carry on being a misogynist as well as a selfish cunt.
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    We’re currently trying to flog our business and Labour’s proposed abolition of entrepreneurs’ relief means we’ll pay 50% tax on the sale price instead of the current 10%. That’s an obscene amount of money, but I would still give my right arm to have Jeremy Corbyn as PM. There is literally nothing that money could buy that I would want more than a Labour victory.
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    This crops up again and again with you lot on the right,the “why do you care, you won’t be here.” And it speaks to a certain mentality. It’s possible to give a fuck about a place and it’s people even after you leave, as you can still care for those left behind. And you can still give a fuck about making the world a bit more equitable and liveable.
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    They got crazy money for Fellaini, Stones, Lukaku and hahaha shite money for Barkley. They don't really have anyone like that to sell now. Richarlson throws himself to the floor and that's about it, nobody is tearing it up there and that's why they're doing so badly. Those sales they had and the hundreds of millions in er..... 'loans' from their ever so wealthy tax evading owner mean't they could splash the cash. The problem as we all now know is that they splashed it on utter shite. Oh and manager and staff pay offs, lots of that. They have had a pretty easy start to this season, compared to the horrific start (and Europa Fixtures) that Koeman faced and aren't doing that much better. They'll beat Norwich but after that points will be hard to come by and if those terrible teams below them can rustle up a few points next month they could be easily in the relegation places by the time Man City wipe the floor with them in January. In fact it wouldn't surprise me if Silva is sacked before Christmas. They need a new stadium, not some crazy vanity project but a fit for purpose stadium that won't cost a lot but can generate extra income from better facilities. They need serious money spent on their squad and a better manager. Unfortunately for them, they can't afford any of that. Their entire plan as fans is a basically to win the lottery, they thought they had done that when their new investor owner turned up. Once they realised that he wasn't it they started on their delusion that Uncle Usmanov was pulling the strings and would suddenly appear like Gazza, with Mourinho and a few billion pounds under his arms. BMD isn't happening, there is no lottery win, there are no world class managers looking to turn a penniless sleeping minnow into a giant. They sing about history but they just don't have any. Nobody cares about them, they would not even be on a radar if it wasn't for their location next to us. We are the most famous thing about them. Year after year young kids will turn to supporting us, already I know bitters who's kids have abandoned them to support us. This is after having dragged them to the Wooden shack to boo and curse anyone that doesn't meet their lofty expectations, the ones that aren't launched at the opposition generally run away as soon as they can. January could be interesting, who they appoint to replace Silva and who they have to sell to buy and pay the bills.
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    I'd pay more than that to see a murder victim attend a parole hearing.
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    I hate all the 'left' 'right' 'centrist' bollocks. You either give a fuck about the world and people other than yourself or you just care about yourself. 'Prick' or 'Not a Prick' It really is that simple.
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    You have no idea how much I give to whom; but charity is (like the man said) a cold grey loveless thing. It's far better to willingly be a part of a society that collectively decides not to tolerate the murderous cruelty of extreme inequality.
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    Hope Rico gets nationalised.
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    I think, at this point, with us and City so dominant in the league. that you can still be a very good manager and not win anything. I think Pochettino did remarkably well considering what he had to work with. Bear in mind that the season before he arrived, Spurs' top scorer that season was Adebayor, their captain was Michael Dawson, and that fat fuck Sandro was in midfield. Then 5th, 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, and then a season with no transfer budget where they get 4th and are runners up in the CL. On the face of it, it's more than good enough for what is widely considered London's 3rd biggest team.
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    The grand old Duke of York, he had 10,000 Yen, he asked his pal for a geisha girl, as long as she was ten.
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    It's probably the imminent birth of the demon she's been carrying since late 2015.
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    We're not in Kansas any more, Dorothy... so your arse should be over the worst of it. Do they use lube?
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    I’d happily invite Rachel Riley to mine and offer to share my McVitie’s Family Circle biscuits with her. She could have the bourbon creams, then fuck off home.
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    It's galling when you realise that the US are impeaching their president for colluding with a foreign power, and here we are, with a government working with Russia, and we're told to fuck off and stop being poor, it's our fault, and we should be proud to have our children fingered by the Royal family. These bastards are ripping the piss out of us. Michael Gove should be dragged behind a horse through Whitechapel. If someone bagged up his remains I'd pay for a bag of them, and I'd take it to a witchdoctor to curse his family forever.
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    Prince Andrew said he's retiring from Public Duty so he can spend more time with the kids.
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    He likes to have his cake and eat it.
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    I remember for my sins being dead excited about the hicks and Gillette design on Stanley park, I thought we had to move to move forward and catch up with the other clubs and not to mention the unique design was something I thought much better than the old parry bowl designs which had been mooted before. FSG have completely made the right decisions with regards to the stadium and staying at anfield was exactly what we needed it’s our home and it’s too significant to have given it up. Hopefully this gets the go ahead more of us can enjoy the Barcelona like nights.
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    https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/priti-patel-poverty-government-blame-austerity-general-election-tories-a9211741.html Think she’s my most hated of this current Tory lot.Arrogance personified
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    Hopefully his son is legitimate, unlike some of the goals he's claimed.
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    Both semis and the final at Wembley. A bit of luck with the draw and we could potentially play most of the tournament in Britain.
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    Kellie Maloney went deep into Celebrity Masterchef. If she was being frank, she’d admit herself that she should have been out after the first round.
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    Its the same as being called anti-semitic for condoning Israel killing innocent Palestinians.