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    To illustrate their luck. They enter a 30 man Royal Rumble, and come in at number 15 with only a Tortoise, a Washing Machine and two Kebabs left in the ring. They then times four by Squirrel and get Soap. After they defeat all comers including Idi Amin and Lester Pigott they luckily win Miss America. Bastards.
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    I've just come across this thread for the 1st time. Some tough stuff to read on here, although I've not read it all. I was diagnosed with terminal/stage 4 bowel cancer around a year ago and was put on palliative chemo to try and help control it. With all the luck the world can muster, after 2 rounds of treatment I'd reacted to an extent that they wanted to operate. This was still not to be a cure as some of my cancer was inoperable, but it was to extend my life. However, after having my operation, they're hopeful that the chemo has got the cancer in those inoperable areas. I'm now back on chemo, but they're classing it as adjuvant now and the hope is this is the last round with a view of giving me the all clear in the autumn. I'm not out of the woods yet, but what a fucking difference a year makes. I'm not too comfortable sharing the experience (hence why I've never posted about it before and not talked about the journey I've been on), but really I posted this as I know speaking with people who are going through or have been through a similar thing can be really helpful. I'm sure everyone's situation is very personal, but I think parts of the journey can feel similar. If there's anyone who's going through this shit or has a loved one going through it and just wants a chat, please PM me.
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    Was a about to show the missus that, then realised I had a snout in my hand & would get a bollocking.
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    Yes. But only by Duckworth-Lewis.
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    If ISIS build a stadium heads will be falling off.
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    That little jig would have been so much better if it wasn't for his dodgy gait.
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    Its good to see people with acute brain damage being given access to the internet, communications should be "inclusive"
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    Yeah, to be fair I forgot how few of our players could play for them. I'm surprised it's as many as 2 thinking about it. After all they have richarlison and Bernard in those wide areas and firmino isn't even a number 9, so it's obvious Calvert Lewin would get a game before him. Their midfield walked all over us twice this season. There's not a finer left back in the league than digne and Mina is a monster, did you know they've both been to Barcelona on holiday? Then there's Michael Keane, who is easily England's finest centre half and everyone always underestimates Seamus Coleman. And then the keepers. The mistakes alisson makes. There's no way he's better than Jordan pickford. What a game he had in the nation's league 3rd place play off. He took a pen and then saved one, what a character, what a keeper. Fuck knows how we finished above them.
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    No, I think they're the equivalent to Rapid Hardware.
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    He must be a genius, because we finished a point off the top and won the European cup, and only 2 of our players would get a game for them.
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    The older Brother of N'Fingera I'd say. Possibly.
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    The socks on the pitch was one of the funniest things ever.
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    It's going to be spectacular when his pal Neymar who first unsettled him goes in the opposite direction -- they can high five each other as they are changing planes.
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    New opportunity are baffled to be linked with a transfer for James Pearce. It is believed to be a ploy to get him a better contract at the Echo.
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    Great report, Dave Love a bit of Hendo. me
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    It's great news about Razoray, and we've shared a couple of mutual experiences re chemo side effects! He knows that I got the all-clear a couple of weeks ago, as regards the danger of my cancer spreading to the brain. It was weird having that outcome on the back-burner whilst focusing on a certain magnificent sporting event, but such is life. I'm undergoing stem cell transplant soon and have got an operation on Monday for a Hickman Line to be inserted. I only just got rid of the Picc Line in my arm, and now have to get this thing that goes into your chest and neck. The Picc was a pain, initially having to wrap my arm in clingfilm before getting a shower. On one occasion, I waited for my wife to come to the ward and help me (do it for me), only to find out that there was no shower working on the ward, and I would not be allowed to use another ward's shower due to the danger of cross contamination. After 3 days of this I was a bit ripe, in a festival wet-wipes kind of way. Luckily there is a brilliant elasticated arm cover that you can get for £15 (it has definitely been worth buying it) and it arrived a day before the shower was fixed. Being stuck on a ward with everything being done for/ to you made me feel a little infantalised and frustrated, particularly having previously an NHS worker. There is so much time to kill, as the hours drag by. Keeping myself clean, in spite of all the chemo side effects, took on an even newer and greater importance. So, feeling a bit annoyed and pissed off that it will be an even bigger pain to shower with the Hickman than with the Picc, I did some browsing to see what was available to keep the line dry and sterile. There was really only one website selling the bags, so have decided to wait until Monday and see what the medical staff can do in terms of waterproof dressings. Anyway, I came upon this website during the search and immediately felt a little less inconvenienced and sorry for myself: http://wiggly-bags.yolasite.com/ I'm not affiliated with these people in any way, in case anyone is worried. It's just I know how much stress and anxiety this experience has caused my wife, so can only imagine what it might be like for the parents of such young children undergoing such a horrible illness. Cancer really needs to be cunted in the bastard.Despite all the chemo discomfort undergone as a patient, it is horrible to see what friends and family have to go through, as they want to help but are left feeling helpless. But as Razoray has found out, people can amaze you with their kindness.
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    6 episodes into Deadwood and really enjoying it. Is Al Swearinger the reincarnation of Quintus Batiatus or what? Hail Batiatus !
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    Liverpool chairman Tom Werner believes that Philippe Coutinho ‘probably regrets’ his decision to join Barcelona, amid continued rumours he has already been deemed surplus to requirements at the Nou Camp. Jurgen Klopp desperately wanted to keep the Brazilian playmaker at Anfield, but eventually succumbed last January when Barca offered a whopping £146million for his services. The 26-year-old has been a major disappointment, however, since his club-record move to Catalonia and was virtually anonymous during the two legs of the Champions League semi-final – when the Reds came back from a 3-0 deficit to stun Barcelona at Anfield. As Klopp’s men prepare to face Tottenham in Saturday’s European showpiece in Madrid, Barca are said to be trying to use Coutinho as a makeweight in a potential deal that could see Neymar return to the LaLiga title winners – although both Manchester United and Chelsea have registered an interest in bringing Coutinho back to England. But speaking to the Echo before Liverpool’s bid to win a sixth European Cup, Werner said: “I would just point to the story of Philippe Coutinho. I have only good things to say about Philippe. But I think he left Liverpool because he wanted to play for one of the two big Spanish clubs. “We tried to convince him that we had the club moving in the right direction and that he could experience big Champions League occasions by staying at Liverpool. “I think he probably regrets his decision.”