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    For the stat followers: Both of Benzema's goals tonight were scored on 46min 44 seconds but separated by half time.
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    A man whose life was in the balance, a man who was no doubt begging for his life, mocked by this comedy “genius “ utter, utter cunt. They talk about cancel culture, fucking hell.
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    Fucking great goal this, RIP Dalian
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    It's absolutely mind-boggling. Is it just that people hadn't seen many of the others? Or Scorsese fanboys voting for him even when he serves up a piece of shit like this?
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    Sam Kelly the argentine football journalist, I think this is his first ever go at commentary, gives an indication I suppose that the BBC aren't exactly spending big bucks on this.
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    There's too much food for a female specimen of that size. She will put away about 20% of it, I would manage about 30 or 40% and certainly no more. It's hard to tell because of the low vantage point, but the eggs look very well done, as does the fried bread and from what I can tell the meat appears satisfactory. Obviously the beans are a waste of time.
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    America is a fucking nuts country. Absolutely fucking bonkers.
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    I shall let my auntie Lil know you send her regards. I didnt compare them, both have affected my life more than you will ever know. I was merely saying that Connolly is a cunt in my and my families eyes for what he said. Its nice to know there are some people who feel the same way.