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    Our success aside, the internet hasn't helped things. People seem angry, jealous and resentful about everything these days.
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    Hello to all SammyAftershave’s buddies on here. I’m Andy’s sister. I’ve read all of your lovely comments and am very appreciative. Andy sadly passed away in November last year, he’s missed beyond words. He had a nice letter and signed picture from Mr Klopp which he was thrilled about. I wrote to the Club and explained about his lifelong love of LFC. Some of his ashes are on the Memorial and some were secretly scatter in his beloved Kop, on Derby day. Thank you all again and Andy Will Never Walk Alone x
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    Anyone who suggests that Henderson hasn't improved immeasurably over the past 18 months is fucking barmy.
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    Think I need to watch them all again, they are so good and the twists usually get me even when I know there is going to be one. I reckon I'd probably pick a different 3 watching them all again. Just realised I've had the psychoville DVD for about 10 years and still not watched it, mental (pun intended)
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    The fuck is wrong with fannying about with spreadsheets!?
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    Donna D'Errico, still ace at 51
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    I've seen Evertonians on social media referring to Liverpool fans as bindipppers completely missing the fact that it's a slur against all scousers.
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    Just tell them it used to belong to Man United, they'll fork out well over the odds for it.
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    Me phone autocorrected to the Dutch there but it felt wrong to change it.
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    Sturridge wants to sell hot dogs. Karius can sell ice creams. He can't get that wrong. Can he?
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    Basically this. Games dont need lengthening or shortening, it just needs the officials to get a grip with game management. Last I heard, refs were not supposed to stop games for injuries unless it's a clear head injury. Yet in our last two games, Norwich and Atletico, both refs stopped the game while we were in possession when an oppo went down injured. Both were injuries to the leg and foot. Since when has a player's head been on their lower fucking body? In the norwich game, the player actually pulled up off the pitch then walked back on to waste more time because the sub wasnt ready to come on. Neither are subbed players leaving by the nearest touchline and instead, they are all walking over the pitch as before. Goalkeepers seem to be allowed to waste as much time as they want in the first half especially at Anfield with impunity. How often do you see a player go to take a throw in then drop the ball and wait for a team mate to come over and take it? Either make the nearest player have to take the throw in or, once a player touches the ball after it goes out they have to take the throw. In a 45 minute half, roughly 20+ minutes the ball isnt in play. You'll never get that down to zero because teams have to be allowed to organise for corners, free kicks etc but a lot of th eblatant time wasting could be cut out quite easily, I think.
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    The reply to this artetas_biggest_fan Player Valuation: £2.5m Yesterday at 11:07 PM New Add bookmark #33 On a broader point (really addressed to much older blues), when did the RS overtake us in size? Or were the clubs always level up until a point in time? In the Dixie era were we the biggest club in the land? (that last one is more for historians) Up until the 1960s, both clubs had five league titles, we had two cups. Both clubs were able to generate 50k plus attendances. Something changed after that. Was it simply the Shankly impact (and legacy) that drove them on to another level? It was the decade where the city was the centre of pop culture, and they had an anthem that came from that sound. Having the city name must have had an effect also. As a club they seemed to forge a strong identity that became known to the wider public, while Catterick kept us in the shadows (that’s just how it seems anyway without having gone through it). Like Quote Reply Report maccavennie Player Valuation: £70m Forum Supporter Today at 12:09 AM New Add bookmark #35 Your a massive knobhead, the biggest on here you Kopite piss soaked Aldo loving ferret
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    This cuntaxe is younger than me, christ:
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    We will snot Moyes into the Championship. Ideal tonic for last nights shitfest
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    Its a horrible thing death and affects us all when we lose a friend or family member. Only a couple of weeks ago my son in law's Dad had a massive heart attack and passed away a few days later in hospital after never recovering consciousness. He was 64 and had only recently retired,a year or two, and was looking forward to moving to Spain with his Mrs,who is obviously devastated. Worst thing is that it was only a couple of months before our daughter,their daughter in law,gives birth to both Grandparent's first grandchild. Its been a big shock to us all. They live just outside Leeds and are Bradford City season ticket holders,as is my Son in Law. I will be the sole Grandad,which is ironic given that both my own died over a decade before I was born. Sorry for the digression from Sammy(Andy's)passing. May he also rest in peace.
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    It’s really weird. He was at the point where he was dropped by Klopp and only making the bench. People want to rewrite history rather than judging him on what actually happened. It’s self delusion and done to protect their ego. Same with anybody that can’t admit how well he is doing now. He went from somebody that would general put in a 5 or 6 performance to somebody who puts in 7 or 8 every week without fail. Add on top of that his leadership that is becoming more and more evident, and he deserves all the credit in the world. I’m not going to rewrite history over it, but I’m certainly over the moon with him. What I find weird is that people like LFD are so quick to try to point score whilst as short a time ago as November they were on here saying he should be Fabinho’s back up as he would prefer Keita and Gini starting ahead of him. Essentially, during the period where he has come to the best form of his career, he wanted him back on the bench.
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    I would disagree -- pretty sure it was the constructive criticism from knowledgeable football men that has got Hendo where he is. A handful of happy clappers and enablers contributed nothing to this transformation.
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    I'm not sure where you are geographically but in the spirit of Xmas I'm happy to send you a selfie of my hairy arse in order that you can discreetly look at it during intimate moments with yourself over the festive season. All I ask is that you keep it under your (Santa) hat.