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    I don't know yet but I'm made up: just discharged from hospital after 3 months of chemo and feeling a bit sickly; but relieved another cycle of treatment wasn't booked in, as it could have run up to the game. Three weeks now to get fighting fit to get to a pub and be able to enjoy it. Allez Allez Allez!
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    I've just come across this thread for the 1st time. Some tough stuff to read on here, although I've not read it all. I was diagnosed with terminal/stage 4 bowel cancer around a year ago and was put on palliative chemo to try and help control it. With all the luck the world can muster, after 2 rounds of treatment I'd reacted to an extent that they wanted to operate. This was still not to be a cure as some of my cancer was inoperable, but it was to extend my life. However, after having my operation, they're hopeful that the chemo has got the cancer in those inoperable areas. I'm now back on chemo, but they're classing it as adjuvant now and the hope is this is the last round with a view of giving me the all clear in the autumn. I'm not out of the woods yet, but what a fucking difference a year makes. I'm not too comfortable sharing the experience (hence why I've never posted about it before and not talked about the journey I've been on), but really I posted this as I know speaking with people who are going through or have been through a similar thing can be really helpful. I'm sure everyone's situation is very personal, but I think parts of the journey can feel similar. If there's anyone who's going through this shit or has a loved one going through it and just wants a chat, please PM me.
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    Howya lads. I’m 7lbs 2oz’s and brand spanking new today. I’m a boy too. Life is feckin mad
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    Delighted for you. I was diagnosed in November with a tumour in my tongue. Had surgery to take the bastard out within 18 days. Started radiotherapy and chemotherapy in March. The fucking pain in my mouth has been horrific. On morphine for last 6 months but trying to wean off now as the pain decreases but that is causing me to be so fucked tired. More than half my tongue is from a skin graft of my thigh - 29 stitches and is still a fair bit swollen resulting in it chafing against my teeth while asleep. Its improving all the time but it is fucking slow. Meeting my surgeon on 31st May. I'm hoping he gives me good news and I can have a double celebration on the 1st June. By the way, the season Liverpool have had has made a sick, tired and sore man very happy this past 6 months and I can't believe fans of any other club can laugh at us at the moment. We are the lucky ones. That being said, I'd be gutted if we don't win in Madrid.
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    Love it, my dad died on 19th may. He predicted a 4 0 win against Barca before he went. Did it for terry
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    Text my mate, who’s a massive blue and a season ticket holder, to tell him our local is charging just £2.50 a pint for all draught beers tonight, so he’s on his way over for a night on the ale. Didn’t mention that they’re showing the Istanbul CL final from 2005 in it’s entirety. He’s gonna go ape shit when he finds out.
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    Some of you have built a no wIn situation in your own minds about last night. Had City won in a last gasp fashion you’d be banging on about them being fired up by the win and Spurs deflated and likely to be smashed on Saturday. Because it’s the opposite you’re building a narrative that City will be hell bent on revenge. Of course, given how the loss to City knocked us in January, and the way they lost last night, it may give their confidence a bad knock and they may be emotionally drained. I know you want to protect yourselves against hurt, but the truth is none of us know how it will play out. We can’t control what City do, so my personal view is let’s concentrate on ourselves and the chips will fall where they may, and we should enjoy us for what we are doing. I beseech you, good burghers of the FF - come along for the ride.
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    Three years in and I've just picked up Leeds CAMRA Pub of the Month which is a fairly big deal for us.
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    Credit to Suarez, he was true to his word. He didn't celebrate at Anfield.
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    At a children's hospital just outside Melbourne for one of my twin boys who has been in here getting treatment for leukemia for 7 months as of yesterday. He's had a few bumps along the way, but until this point he's doing very well. The reds having the brilliant season they are having has made it a little easier to get through some long weeks in here, yet conversely, reality has been there to snap me out of a mood following a bad result. Yin and yang. I'd have loved to get to the LFC supporters pub in the city which will be absolutely heaving early Sunday morning, but the situation doesn't really allow it! As it turns out, a charity has organized for my near 4yo lad to accompany the Aussie Rules players onto the MCG as a mascot on Sunday afternoon. It's such a great opportunity for him, so perhaps not being half bladdered after the CL final will be a good thing this time. With the subscription shite for footy in this country meaning no free-to-air coverage of the final for the first time in years, I need to work out where I can hook up my newly-acquired Google Chrome (I've got a subscription to only watch on my phone) to a tv in the share house we're living in for the duration of his treatment. And to @Jarvinja Ilnow, that's so fucking good to hear mate. All the best to you in your recovery. Come on reds, fucking do this.
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    Had an absolutely boss day. Drove over from Leeds with my little girl and two of my mates. Decided to go near childwall five ways so we’d be done fairly early and could get home, and sure town would have been better, but great atmosphere, lots of fun and memories with my girl that are priceless.
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    Just stopped hyperventilating. Fuckers for putting me through this. My Gran passed away today so this one is bittersweet and beautiful. Redmen forever.
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    I’ll always enjoy this picture for several reasons. First of all, the unmitigated joy on each of their faces; they’d have been thinking that anything was possible after that, that the prodigal son could take them all the way to the European Cup. That was, after all, a great Champions League comeback, the like of which the competition would be unlikely to witness again for some time; a victory of such magnitude that the board decided that it was imperative that they appoint Solskjaer on a permanent basis. Next up, they promptly got beaten by a Barcelona side who didn’t have to get out of first gear to win each leg with ease. Then, we went and lost by the same margin as they did in Barcelona - suddenly the notion that our team is on a higher level to theirs was open to question. Said notion was brutally disproved as we decimated Barcelona in the second leg, not only proving our superiority , but also providing a comeback that made that special night in Paris look a bit second-rate. Best of all, we won the competition, meaning that this photograph of three Man Utd legends reunited in European triumph will ultimately always serve as a reminder of the season in which Liverpool won the European Cup for a sixth time.
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    Just done me and the mrs a cooked breakfast for tea, been on the allotment all day and was starving. Mrs asked why I was taking a photo, told her it was so I could be abused by strange men off the internet. No conker & car keys though and mug of tea and HP sauce already on the table. Here you go...
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    Love to each and every one of you for continuing to support the site, be it financially or just reading and posting. Means the world to me, it really does.
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    Don't get excited, I'm not returning just yet. Having way too much fun away from the web. I'd still like to wish each and every one of you a merry Christmas and all the best for 2019. Catch you next December.............unless we win a trophy/league....Tory bastards get voted out......Brexit is binned...... Take care all, remember that your life is way more important than others opinions. Just be true to your beliefs but be fair towards others. John, Mike, Shep.......XXXX
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    Love all this shite about their footy 'values' They like to paint themselves as having done things the right way like Liverpool have but it's pure bullshit. They pioneered everything that's wrong with the modern game, anti-football commercialism at its worst with a history that's bought and paid for and embellished with PR spin. 'We don't buy titles like Chelsea do' except they've been outbidding clubs for players my entire adult life. We flapped around needing a centre back for years then they lose the title to arsenal and - bang - break the world transfer record for Stam. They've broken more transfer records than I can count. 'Oh we play good football' bollocks. When they had Yorke and Cole they had a purple patch of good footy but the cantona era saw them grinding out results. They became synonymous with 1-nil wins and late winners. 'We've got a long tradition of success'. Bollocks, you've got a long tradition of PR and spin. Merchandising players like Best and calling yourselves the biggest club in the world while you were winning absolutely fuck all. They had no bootroom tradition so in typical Manc fashion they tried to buy one with Moyes and Giggseh but they were both total shite. Our fans have our songs sung all over Europe, mancs get their heads kicked in all over Europe. First club to remove football club from its crest for marketing reasons. Perpetual spenders of big money, its main era of success built in a vacuum created by our own failures, and orchestrated by a man whose main drive in doing so was jealousy of Liverpool football club. They're a shadow of Liverpool football club, we're everything they want to be but can never be. The Paul Potts to our Pavarotti, the Tommy Gunn to our Rocky Balboa, the Paul Ross to our Johnathan. They're not a football club they're showbiz, z list, yesterday's man. Fuck you mancs, you lumbering sorry sack of shit.
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    We've got to hold on to what we've got Dan Meis' dreams and a cuckoo clock
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    No card, no present. Nine years I was there. Fucking cunts. Couldn't be happier to be out of there.
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