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    So I'm just waiting on the paperwork for my discharge and thinking about the things I've seen and endured over the past few weeks. Firstly, loss and specifically the death of my mother. It's very easy to say you'd swap places with a terminal loved one but I actually did that. I spent over 14 hours with my mam at the very end of her life, knowing full well that I was over 95% to catch covid myself. I knew that, I embraced that and I did it. Nobody should ever be left to die alone, certainly not your mother, but when push came to shove I was there. As for my own subsequent fight with the covid, well that will go on for some months yet. The really peculiar thing though was just how close to death I was (nurses told me I was probably within 60 seconds of dying), but just how inconsequential it truly felt and still feels. I know now that I'm not afraid of death, and it's also true about just how seemless the transition from life into death is, simple, painless, frighteningly easy. They say that death is just a door that opens and you step through it like walking into a different room. I 100% identify with this now, it's the strangest feeling. And finally I guess, just be excellent to each other, be tolerant and kind and thoughtful. Love conquers all if you give it the chance. Look after each other everybody and thanks again for all your incredible support. Carvalho out
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    My own wonderful mum passed away three days after Jurgen's. I'd happily walk in front of a train right now. I'm done. I have no idea how he's functioned this past month but there's no way he should be left to manage as normal. The club needs to give him exceptional support, someone else needs to do the media duties, and the players need to show their support really publicly - not because it will help him, it won't, but because they owe him.
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    I lost my mum to the virus yesterday. She was 86 and had been in a care home for just coming up to six years suffering from alzheimers. The care home seemed to be keeping the virus at bay up until a couple of weeks ago and then my mum tested positive around ten days ago. She seemed to be doing ok but then in a space of less than 24 hrs she deteriorated quickly. We got a call from them saying she was really poorly so we hurried up there and myself, dad and brother were allowed in separately for 15 mins to say our goodbyes. Within a couple of hours she had passed away :(
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    Argh, my own thread. Ya big bunch of soft lads haha. Seriously, thanks for the kind comments. Its fun making the gifs up and posting them up here for you guys. Hopefully we'll see a few gifs of the lads with some silverware at the end of the season.
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    Just had a call from the hospital and it's some good news, my ma is fighting back, she better than yesterday when they said she couldn't eat, drink or speak, she's still confused due to the bowel infection but she's talking in sentences . All her veins had collapsed but they've finally managed to get a drip into her for the first time in around 5 days and they're giving her intravenous antibiotics trying to fight the pneumonia. Yesterday they said that my mother's left lung had been completely filled with infection. The bad news is that those antibiotics will kill the good enzymes in my mam's bowel and enable the CDIF infection to run wild, but given the covid implications it's far more urgent that my mam's lungs are as clear as possible. The CDIF bowel infection will have to be attacked later. Because of the delirium caused by that CDUF infection my mam has been spitting out the steroidal medication though. She's also managed to eat half a bowel of porridge. I was told not to get my hopes up though because it's quite common that when a patient hits rock bottom that they suddenly perk up and improve only to go back downhill again quickly thereafter. All we can do is pray / keep our fingers crossed. I was also told that many younger people have died with the level of covid infection which my mam currently has and she has confounded doctors thus far, but she is still a long way from being out of the woods.
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    From 11pm last night, my dad started to deteriorate. His heart rate is going haywire, he has a blood clot on his lung and has sepsis. Waiting for the nurse to call my mum this afternoon, and the consultant this evening.
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    At 3:28am this morning my beautiful little Ma passed away. I was at her bedside. I am broken beyond repair. No more suffering, no more struggling, no more pain. Rest In Peace my little mother, you leave a hole in me which can never be refilled. x
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    Deserves his own thread, does a tremendous job with the goal and highlights gifs. Thanks fella. Caramac on any given match thread.
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    I'm home. Had 2 hours of the best sleep ever, a home cooked meal. I've just sat down and fucking BLASTED this in my hifi... Singing along at the top of my lungs, tears absolutely streaming down my face from God knows where. I don't care, I'm just so happy and so incredibly lucky. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, sincerely. Loads of love at you and wishing each of you the most wonderful Christmas time ever.
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    Just had the Pfizer Vaccination, to say I'm over the moon is an understatement. I've lost me dad and a match going mate in the last 8 weeks, to this bastard virus and getting this vaccination, is as much to give me mam some comfort that she's not going to be left on her own, than it is for me bird and the kids. A well done and a big thank you to the scientists and a gigantic fuck off, to this shitehawk self serving Tory government.
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    Hanging in there but nearly died in the early hours when my oxygen saturation plummeted to 33, only the ventilator and a great nurse brought me back. I've had a good day, dropped oxygen levels slightly on the ventilator because my saturation level has been stable. Long way to go yet though.
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    At the age of 35, and having suffered from ulcerative colitis for 15 years, I've been told I've reached the end of the road with medical treatment. I've had a rough two years of trying different new medicines but ultimately none of them have worked, leading me to have many courses of steroids and to being hospitalised. Over the last 6 months I've been in discussion with my incredible healthcare team and we've decided that the best option is for me to have surgery. So, current pressures permitting, at some point in the next 2-4 months I'll be having my entire large intestine removed. This is effectively a cure for my condition but it's pretty scary (albeit fairly routine). The hope is that in a year's time my overall health will have improved but, more importantly, my long term way of life will be better, life expectancy longer and the significant risk of bowel cancer will be pretty much removed. They'll be rebuilding my insides so that I don't need an external stoma bag but if I don't take to it then it can be reversed to give me the stoma. Hopefully the new insides will work!
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    If nothing else, it’s impressive that he’s still finding new excuses to miss international friendlies.
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    If the crowds were allowed he'd feel the love...and some. I didn't really wanna post my personal stuff on here, but I lost my dad over Christmas. The greatest man I have ever known (This thread has some info about him). I don't profess to know what Jurgen is going through - but I know it must be hard. God bless him and give him strength, whatever he decides.
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    Yesterday, my dad had a cardiac arrest. They managed to resuscitate him but his heart is still very erratic. They dispersed the blood clot on his lung. He is critical but relatively stable.
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    My oxygen consumption rates / the amount of oxygen the ventilator is usi g to pump into my lungs, just like this very second, have been getting constantly dialled back because my body is accepting and holding onto oxygen molecular much better and my O2 saturation is holding. Feeling much stronger, still gonna be several days though, touch wood.
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    I got ambulanced nto hospital, full breathing gear, I'm really shitting myself
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    I dunno, I've never been comfortable with this narrative that somehow the public is to blame. Sure, some people have acted daft, but it also fits the narrative to report it. Basically the government didn't take it seriously, the prime minister of the day didn't attend five cobra meetings when it was kicking off, and his chief advisor said it wasn't a big deal if 'some old grannies died'. They never shut the borders, they spunked money on an app that didn't work and a track and trace that didn't work, owned by their mates, not to mention antibody tests that didn't work and even a sizeable amount of PPE that didn't work. Then they said you could go out to restaurants and go on holiday before often pulling the plug at the 11th hour, causing distress and money down the spout for joe six pack, then they said you could have a proper Christmas, then pulled the plug on that too, causing distress and worry and loss of income. Then said kids could go back to school, then the actual same day said they couldn't, causing distress and panic. Rather than give a fuck about all this though, and the grand theft exacted on the public purse by their chums, the plod and shite media working in concert have literally terrorised people with drones going for walks in open fields, or confiscated their easter eggs. Whenever the cases go up, they send a crew out with the coppers to break up some students having a spliff and a few beers, something which bizarrely me and you are somehow also partly responsible for, even though 99.99% of people are willingly submitting to the greatest suspension of their personal freedoms possibly in the history of this county. That's what we do though and what we've always done, we weaponise ordinary folk against ordinary folk while the media plays cheerleader and our palaces and offices of state are filled with gangsters and thieves.
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    My wife has it. She works for NHS and had a positive lateral flow test then confirmed with the 'bigger' test. She is ok, a very slight cough, bit of a headache and slight aches and pains...but nothing more serious yet.....tested positive yesterday. Biggest issue we have is we live in a very small house not really got much if any room to isolate/separate very well...I have accepted i will get it now and that is OK, i'll do best not to, but it is what it is...probably got it already in reality. My lad shouldn't be bothered if he gets it, but obviously he is priority.
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    My dad, aged 73, has left the house four times, for medical reasons, since February. A flu vaccination for himself, a couple of times to accompany my mum to the hospital, for rountine appointments, and once when she had a fall and fractured her hip. A couple of weekends ago, he began feeling unwell, cold symptoms to begin with, then feeling nauseous and fatigued. A week ago, he was admitted to hospital. He spoke to my Mum this morning and told her he didn’t think he would be home for Christmas. I had a call from my mum, two or thee hours ago. She told me he is critically ill and is on a ventilator. Heartbreaking.